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OB - Broken market competitor cars



After the latest open beta update (Build 190520.9906.185.Manual), I noticed that the best performing cars of many demographics now have ridiculously low stats, e.g. 0 reliability, 0 drivability, <100 kg weight, etc. Due to this, my cars in comparison have ridiculously high competitiveness against them.

This is my car’s stats vs. Commuter Budget (in 2013):

The same car, vs. City Budget:

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for pointing out, we’ll look into that today!


Okay, I think you might be confused with how the UI works.

This is what a 2013 Commuter Budget car compares to in COMPARISON mode :slight_smile: you are not in comparison mode. To get into it you need to click the demographic. It looks like this:

You might have clicked the upper left button to switch modes to something else. As you can see all the stats are reasonable in comparison to the best competitor.

It sounds like you were in “difference mode”, i.e. the weight difference between the cars is less than 100 kg, etc.


Ohhh, that was the second screenshot wasn’t it? Does that make this whole report invalid, then?


No, not entirely, the thing that sticks out is you having a competitor with zero reliability, that is something I have put on our ToDo list :slight_smile: everything else seems like expected behavior.