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Official Car Design Competition (UE4 Open Beta)


We’re stoked to announce the first proper Car Design Competition for Automation! What better way to properly showcase the Car Designer Revamp than this? There are a total of 11 varied categories to compete in, out of which one actually features Mr. Regular reviewing the finalists.

We invited him to come to New Zealand to do some proper Kiwi-car reviews of cars we’ve organized and lined up, but also to join us for a few videos and this competition. It will be great fun!

Here are all the rules and guidelines for the competition. There is no way around reading them very carefully, as there are quite a few things to consider. For those that prefer it in video format, the competition announcement can be found here:

Announcement Video & Rules

Announcement & Rules Video

Judging Status

Completed Preliminaries & Finals: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, X, Y, R

Video Schedule

— TBA —

Competition Videos (Preliminaries)

Category A: 40s Luxury Barge
Category B: 50s Family (Euro Style)
Category C: 60s Muscle
Category D: 70s Light Sport
Category E: 80s Premium
Category F: 90s Hot Hatch / Fun
Category G: 00s Utility / SUV
Category H: 10s Hypercars
Category X: 2025 Premium (Concept)
Category Y: Crazy Creative
Category R: Mr. Regular’s Top Ad

Competition Videos (Finals)

Category A: 40s Luxury Barge
Category B: 50s Family (Euro Style)
Category C: 60s Muscle
Category D: 70s Light Sport


Can I please ask how we are expected to build a premium sedan in the 80s when there are 0 sedan bodies released between 79-89?


There is one 80s Sedan, plenty of Coupes, some that look like Sedans. I don’t see what your problem is here, really. Cars don’t get disqualified for not being the correct, somewhat arbitrary, body tag. Use the body variant view to see all available body variants, you’ll have no problem to find something appropriate.


What about the 90s Hot Hatch challenge. There aren’t that many bodies available for use for that challenge

As you can see, three of the hatchback bodies available are mods, one of them isnt a hatchback and the 70s bodies would be too old for the 90s, leaving only 4 bodies. I understand that the its a “90s” design competition so no single year is specified, but there is a severe lack of bodies for this challenge


Everyone is facing the same limitations. Yes, there is a general lack of car bodies, we’re working on adding more, but it takes time. Make the best of it.


I don’t think any of us are denying the fact that you’re working on bodies, i like to think for the most part we are an understanding bunch, however, I think the general consensus is that the types of cars for this challenge do not compliment the current selection of bodies particularly well. For instance, if we were told to make a premium sedan in the 90s, I think it would go over much better, as that is what the current selection compliments.


Well, agreed, it is too late to change now though, we’re rolling with what we got. There are plenty of categories to enter, if you don’t find a solution that appeals to you, then focus on other categories. It’s not like there is no choice here. :slight_smile:


Just to be clear, we are allowed to make a car for a certain period that makes use of a body older than that period?


Yes, of course! :slight_smile: The only limitation is that you should not use a body more modern than the period, because of the effect on the stats (need to be beyond the allowed year range in order to select that body). You could even use a 1970s body for the 2025 concept car, although that might make it tough hehe.


I suck at the artistic side of things, but I will definitely enter a couple of the categories, maybe with a slight personal twist to a couple of the others.


This one is worth following for sure. Should I actually enter, the question becomes: what category should I enter? Granted, I have little chance of winning, but it might be worth a try.


as long as you actually just post and don’t speculate too much about what you could have posted instead of what you did post you’ll be ok :+1:


Oh god damn it. I submitted my car before Steam showed there was an update.


Is the “Hot Hatch/Fun” category strictly for a hot hatch, or can the hatch be more of an underpowered family car? I excel at building massive, over-powered V8s but I struggle to make slow ones. I need some more challenge.


Does Submission Guideline Rule 1 imply that each car we submit is limited to one trim and by extension that we are limited to one trim per category?

Reason I ask because lets say I make an 80s premium car akin to the BMW E28 or Buick Regal. I might choose to make a base model (527i / Regal), an upgraded model (535i, Sport Coupe), and a high end or limited edition model (M5 / Grand National).


An under-powered family car wouldn’t be scoring well in the Fun category now, would it? :stuck_out_tongue:
If you don’t strictly build a little hatchback, make sure it at least is a good Fun car.

@kmBlaine One trim per category, yes.


Oh, alrighty then. Thanks!


My monitor is 1920x1200 but I don’t want to squish my pictures or change any graphics settings. Is it okay if my ad is 1920x1200?


You wouldn’t have to. Just crop and resize your images. I have to imagine you will be using some kind of editing software like Photoshop, or Paint.NET or GIMP to make your ads, no?

Just a side, the photo studio produces everything in 4K so you will have to be resizing anyways.


How do I make my car go to 2025? The max I can go is 2020.