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Performance tuner series voting and input


Well, it seems Unreal is stable enough to host a competition, and I really liked the format of the previous couple of competitions I hosted. You can see them here if you missed them

So I am quite ready for another season, just need your help on deciding what to host
In short - Drift competition is a 1vs1 type shootout deal, where your speed is not the most important thing, handling, ballance, power, and luck have a lot to play into this. Time attack is basically “go as fast as you can” with a minor influence by luck and drivability characteristics. It is also a hotlap challenge, where you don’t get shot out of the competition if you pass the qualifying round.


  • Performance Tuner King of Drift 2018
  • Performance Tuner Time Attack 2018
  • Don’t host anything ever again 2018

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