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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 4: Hey, it's the postman!


The NotCorsa with pretty much every stat but economy better than the Citivan above!
And it doesn’t look like a hearse like the Amlia below!

@GetWrekt01 @Mad_Cat :joy:


Washington Amlia III 1.2 Fleet Van
American car with Average stats

1992 AHB M3-1200
Postman Pat, postman Pat, postman Pat and his black and white cat...

More pics

Q15MPiSO3 - 73N

Another masterpiece from AHB. The perfect balance between power, efficiency and reliability has been achieved using a heavy duty cast iron block with a displacement of 1473cc. Casted iron pistons have been used because of their proven durability, along with three valves per cylinder driven by a single overhead cam. Further more, the electronic multipoint injection system cuts entirely the gas delivery when not needed, making it the most efficient setup possible for an engine with this characteristics.

Galvanized Monocoque Chassis

A monocoque chassis design has been used in this van due to its superior rigidity, lower weight and superior crash safety over a ladder type chassis. This also means that the passenger space can be reduced to make it very comfortable but still give a lot of cargo area due to the way the chassis is arranged. The body has been built with corrosion resistant panels, making it a van able to work for years in the most harsh conditions.

160/75R14 95R tyres fitted in steelies

Fleets love long-lasting wheels, specially made for heavy usage and cheap tyre replacements. The 14 inch rims paired with GoodStone EconoMAXX pneumatics give you a smooth ride while saving you quite a few bucks in gas and replacements.

  • 6.6L/100KM combined, using 91RON unleaded.
  • MSRP: 13000$

Do you still want to buy anything else?


The new 1992 Hakumai MoveIT GLD. Moves your post in a jiffy with a 2.4L Diesel inline-4.


There are few things sure in life. Death, taxes, and that, somewhere, in some form or another, the Legion Sparrow is still in production.

1992 Legion Sparrow MkII Panel


looks old to be '92 ill say early 80s or late 70s design


Yes. The Sparrow has been in production since 1965. The minor styling changes over the years cannot hide that fact.


For the price of a medium work van, you can get one Shromet Radiant.

Plus a spare.

From just $9.500, and 370$ annual service costs, the Shromet Radiant.


the back looks so ahead of its time.


Is This stable or OB


Stable & OB are the same, the most recent update cancelled it out. The next update is the aspiration update which will take some time.


Not the best Advert but my computer is useless and i am not creative enought ot make a decent ad so if u want to see the rest of this thing you will have to wait


Hardly a three fixture wonder… it is not my fault that yellow doesnt show things up well and that vans arent ment to be exquisite works of art. most of my time was spent on its engineering and more specifically the bloody 1800cc turbo engine that powers the blasted thing


Introducing the 1992 Vaggen Superpost
The trusty family car that has carried generations for life, now cheaper and boxier to sling your packages into!


My service costs jumped by almost 20% since loading up my car earlier today, did this happen to anyone else? Because all of a sudden I’m over the challenge maximum now…


I had top speed jump down 30mph on another car and MPG go up


Decarlis Artisan

Ready to deliver !


What’s worse, it’s well over $600 and I can’t do anything to change it other than put 9 (!!!) items on -15 quality to meet it. For a hatchback with a 2 liter i4.


Think the 2ltr may be a bit big for what is required IMO, realistically 1.2s and 1.4s are what you need, and a 1.6 is a bit of a push. That might also bring down service costs.


Oh, I made a “diesel”, but even then the engine was at lower service costs than the 1.5 petrol I made, at $280.