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Original Model C Concept


This won’t go up on the Calvinator Auto Corp thread cause its old, and costs like $100 million. Oh, and only 3 were ever built, but this car had Calvinator’s ONLY V12 engine ever. This is the Calvinator Model C Concept.

Reason’s it never sold:
-The Miara (the car this was a sleeper of) was redesigned in 1953 (this was built in 1951)
-It was Super Expensive
-The Transmission technology could only allow 206 mph before it burned out (engine was believed to do 220)
-V12s were monstrous
-No Handling
-Very Expensive to maintain (despite it’s Spartan nature)
-It was ban from IRA the second the Autoshow it was expoed at started
-They would sell for $1 million a piece
-Purely a racecar (IRA announced that they will only accept road cars about half way into the car show)

Here is a download link:
CNCharger - Model C.zip (21.3 KB)


Oh, and it was too heavy.
This car was also originally called the Model B.


Please stop making new threads for your cars. It clutters the forums, and it would be much neater and easier to find your stuff if you kept it all in one place. You dont see other people doing this so please stop.




Dat offset tho


Hi there. This is a cool car, but could you please create your own company thread? I’m sure others have already pointed this out, but having a thread for every single individual car one makes kinda clutters up the forums, especially if one makes a lot of cars, you know what I’m sayin’?


I have my own company thread. I will stop with the out of company uploading and creating new threads.


I’m quite surprised that nobody has ever done… THIS…

It’s REALLY heavy and drinks 98 octane like water. Plus it can beat every other car I’ve made. And it handles like shit.