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Old Shitty Baltazar Automóveis Thread - Link for new thread on the OP


[size=120]This is the forum thread for my company, Baltazar Automóveis.[/size]

#New company thread here: Baltazar Automóveis

Baltazar Automóveis aims to compete in every segment of the market, because it’s owner(me) cannot settle in what to make, but it is mostly due to his love of all car-related things. Every car has its reason to be, from the cheapest car designed to give freedom to the masses all the way to the maddest and craziest hypercar, made to delight everyone with their jaw-dropping noise and gorgeous design. Thus, in this thread there will be everything ranging from mid-engined rocket-ships to sensible supermini-based estate cars.

The company goal is to produce the best for the segment, whether it is super-fast, super-expensive cars, luxury cars or dirt cheap cars. Here we don’t build cars down to a price, there isn’t going to be a rushed job, only to get some sales and huge profit margins. The cars will be as good as they could ever be, while retaining a sensible side. In short, desirable cars for every taste.

Feel free to give your opinions!

Links to the cars post:

Cars built in B1362
______________ Photon Road-Racer _____________________________________ Limpo ____________________________________________ Limpo S

Cars built in B1418
1955 Basil 1150-6


Im really eager to see this :smiley:
I also like the idea… maybe we can do a co-op some time :slight_smile:?


[size=160]Is there a better way to start a car company than to break with convention?[/size]

Whenever you think about an iconic brand, they have always reached their status with an incredible product or achievement, that goes out of the norm, something very different to what has come before. Lamborghini Miura, Mercedes-Benz 300SL, Ferrari 250 GTO, Jaguar XK120. Those are only some examples of amazing feats, which have set the bar for those companies.

That is what we find here, the [size=140]Baltazar Photon Road-Racer Edition[/size].

[size=80]Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the speed of light, around 300,000 km/s, is only achieved in vacuum, by real photons. This car has to make do with a top-speed of 368 km/h.[/size]

Unlike all of the highest-power, craziest cars on the world, this isn’t a turbocharged nutjob, actually its engine is a** naturally aspirated** 9.3 V8, designed to both efficiency and power. In the real world it fails miserably in the former, however our engineers aren’t to be faulted, the early engine dyno figures indicated a good efficiency result.

But that isn’t what this car was designed for.
It was designed to be as fast as possible, without breaching the limits of the simulation. This version of the Photon has the worst interior possible, all in the hopes of simplifying and adding lightness. All of the weight-saving measures, coupled with the lighter transmission which doesn’t need to cope with huge amounts of torque, add up to allow this big-blocked V8 engined car to weight just 1270 kg. To put it into perspective, that is 130 kg lighter than a Ford Focus, with is way more comfortable and has unique features such as mufflers, that the Photon Road-Racer hasn’t been born with.

The effects of that in a [size=110]1245 hp[/size] AWD car are dramatic.
Even though it was designed for corners and the race-track it can still reach 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in only 2.3 seconds and the quarter-mile is pulverised in 8.8 seconds, with a trap speed of 280 km/h (174 mph).

Yet still, this car could be driven by your grand-ma. The combination of high-quality ESP, ABS, Traction and Launch Controls allows everyone to easily explore the full potential of the Photon road-racer.

When it comes to its natural habitat, the racing track, the Photon Road-Racer beats every road car developed respecting fluid dynamics.
]It can complete a lap in the Airfield Track in only 1:13.6/:m]
]A tour around the Nürburgring Nordschleife takes just over seven minutes./:m]
] The Automation Test Track is dealt with in 2:06.8/:m][/ul]

Photo gallery:


Please, tell me what you guys think about the design of this car.

[quote=“WizzyThaMan”]Im really eager to see this :smiley:
I also like the idea… maybe we can do a co-op some time :slight_smile:?[/quote]

Yes, why not do some co-op work?


that…car…looks… AMAZING!!! I really love everything you did about it!


Wow the cars looks amazing that’s for sure!


It looks great but i think you can still improve the performance :wink: it’s probably going to understeer with a heavy engine like that on the front end and no weight on the rear end. Try making the rear cambers more negative than the ones on the front, and in general make the front suspension relatively soft and the rear stiff. That sgould improve your track times even more :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! Glad you liked it!

Thank you! Coming from one of the most prominent car designers in this forum it is a big compliment.
I finished it yesterday and it was so late, I didn’t fully tweak the suspension. I went back to it, with your tips, and I managed to make it 0.2 seconds faster around the airfield track. But that was at the expense of softer dampers in the front, which worries me a bit, because I know there is a point in which the simulation doesn’t match up to reality. It wouldn’t work in reality and I don’t want to exploit the game’s loopholes, something I avoided too with the aero settings.


