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My Car Designs and Ideas


This used to be a thread for my company Pararaxy Automotive, but I didn’t like how I set up the thread, company, and even some of my cars. So now this is just a place where I post some of my cars. I might make a new company later and use some of these cars but for now, this is just where I will share some cars.

Car Company Directory

The 2018 Pararaxy Revenant

0-60: 3.00 seconds
Top Speed: 209 miles per hour
777hp @ 8000 rpm
642 lb-ft @ 5100 rpm
24 MPG
Estimated Price: $205,000


Clean and stylish. I like it


So you say pararaxy is a portmanteau of paragon and ataraxy but honestly, when I saw pararaxy the first thing I thought of was to google if it was some medical condition, it’s more of a mix of paraplegic and cataplexy lol, I’m not sure the name works


that would be paraplexy would it not?


Pararaxy Sideswipe Concept Car


Come on, you can’t just post pictures of gorgeous fat behinds and leave us hanging.


haha sorry I’m being such a tease :smile:


The future of motoring has arrived
2019 Pararaxy Sideswipe
0-60: 2.60 seconds
Top Speed: 215 miles per hour (Tested)
644hp @ 8500 rpm
463 lb-ft @ 7000 rpm
22 MPG
Estimated Price: $236,595


1972 Pararaxy Juggernaut, created to be a luxury muscle car that people of all ages could enjoy

0-60: 7.14 seconds
Top Speed: 143 miles per hour
310hp @ 5000 rpm
326lb-ft @ 5000 rpm
7.5 MPG
Today’s Price: $28,500


2018 Pararaxy Adaros RS

0-60: 5.95 seconds
Top Speed: 141 miles per hour (Tested)
258hp @ 7000 rpm
229lb-ft @ 4900 rpm
23.8 MPG
Estimated Price: $30,000


2018 Pararaxy Luxor Prestige

Vehicle Details

440 hp V8 engine
460 ft-lb torque
10 Speed Automatic Transmission
Seats Up To 8
12 Way Power Adjustable Front Seats
4 Way Power Adjustable Lumbar Front Seats
3 Zone Climate Control
Heated & Cooled Seats
16 Speaker Premium Audio System
Authentic Wood Trims & Leather Appointments
On-Board LTE Wi-Fi
10-Inch Pararaxy Infotainment
Full-Color HUD
Pararaxy Platinum SafeDrive Tech
Up To 15 MPG City / 22 MPG Highway


Ok so I normally I do this but I’m just so happy with the Sideswipe that I wanted to post more picturesque angles of it, and on top of that give a full run-down of what I want in the car.

Vehicle Details

644 hp V8 Engine
463 lb-ft Torque
7 Speed Dual Clutch Gearbox
Seats Up To 2
Power Adjustable Seats
Dual Zone Climate Control
Heated Seats
800W Speakers
100% Recycled Authentic Luxury Materials
On-Board LTE Wi-Fi
Full-Color HUD
Pararaxy Accupoint Touchpad and 10" Retractable Infotainment
Pararaxy SafeDrive Tech
Up To 22 MPG City / 32 MPG Highway (Can Travel 16.5 Miles on Electric Motors Alone)
0-60: 2.60 Seconds
60-0 distance: 29.3 meters
3547.2 lbs.
Top Speed 215 Miles Per Hour (Tested)
Price: $236,595


Also if anyone wants to know where I’m going in the game to take these pictures, it’s outside the parking lot of the ‘Small Factory’. I don’t know if its common knowledge that there are road plans for a decently sized town



Clearly, with such a horrendous fuel economy figure, there’s no way the Juggernaut would have been in production for very long after the oil crisis set in - it would thus have had a very short lifespan!

However, everything you’ve shown us so far most definitely looks the part.


@Knightophonix lol it was very late when I was typing this up, I’ll just give that a little fix


Pararaxy Sideswipe?
I’m so famous


@SideswipeBL It’s a good thing the car isn’t an ugly piece of garbage :joy:


Pararxy recently put out pictures of the 1965 Mouse and 2000 Mouse on their website. Possibly hinting at the possible return of the beloved car in the 2019-2020 model year.

The Mouse, loved for its compactness and easy-to-drive feel, did exceptional in the markets. It dominated the road for the years they were in production. But sadly, few years later Pararxy pulled the little car from its lineup in 1969. While the car did return in 2000 as a celebration for the new millennium, the car didn’t live up to its name and only stayed in production for 2 years before it was once again pulled from the Pararaxy lineup. Pararaxy enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the new Mouse, hoping it lives up to the name of the first generation.