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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 2: Cold War Special [ENTRIES OPEN]


Still got 2 more tests to go but controller broke this morning so waiting on a cable for my wireless ones, so could get higher!


Smaller cars tend to do worse on the Endurodrome sadly, because all the bits that are capable of breaking are packed together tighter.

I’m going to guess the Commie, R2000 or Proletariat gets it.


Depends on overhang as well, if the wheels are a bit inside the body, the body could buckle under


The Praxis is going to have the most trouble on the track, it’ll probably do front flips on the jumps.

I’ve never actually driven on the endurodrome so I just gave my car things I thought would help; wide track, long wheelbase, rear leafs, the highest ground clearance without looking dumb.

Also it’s hilarious I don’t have the worst gas guzzler here, I used a 2.5 liter four!


With 897cc I have the second-smallest engine after the 888cc 2CVeetle


i think that any car that is tall and narrow will suffer badly


You didn’t send it…


I wonder what went wrong to get that low score…


It just had middling scores, all others seemed to better in some categories and worse in others on the most part


yeah, maybe I went wrong with the size of the car and the engine. But I am still surpised that maxbombe got the high score in style, congratulations to them


Good News, cable has arrived!


Beam Test Results Part 1

@brunator BCT Commie
Time: 5:12; Drivability: 5
I found the commie tail happy, leading to a couple of hairy jumps.
In the first minute, the car pulled heavily to the left.
This was the least of it’s problems, as the left, front leaf spring had detached.
Nevertheless it continued determined, by the second minute, the entire front axle had shifted and the suspension had collapsed.
What finally killed it was the front bumper dragging along the ground and stopping it from moving. Surprisingly not the driveshaft through the roof, that had happened way earlier…

@nialloftara CZS R2000 (to be called the wheelie mobile from now on)
Time: 8.23; Drivability: 7
This car seemed nice to drive, verging on understeer for the 30 seconds that it had tracking.
The only issue with the wheelie mobile was that it spent less time on 4 wheels than it did on 2. It was very squirmy when it landed on all 4s, it even managed a barrel roll at one point.
The tracking went before the 2nd chicane at around 32 seconds, seemingly un-hindered it took a further 3 minutes before another problem arose, the entire left hand suspension had collapsed.
What took it out of the contest was the dislocation of the front left wheel.

@patridam Muller Proletariat
Time: 14:09; Drivability: 6
This car was a weird one to drive, on the dirt, it was absolutely spot on, took the rough like a champ, but on the tarmac it was a drift missile, this is the first car I’ve come across that was more controllable and less slippery on dirt than tarmac… definitely one for the Rally Russia!
Tracking was lost in the 2nd minute, with the chassis leg dragging on the floor at 8 minutes, as you may be able to tell by the image, it was the steering that killed this one, it would not turn right under any circumstances.

@Niveon RET Zvezdopad RR4 MKP
Time: 10:30; Drivability: 6
A nice surprise, very gutsy for a miniscule engine (nearly out dragging the BCT Commie), shame it had the age old 911 Turbo oversteer, as soon as the back dipped you knew you were heading to spin dryer city. Little trooper of a car.
Tracking was not an issue here til 8 minutes in, but in 4 minutes the rear suspension had collapsed.
The vehicle went out on the basis that it was a crawler with little to no steering movement.

@Maxbombe StrauB & Bauer Praxis
Time: 0:07 (Yes 7 seconds); Drivability: 1
Popped a wheelie on launch then the engine locked up.
First run, the engine had locked up before I even started the timer, second run it lasted 7 seconds.
I don’t think that worked very well…

@donutsnail RaZ ROMAK 888
Time: 6:28; Drivability: 8
Fairly easy to drive, nothing of note except poor cooling, almost went out due to overheating.
Steering killed it, it went out big style with the most angular front end since a Citroen Dyane went nose first off a cliff. The end result looks genuinely sad to not break the 7 minute mark… well engineered car let down by tracking issues.

@Mikonp7 Olympus Eins
Time: 4:37; Drivability: 10
Very nice to drive, although a bit gutless in the lower rev range.
Dislocated wheel early, wasn’t too bad til speed was lost at a chicane.

Further scores and leaderboards will be posted in the next hour.


Remaining Scores and Leaderboard
BeamNG Endurodrome Scores

  1. @patridam Muller Proletariat
    Time: 14:09; Score: 30
  2. @Niveon RET Zvezdopad RR4 MKP
    Time: 10:30; Score: 20
  3. @nialloftara Wheelie Mobile (CZS R2000)
    Time: 8:23; Score: 17
  4. @donutsnail RaZ ROMAK 888
    Time: 6:28; Score: 15
  5. @brunator BCT Commie
    Time: 5:12; Score: 13
  6. @Mikonp7 Olympus Eins
    Time: 4:37; Score: 10
  7. @Maxbombe StrauB & Bauer Praxis
    Time: 0:07; Score: 1

This Means That…
In first with a whopping Score of 75/100…
It’s @patridam with the Muller Proletariat!

We liked how it took the lumps and bumps extraordinarily well, and how it handled well on the dirt!
It also didn’t look too bad! We’ll be proud to provide this to our great nation!

Followed By…
@donutsnail and the RaZ ROMAK 888 with a score of 71/100

We were impressed by it’s affordability and economy, we may have to fit a pair of wipers to wipe the tears of those damned Westerners after they see our marvellous nation!

And Rounding Out The Top 3 Is The…
Zvezdopad RR4 MKP from RET and @Niveon scoring 64/100

This cutesy little wagon impressed us with it’s economy, grunt for it’s capacity, durability and it’s looks!
These 3 cars will feature in our official vehicle list!

The 3 engineers will now receive a promotion to Chief Engineers of the GDR and will be immediately sent the all new DWC thanks to @mart1n2005 !

The remaining entries follow:
4th. @nialloftara CZS R2000, drivable, economic, comfortable, just makes it outside the top 3 with 61/100
5th. @Mikonp7 Olympus Eins, drivable, easy on the eye, comfortable, it scores 57/100
6th. @brunator BCT Commie, a bit of an all rounder; being average in everything didn’t seem to win 46/100
7th. @Maxbombe StrauB & Bauer Praxis, we liked the looks, and the cheapness. Let down by a 7 second durability test… 36/100

Well done and thank you to all entrants! And a big thanks to everyone who helped me in setting this up! Really appreciate it, Round 2 will be out by the end of the week!


Wow, I’m pretty surprised at a small car doing well. That’s a third and second for overall third. I can’t be sad at that.

Good thing I coloured my car bronze from the start.


I’d say more British Leyland Brown :grinning: well done, I assume you received the car I sent




WELL DONE @patridam !!!


I appreciate the recognition everyone! Glad to participate in this challenge, it was a lot of fun, and hope to see more in the future!

Is this… uh, the kind of challenge where I make the next round? Or is that up to Fletchy?


Hmm seems I should have softened that rear suspension a bit, oh well 4th is good, considering I spent way too much time preserving a sportiness score for purely personal reasons. Great challenge.


The engine on my car was clearly bugged… I thought the last time I tested it I finally got rid of it, but it seems no. The body mod may be the problem.