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Mostly quick suggestions


Overall, I’m enjoying my time with automation and look forward to July to enjoy the partnership between beam and automation. Congrats to the devs of this game, I think you have a solid game here and I think it can only continue to improve.

I had a few suggestions that I thought may help the game by adding some small quality of life improvements and some general suggestions.

-Merge option & copy/paste:

Simply put, the option to merge objects together to form one. This would be especially useful for making badges. Could could make the badge and then save it afterwards for further use later. Also a copy/paste option would be nice, especially if your making something that you need multiple of like an exhaust tip.

-Missing fixtures:

While the fixtures mostly have enough for all your needs, there are a couple missing that I noticed(and usually have to make). Diffusers, canards, and hatch back wings(https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0909/4394/products/DSC08116_copy_530x.jpg?v=1468435373). The first two can be made(but don’t look particularly great) and the third simply aren’t there. The game could benefit from adding these to completely flesh out the aero aspect(and generally less ricer wings would be nice, maybe a wing like Forza or wings based on rear world functional wings(if possible)). I’d also like to mention the lack exhaust tips. While you can make exhausts with grills that are available easily enough(so this isn’t a massive concern), the exhaust tips department are really lacking in variety with little explanation why(perhaps it was forgotten about due to time constraints and available resources, which I fully understand). More fixtures overall would be very much appreciated and introduction of the aero parts above for those who want them.

-additional engines:

With the boxer/flat 4/6 engines and I5’s coming in July, there’s only a few missing from the game at this point. I suspect W engines, hybrid electric and diesel to be already planned so I won’t go over those. The few engines that I think should be added after the boxer/flat and I5 update are: Boxer/flat 8 and 12s, and in-line 8s. These motors, while no longer seen today, were an important part of automotive history. On the current engines, I’d just like to see the option to twin turbocharge an I6 be made available. I also think that the V16 should be made free for everyone, if it’s the same price as the turbo/super pack in the FAQ $10 usd is absurd pricing for something so minor. A single engine is worth 1/3 of the games price tag, I’m sorry but this seems really like something that EA would do. I hope when the V16s show up that this isn’t the case, I expect some where at $1 would be reasonable or just free for anyone who purchases BeamNG drive(or even free for everyone for being awesome).

That’s all I got so far, can’t say anything on the campaign. Great game so far, keep up the great work.


LOL @ “Mostly quick suggestions”

Merge options… I like this but I doubt it would happen any time soon… if at all!

Engines - As far as I am aware once the boxers and i5 are in place then that’s it until the game is finished. At that point other engines may become DLC content.


Missing fixtures…grab a copy of 3DS Max and create the fixtures you want. Upload to the Workshop and everyone can benefit from them…and we’ll thank you for filling a gap in the fixture market.


Jaimz nailed it with the fixtures. What’s in the game now in terms of fixtures isn’t final. There are a lot of quality mods you can subscribe to, most made by people who have made vanilla content.

As far as the V16s go, $10 more is what early supporters paid to get that exclusive engine type. With the game still in early access, there is no DLC allowed so that $10 is basically a “support the devs a bit more, get a V16 as a reward” much like it was with early supporters. Don’t look at it as a $10 DLC, it’s simply a bonus for extra support. Automation is an in-development indie game after all.


Make valvetrain changable between trims. I’m not sure how realistic this is (I’m not the most knowledgeable) but i know of engines that have different valvetrains between trims. (because KANSEI DORIFTO, I’ll use the Toyota’s 4A engines as an example.)


Yeah, when I started this I intended to just make them quick points, but it didn’t end up that way so it doesn’t really fit.

I don’t think that merge or copy paste would take them very long to implement, its generally a small quality of life bit that would stream line some processes. Its not critical, but it would be really nice time saver when designing.

That’s a shame for engines. I mean, no W’s or Diesel engines, seem rather integral to the engine customization aspect considering their still used today(more Diesel than W engines). I’d still like to see the boxer/flat 8/12(no 10 because maybe one ever existed so it would be impossible to synthesize from what I understand from killrob of their process) and inline 8s, their absolutely awesome motors(I wish they were still being made, their truely amazing sounding).

I do actually have 3ds max, however, I know nothing about this games modding I’d have to look around(I would attempt to make some of those proper aero bits or maybe headlights if I know how). Fixtures could easily be filled by the community, they could ask people to help them on that one and they could pick the best ones and make them official parts in the game(the ones that don’t make it would easily find life on the workshop).


And all the coders and programmers are flipping their shit at you. Also Copy-Paste already sort of exists, Clone tool.


wasn’t aware there was a clone tool, must have missed that.


Shift+Drag on a fixture to clone it


That’s very popular. For example, RB series, CA series, KA series, D series…