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''Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture''


I have an AMD Radeon R9 360 that runs GTA 5 smoothly on higher settings though.
What gives?


Any chance you have an integrated card as well and Automation is running on that instead?


Any clue how to check what card Automation uses? Because my PC does have a built in card too.

One issue I have noticed is that even when the game is at the lowest possible settings and I have a browser open in the background (With a podcast, Facebook chat, etc) the browser often crashes despite the game not doing anything strenuous (When I’m just sitting in the engine designer not touching anything for example).


No idea with AMD cards, I have the Nvidia control panel to force programs to use specific cards. You can use the task manager to see what program is using what card to see if that’s indeed the issue.

(in this case GPU 0 is my integrated card and GPU 1 is my dedicated card)


My task manager says the game is using 77 Memory and using a ‘‘GPU 0 - 3D’’

Memory is ram right? The GPU and CPU usage is very low surprisingly.


That’s just the launch screen for Beam. Try launching GTA V or something and I’d bet that says GPU 1. Seems you need to find out how to manually set Automation to use your AMD card.


Paging anyone who knows how to allow Automation to use my GPU


You can see which GFX card Automation uses by opening the log file (available from the launcher), the first few lines should tell you which GFX cards are available and which one is chosen. We have seen an issue with people recently that is very similar to this, where the solution is to update the drivers for the on-board chipset (!) to make the detection work correctly. Cheers!


It’s funny though - Automation detects my dedicated GFX card just fine, but BeamNG won’t LOL.


I did check and my GPU does indeed appear in the log file, but that doesn’t explain why I’m getting such low performance on even DX10 with the lowest settings. The game is unstable and 5/10 times I load cars the game freezes on the loading screen (and if I have my browser or another smaller program open that program usually crashes), and I can’t even take one photo in the photo mode without my game getting overwhelmed and crashing (Thanks to my bad peformance I think).
It was never this unstable for me before on my older PC that was basically a family computer from 2011 or so.