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Open Modifications


You could let Mod developers fully (or at least more than now) modify the Game…
You wouldnt have to develop everything that the Community wants. All the modders could do Projects like Vanechargers, radial compressor, skidcahrgers, W engines, More Cylinder Inline or Vs hybrids, other fuels/systems, X , Radial, U -engines and thousands more…


That sort of thing is way beyond the scope of modding. It’s not going to happen.


I know the engine layouts wouldnt blob out like single fixtures but i know there are many passioned Modders who would take the time (there are even modder teams ) to make these…


Its not possible. The calculations are too time consuming and making the engine sounds are stupidly difficult.

We would have i5s by now, but because of the sounds, we dont have them


It takes a team of developers months to make a new engine type while the engine sounds are being produced by a professional studio. Not to mention all the source game code that is better not being open source as that would just make it easy to create games to compete against Automation.


I think there are peopel who would make great mods but the fact they had to Put it open source is quite bad thats right


I say this as someone with fantastic faith in mods: You have to read the room.

We have just three really active modders on the game, and even for them, doing something as relatively simple (Not that it’s easy, just saying relative to adding in something like a new engine or induction type) as a new body or fixtures takes weeks. Doing something that is as obscene as running calculations, audio, coding, numerous 3D models and ensuring integration with the rest of the game is very, very far outside the scope of realism.


And that is with the current engine calculations, just look at the monstrosity @Killrob showed off last year.
It’s gonna be even worse.


Yeah haha good luck finding people who understand what is going on in all of that code :stuck_out_tongue: it has become more complex since then, too, but unfortunately that won’t make it into Automation V1.0



You are gonna feel like Dr. Frankenstein the first time that is loaded in the full game.:grin: