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My List of Exporter Issues + A few QOL extras


I’ll start by saying I’m a slightly more casual/Beam focused player, more interested in pushing the limits of what an automobile can do, so my list of issues may be of low concern as half the list is minor gripes that won’t be noticed too much when making more pedestrian vehicles. Please try not to turn the thread into an argument over the final paragraph, since the rest of the post is the main focus.

However, these issues are all nontheless present and replicable in vanilla, hence I’d love to see them remedied. I pre-emptively apologize for any issues that are already known. By issues, I refer to not just bugs but also things that may be simple adjustments to improve the quality of life of the playerbase, even if only a small portion.

Please do not dismiss me as someone making meme builds, I try to push both beam and autom to their limits but that is usually in the name of performance vehicles and I also make plenty of sensbile cars, there are just less issues with making those

I currently cannot upload files because my forum user is new but I’d be happy to build cars and that show these issues and send them to requesting relevant parties.

Beam Exported Cars:

  • Rear and/or front suspension tends to insta-break on some bodies or run into some very extreme tire wobble.

  • Direct injection per cylinder in race configuration v engines will come out in beam in a weird blue

  • Offroad tires etc do not actually provide more offroad grip(last I checked) and there is a value that ranges from 0-1 in the wheel .jbeams that determines offroad loss of grip and all autom exports seem to have this at 0, whereas setting it to a value that matches the autom compound chosen would solve the issue.

  • Backfire is present in autom and can be very easily enabled on Beam exports using some more simple .jbeam editing (pasting 2 lines of code in) and works remarkably well when done so, yet needs to be done manually.

  • High power turbo engines will immediately damage piston rings when hitting powerband even if they are showing all greens and 0 damage in autom, also fixed by a simple jbeam edit but shouldn’t even be an issue.

  • Sometimes, repeatedly exported cars will change color to the default red and/or have silver tires, this seems totally random and I cannot replicate it at will.

  • Only wings create downforce in Beam, combined with the fact that placing wings on vertical surfaces is no longer possible in autom, making a good looking and performing downforce car is downright impossible. I know this is already known but it’s exacerbated as it’s a combo of two issues and could be fixed in a bodgey manner by counting other downforce fixtures as wings when exporting or allowing vertical wing placement.

Automation Only

  • As previously mentioned, vertical wing placement. This used to be a feature, was removed, I think it allows for creative uses of the wing shapes and/or ridiculous, cool racing vehicles ie Metro 6R4

  • DAOHC making more power than DOHC 5V for big boosted engines. This only happens in specific cases but when going for max power/high boost builds, DAOHC reigns supreme. This is only true in specific edge cases, but seems to suggest a deeper problem within the algorithms of engine dev.

Building limits:

Boost, AFR, Cam and Exhaust size limits; I know these are deliberate design choice and the game is geared more toward “normal” cars, but by that logic why do we have so many things we can do that 0 street cars have or will ever have. I understand the limitations faced with some of the limits the game has on engine building and accept that it’s generous as is, but as far as I know, the listed 4 are plugged into algorithms and not much more, hence could be much easier to unlock and make the game more fun and free.

Why I’d like more lenient limits

Allowing more aggressive cams may make higher revving engines more plausible since I’ve never had a case where a 12k rpm rev range was of much use due to power curves more or less flattening past 9-10k.

Just allowing us higher max boost and/or to remove wastegates may offer up some extra engineering creativity headroom, for cost saving and/or extra performance reasons.

AFR and exhaust are already not enough but generally only limit huge engines with huge boost. A high power per liter turbo build could make more power, had it been allowed to run richer fuel and/or bigger exhausts, but especially if other changes here are implemented, will become necessary as they’ll further choke performance engines. I mean I know this sounds even madder but heck maybe even allow us to just straight up have no exhaust system and have the effects come from the headers/turbo’s backs.

Beside performance and practicality, maybe you just want to slap a 40cm -15 quality exhaust onto your 88 hp eco 4 banger and wake your neighbors.


Thanks for posting this :slight_smile: I think those are all reasonable things to consider from the perspective of a player with your preferences. There sure are some easy wins in here from what you write. We have a new patch, the final one for LCV3, come out pretty soon and if some of those fixes/features for the exporter are as simple as you mention, then I’m all for including them.

Those would be:
Offroad tires, Backfire, and the immediate piston damage issue.

We just haven’t had the time yet to look into those things, and you could help us out by providing us with an example for each of them and how/where you implement that in the files. That way it could be really easy fixes for us to make. If you are up for that, please send an email to support@camshaftsoftware.com and mention this thread too. :slight_smile:

Now let me briefly address some of the other things:

  • very extreme tire wobble: Please provide an example .car and we’ll have a look. Might be very difficult to fix because the system needs to work for boats on wheels also :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Direct injection per cylinder in race configuration: Should be easy to fix, we’ll have a look.

  • Aerodynamics: is something we want to address in general, but is a very difficult task because of how different the games handle aerodynamics.

  • Vertical wing placement: Creative yes, but also frustrating as they tended to flip at the worst places. Maybe in future we’ll have a better system for them, but I doubt it. Other (non-aero) fixtures could take that role though, as they are not tied to calculations which assume they work.

  • DAOHC turbos: Didn’t know about that, interesting catch :slight_smile: will have to look into that for the FI revamp.

  • Building limits: As you point out, in general they are VERY generous already for road cars, mostly to the point where there is not a single factory production car that has ever used “as much of the sliders” as we offer. I don’t want to have even more to balance and test that isn’t relevant to the core game (campaign!), so mostly that is a “no, we won’t change it, but I see where you’re coming from.” You underestimate the length of the rat’s tail of consequences changes like these create.



One thing I’d like to see addressed in exports is better lighting fixture exports. The potential designation of individual lighting fixtures (this includes different surfaces within the same fixture - such as the bulbs within a fixture covered by glass) as day-time running lights, headlights, brake lights, indicators, rear lights, reverse lights, reflectors, etc… or at least the clear ordering in the jbeam file to make it easy to mod and adapt after export, would be welcomed if in any way possible.


That is something that will be coming in a proper exporter update, it is on our ToDo list.


This is due to the material texture (one of many different carbon fibre textures in Automation) used in the GDI ITB race intake is not being recognized by the exporter. The bright blue texture that you see in BeamNG is more like a placeholder default for an unrecognized texture.

IIRC it also happens to some other fixtures that may have a texture specific to them only, lots of modded fixtures are like that as well as some vanilla fixtures.


Email has been sent adressing everything, with exact directions on the .jbeams and .car files to recreate issues.