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People's Automobile


People’s Automotive was founded shortly after the rise of East Germany. The company is government funded and owned. The mission of People’s Automobile is to deliver the highest quality automobile for the lowest price. People’s Automobile wants to unite the world under one badge.

(more detail coming soon)


So, basicly DDR Volkswagen with ideas of expansion similar to communism prior to 1920s?



I can’t understand one thing - why do people name their companies in English if they are started like 50-70 years ago in countries with other languages? Especially communist countries. Sorry, but that ruins quite a bit of realism for me.


The fact that people call communism cars ‘‘high quality’’ ruins the realism for me.
Still interested to see where this company goes though.


Well, Tatras were high quality AFAIK, so that’s possible :wink:


As of now, we’re only talking claimed “high quality” here :wink:
But let’s see what @azm613 whips up…


I think they meant to add “by the standards of a communist regime”. So what will happen to it after the Iron Curtain collapses, if they indeed survive to the end of the Cold War? I would like to find out.


Hello everybody! Sorry for the delay, anyways with this company I will not be releasing cars in chronological order. This is simply a place where I will post my cars that I make. This is my first company on this forum. Anyways without further delay here is a vehicle I have produced. The 1986 People’s Automotive Works Invader. My company is set in Eastern Germany and I am attempting to be a blend of Volkswagen and other German automotive companies.

Introducing the all new People’s Invader, the sporty, luxurious compact for everyone. Old or young you will be sure to find enjoyment in this great sedan. Featuring a longitudinal I6 2.0L cranking out an exciting 128 horsepower (95 kilowatt)
This car comes at the low price of just 10000 Euro. This sporty car is a great buy!
This fine automobile is available in 4 different flavors:

  • LE- Lower Economy Class
  • MC - Mid-Class
  • HL- High-Class Luxury
  • SL- Sport Limited


Kind of unrealistic, but I like it anyway.


In what ways??


High class luxury and East Germany are two things that dont belong in the same sentence :stuck_out_tongue:

@azm613 That also makes it unrealistic


EDIT: You know you dont have to do that. I get the reply either way. That just means that you’re replying to a post that is not the one above you


That’s what makes the company interesting.


@Dorifto_Dorito Sorry about that. I am newer here and I am still working on everything. I just figured East Germany could be an interesting setting for a company.


No problem tho, my company is full of absurd tho and it somehow survives


I may eventually go off to start a Japanese car company to produce other vehicles. However, this one will stick around for a while. I really want to put an emphasis on the truly whacky and absurd designs that were prevalent in Berlin Wall era Germany. Anyways, I will see where this goes, I plan on building another car tonight as I don’t have work. If anybody has a good idea for a vehicle feel free to drop it here, always looking for feedback from the people.


No problem! Also, you can use the edit button so you dont double post, although sometimes i.e. when you’re posting something totally different, you might have to. And if youre talking to different people, its easier to tag them, although it looks like you already know how to do that :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips! Hope to see you around this forum quite frequently. Keep up the good work!