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[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 7: Can't Give Up The Pickup [CLOSED]


For whatever reason (probably offroad score) my heavy utility score goes down if I increase the load capacity, so my truck ends up either with an extremely low load capacity or a very low heavy utility score. Shouldn’t the load capacity be more important?


I’ve felt so ridiculously nervous thinking about answering these questions. Hadn’t realised heavy utility did weird stuff like that. So probably assume that you’ll at least need enough load capacity to be “authentic” as a pickup. I feel bad about not answering this query until now with 46 hours to go :frowning:


2003 Armor A150:


I’m wondering if I made my car truck too small after trimming down the first 2400kg thing I made

The engine didn’t really fit in it . . .


’03 GEC GU2 4.0T Fleet

A rugged, reliable all-terain workhorse with enough torque for shifting heavy loads and a smaller thirst than you’d expect, all for just $27,500.


2003 Morton Number 8

A reliable and powerful 4x4 workhorse for just $25,500

More Shots


Those Logans are actually quite cool and usefull.


Challenge closed

Entry evaluation process is about to commence!


2003 MTC Creek

A truck for the American working man, with some unique Australian ruggedness.

Very offroad focused. Coils up front and leafs at the back. Power comes from an undersquare, cast iron turbocharged 4.0 SOHC inline six with 248 hp/4200 rpm and 392 lb ft/2400 rpm, and the engine gives quite the meaty grunt. Sending power to all four wheels is a 5 speed manual with a manual locking diff and transfer case. Mileage is average for a six cylinder truck with 17.2 mpg combined, and an EPA rating of 14 city/20 highway

Retailing at under 23k USD, MTC(Melbourne Trucking Corporation) hopes that American buyers will see the Creek as a viable alternative to the Ram, F150, and Silverado


In case you need a picture of my truck:


Somehow, it’s even worse than what I remember


Not trying to pressure anyone, but any update on this? I know a lot has been going on everywhere lately.


It’s been another week now, just popping in to see what’s up.


I hope everything is ok. Any update? Even that you got swamped with other stuff?


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I’m a bit concerned too.


Now how will I get my weekly dose of humiliation getting binned in the first round if OP is away?


I just messaged @ShinyBat to see if everything was alright. @Fletchyboy100 I don’t know if you want to try to get a hold of him too? Whatever happens with the challenge is secondary to me right now. I just want to make sure he’s ok.



PDC is still ongoing. The round is still on, but delayed due to personal reasons relating to Shiny.


Ok, no rush. Just wanted to make sure everything was ok.


Just to let you all know that I’m here. I think my mental health has just flailed a lot and I’ve gone from being scared to “judge something” to being scared about keeping you all waiting, to… that stopping me from doing it.

Anxiety SUCKS.

Your trucks didn’t. Or did they? Find out tomorrow.