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Ohm's Mods (Returned)


Thank you everybody, and two of my mods had 600 subscribers in a week.
13th August Status Update: I’m already in the university, however, the semester will start on next Monday (15th August), which meant I had to prioritize the assignments over modeling projects, that’s why my progress always been slow. Another reason was the improvement of the modeling skills over time, so I decided to rework completely on an early 80s executive car (plus coupe, convertible and maybe wagon variants) (and maybe 80s aerodynamic mid-size).

For the future project planning, my third car body maybe some of the 90s or 2000s Japanese Cars, while fourth car maybe the 50s or 60s European classic car, and the fifth car maybe the most popular 25-year old grey import car in the U.S.* *This is an initial planning, still subject to change, you can answer those three cars as a mini-guess game.


Which U?

Good luck anyway. On both uni and 3D modelling. :slight_smile:


New Progress with 2380 polygons, but some details aren’t finished yet, such as undertray and seams (maybe 2500 polygons with an undertray, so this is my completely reworked first car. More body styles will be included, so I need some help/tips to do multiple body styles.


Now looks a bit like a Passat B3, the car I wanted to do if I ever start modding :slight_smile:


I agree, but the car you think was a mid-size car, which was already similar to the Felgen’s late 80s large car (now vanilla content) while car I made was an early 80s large car.


I know, they are still quite common here in Poland. And I follow the development of your mods for rather long time :slight_smile: But that was just my first impression - that boxy shape and that… crease? (I’m not sure about the word)


Yes, it was a crease.


Passat B3 you say?
The only thing that comes in my mind is former MówPoLucku’s car - 1992 black Passat B3 wagon.


Hah, I discovered Automation thanks to his video on Youtube :smiley:


Lel, Maluszek

I knew Automation from somewhere like 2013 so ya know


Update: I made coupe (with swing-out third side window), convertible, and stretched (both standard roof and landau, landau not shown) variants, but I still need help on the exporting multiple variants (after unwrapping and UV mapping), and how can I made a wing mirrors? because I previously modeled a wing mirror separately without connecting edges from the body.


Mirrors - There’s no need to connect your mirrors directly to the main body of your car. Many of mine are separate elements that poke into the body shell / doors as need be.
Just as long as there are no gaps before and after morphing you will be fine.

For multiple variants, export the kjcs as before, but use different names, copy the body.lua and thumb files file and rename to to suit the new variant, e.g. Body_coupe.Lua. Edit the contents of the lua to point to the correct kjc and thumb files and update the specs (no of doors, etc)

Also, variants with different wheelbase in the same body group have been done before, however when they were submitted for inclusion as vanilla content they were separated into unique groups based on their sizes. You may wish to do the same here.


Heck yeah! A limousine! That’s gonna be fun.


Hah, yesterday evening when I found some of my old car drawings I thought “a pity that there are none stretched limo bodies in Automation” :smile:


What I find to be the best way to deal with different wheelbases is that when you have the “large” or “small” folders in the file structure, to use both. Then you can place the regular wheelbase cars into the “small” folder and the long wheelbase ones into the “large” one. They’ll appear as separate models in the game, but they’ll be nicely organised together when installed.


I understand, however, my car I did itself was a large car, so I don’t have to place both folders, but in my case, I will place both standard and long wheelbase variants in a single folder with stretched variants will have its own wheelbase in the thumbnails.


Hey guys, I finally exported car without previous problems of abysmally small size, and for thecarlover, you had a problem with your 3rd generation Range Rover, and you haven’t found a solution ago, so I will provide the solution for everyone.
How to Fix it: When 3ds max opened, go to Units Setup, then go to System Unit Setup, choose 1 Units equals to 1.0 cm (centimeters/centimetres), and Respect System Units in Files, then OK.


Finally, I made it 6 variants (4-door sedan, 2-door coupe (with or without swing-out 3rd side window), 2-door convertible and 4-door stretch limousine (normal and landaulet roofs), but I still had problems on some fixtures (it works fine, but the broken parts of the body were visible). After this problem was fixed, I’ll let the other modders do the skinning and thumbnails for me (because I couldn’t do the skinning when I had multiple variants, and also possibly to move on 3rd car modeling project)


Those issues have to do with the UV mapping. I believe this was asked before, but are the UV maps correctly associated with the body materials in the .lua files?


Yes, I had the correct UV mappings with the body materials, but it has some problems