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Ohm's Mods (Returned)


Finally, I solved the stamping problems related to the improper mapping, so I’ll let the other modders do the skinning, new thumbnails, top and bottom boxes for me (because I couldn’t do the skinning, and also possibly to move on 3rd car modeling project, and I already had a hidden cargo box), while I already updated some details on .lua files.


Send them to me via PM, I can take care of that for you :slight_smile:


Thank you, I already sent my files.


I haven’t seen a stretch limo anywhere among the list of car bodies yet, so for you to offer one is like a breath of fresh air to us.


Would you mind adding a Wagon version to the Talbot if you find the time? Maybe even a Van/Hearse based off the stretch variant!


Hearse would be pretty rad.


9" longer than standard, would really like something like this in the game.
129" wheelbase, 120" standard.


Are you also planning a hatchback version like the original Simca 1307?


@RobtheFriend There was nothing like that in the game, however, my wheelbases were 2954 mm (116.3 in) for standard variants, which was 94 mm (3.7 in) shorter than standard Checker and 3657 mm (144 in) for stretched variants, which was 380 mm (15 in) longer than stretched Checker.

@partario I exactly won’t plan on a hatchback/liftback version of my car like Simca 1307, but I may consider an 80s mid-size hatchback/liftback like Aleko 2141, which was the most advanced and modern mid-size Soviet car at that time (0.35 drag coefficient), as a possible future project.


I love that the firewall is between the strut towers on an Aleko… such a great idea for chassis stiffness.


Didn’t the Alfasud have that feature too.


Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, I didn’t know that. :slight_smile:


18th September Update (Very Long): As I had been busy with those assignments (both single and group), so I won’t have much time on modeling, however, I’ll do it again when I have time and desire to work on it.

  1. However, I also have a good news, my revamped 80s large car (Talbot Tagora lookalike) was finished and now with the morphing zones, but I had to wait for thecarlover for fixing the boxes bug on 6-window coupe and the invisible upper front windshield morphing zone (coupes and convertible variants, as I couldn’t do the skinning if I had multiple variants).
  2. For the third car I planned, it may be 90s or 2000s Japanese Sports Car, Grand Tourer or Sports Compact (two first cars being an ordinary cars, so you guys can suggest the cars for me as an idea), and I also planned to rework my 80s aerodynamic (I may do from the ground up to replace the Ford Scorpio lookalike)


The first two ideas for a new car body are the ones I prefer the most. Also, it’s great to know that you have finally made one of your earlier bodies morphable. When will you do the same thing with the other, curvier one?


Read, perhaps, instead of being a pest. The most likely answer is “When I have time and desire to work on it.” You are not owed mods, and if you think you are, go create some.


I understand you, but I answered differently (fixed and thank you for the most likely answer).


Sorry if it looked like I called you out. I hate that Discourse doesn’t mark things as replies when I actually click the reply button on the person directly above.


13/10/2016 Update: After I have done with all mid-term exams by two days ago, I also finished my revamped Talbot Tagora lookalike after thecarlover fixed the boxes bug and rear-window problems (he had been busy on his assignments like me), but the uploaded version will not include the 6-window coupe, as I want to make an existing 4-window coupe variant, to look more different than sedan and convertible.


Early 80s large car has been updated, enjoy the first stretch limousine and landaulet I made!
Available on both standalone and Steam Workshop as well.


What about the Hearse?