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New materials


I know that this will be a bottom of the list(s), assuming it actually makes it onto one but,

Can we get new material ids in the future?

I’d like to make mods that use colours other than the car paint. I’d like to make police lights in blue…or breakdown recovery lights in orange…or medical car lights in green.

Or car decals in different colours.

Or…the list is endless. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of the primary and secondary colours (ECS_RED, ECS_ORANGE, etc).


You may be able to use ECS_HEADLIGHT and use a different texture to get an effect close to what you want. So a blue semi transparent texture.

I don’t really want to go and poke the materials in the existing engine too much. Once we are in Unreal, you will be able to design any material you want. As both car and fixture designing will be using a modified unreal editor.

Blue light fixtures

Thanks for the reply Zeussy.

Now I’m REALLY looking forward to UE…is it ready yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish.


Hi! Excuse me if i put this in wrong post, but i look in FAQ and not find something my theme.
I wanna ask if is possible have or create a cover for back window, Like Lamborghini Miura or Lancia Stratos.


I’m afraid not - the glass material does not allow fixtures


Thankx for response! Have nice work and fun on Development of Game :wink: