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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Rond 6: D.E.C.O.Y


Alright why not


1974 Bogliq Banshee R/T

Cheap, cheerful and fast… Just what the Doctor ordered!!!


just so i can be sure, are we making a racing car here? the basic interior with 2 seats but advanced safety has me confused


Just to be sure; advanced safety back ten didn’t mean an airbag but just some cushions and slightly stronger construction. It’s an abstract concept, safety, really.


For further information on safety just google ‘spanish barbecue’ or just look at the first image results of ‘1970 racing spain’. We want to avoid that.


But still though, is it the racing model or road version?


Does that mean “advanced 70s safety”? At any rate, I think it’s meant to simulate racing safety gear.


Yeah, something like that, precautions. You’re submitting the car, as it’s supposed to be raced, though.
Anyhow, we didn’t specify it specifically, but 70’ advanced it is. We won’t retroactively DQ anyone, but I specified it in the rules c:

I like how nobody noticed yet that the scoring doesn’t add up to 100%


lol was that done on purpose? Where does the extra ten percent go?


no clue, fixed it tho. apologies


I mean, aren’t you hosting this? Surely you made the rules


As the challenge post says, i helped him with this and i simply miscalculated the percentages.


Aight, so can we try and keep this a bit more orderly from now on, we’ve had 32 messages in the thread so far. This ain’t no CSR, that’s a bit high… try and keep comments topical and relevant please.


The 1974 Knightwick Steed speed4 in road and race version


1974 Armor Grillo Cup Car


Bruh… I love this.


Since very few people know whether it’s a race car or a road car… here’s a road going version…

I present the Aanholt Vamos, a V6 RWD mildly schporty 70s thing.


I’m thinking it’s the road version based on how the post is written and the rules. Sports compound tyres are indeed road tyres so i would assume based on that, and the fact that he’s looking for a car for the masses that it’s actually a road car, with the consideration of it being used in the future for a racing series.


The post a few posts above says “your building the car as it’s supposed to be raced” so I took that and built the racing car


“Accessible for the common people” convinced me it was road going, and not racing. Also the example provided were road going, not racing…