That’s a fancy design right there… by some reason I can see it was done by someone from South-America… :smiley:

Also, I like the second wing element a lot!


[size=130]We are pleased to announce a engineering collaboration with WizzyThaMan[/size].

Together we have produced a revised version of the Photon, in the search of more speed and cleaner looks with a cooler rear end, and also a late-90s small hatchback, designed by Pinin-Wizzy-Farina, with subtle changes to the original design made by me. The version line-up and overall market placement of the car were a joint division between both parts.

[size=120]Watch this space![/size]

Wizzy’s company, Mosam, thread: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2523

And if you haven’t yet, support his upcoming webpage AutomationHub.


[size=120]This small hatchback is the first result of the collaboration between me and WizzyThaMan.[/size]

[size=110]Developed in 1997, It is called the** Limpo**, it an allusion to Wizzy’s desire to create a clean looking design and a nod to the Brazilian origins of the company. The car, designed by Wizzy with small inputs by me, was developed to be a competitor of late 1990s cars like the Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Fiat Punto and Opel Corsa. Those cars were made to be cheap, but with some comfort, and so was the Limpo.[/size]

It has 4 normal versions, creatively named AX, BX, CX and EX, each with its own engine, which are, respectively, a 1.0 8V (57 hp), a 1.0 16V (70 hp), a 1.3 16V (87 hp) and a 1.7 16V (105 hp). Later there will be a sporty version, with a turbocharged version of the 1.7 engine.
The engine and version stats can be found below:

**The Limpo AX

The Limpo BX

Limpo CX

The top-spec Limpo EX





I like the car a lot! It looks perfect for the time period. The only thing I would suggest changing is the name. A car with the word “limp” in its name suggests that it’s not particularly forward, either in speed or design. I would suggest a more exciting name for the car.


Is Polo, Twingo, Fiesta, Punto or Corsa a forward name :stuck_out_tongue:?
Limpo is the portuguese word for ‘Clean’. With this car aimed for the south-american market, it makes sense :slight_smile:


Let’s put the concerns about the name for a second and let’s see the sporty version of the Limpo. Our very innovative name department considered using GTi, but in the end the letter S was chosen.
This car has added aero parts, such as a front and rear lip and a very discrete rear spoiler, to give that sporty feel and to make the car slipperier.

The engine is a turbocharged version of the 1.7 engine, developing 156 hp while still consuming only 7.22 l/100km (32.6 US MPG, 39.15 UK MPG).


After a long, long time without posting, here is a preview of my next car. Stats and the name will be given later.

As always, feedback is appreciated.


I did not look at this for a long time because my attention was directed far away from this section of the forum. But now I look at it and I have to say my word it’s beautiful. It boldly states aggressive and sporty, but also classy, and refined. It bears the clear hallmarks of your design, plus perhaps some subtle hints of inspiration from the modern era.

Given the double rear wing and full completement of aero, and the very wide rear tyres, I can only imagine that this car is tuned to go very very fast. The tyre profile is only middling, however, so I’m also guessing that it’s not an ultra-hard edge track racer, but might have some comfort to it?

Once I get caught up with other things and back to AutomationHub, if you do put this car up there I’ll definitely pop by and vote on it!


Thank you, Strop.

The base for this was a 10.9 V8 car that I tried to use to get the TG lap record, couldn’t make it faster than 1:09.7. But I styled it so it looks nice and I should put a reasonable engine in there, and do some proper tuning. I had, honestly, forgotten about this car. I am currently moving houses, when I finish that, I’ll sit down and take some time to do some brand new engines and to make this a real thing.


I’d like to sse also some car with the new designed logo on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, guys. I have decided to post my cars on the forums once again. I’ll first release the models already featured in automationhub and, then, after I have finished that, I will post new cars occasionally, but with some regularity, I hope. Please share you thoughts and suggestions down below. Without further ado, here is the first car.

[size=130]The 1955 Baltazar Basil[/size]

Cheap and cheerful. Economical and sporty. Extremes that don’t seem to be easily combined, and indeed they aren’t. However, that is exactly what happened here. Combined with its simple, classic, elegant design, the buyers rushed to the showrooms to get their hands on one. Making it the best-selling car in the 1955 CTC.

This character is due to its small and smooth, 1150cc inline 6 engine, fitted with 2 barrel carbs to produce a massive 56 hp. This little engine, with its sporty, yet refined engine sound, was key to this car’s success.

[size=120]Exterior Design[/size]