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Photo mode resolution selecting (UE4)


Well, I am a low end PC user, I won’t hide that.
But, what about actually adding possibility to change resolution of the game in photo mode? As far as I know it runs on 4x native resolution, or rather semi-4K thing. The problem is that it may toast some GPUs. What about adding possibility to change resolution to, for example, full HD, monitor resolution, HD and so on? (those were suggestions, however monitor resolution is necessary one).

Thanks for looking on that. :smiley:


I would actually quite like a slider to have 1x, 2x or 4x (or 8x) native resolution - even my 1080 struggles to render those monsters with 7680x4320 (33 Megapixels…) since i am running the game on a 4k Monitor.

I reckon that for the people a photomode render at 2x the native resolution is more than enough.


Instead of the slider in the actual photomode, I’d put an option in main menu options - there the slider could go


IMHO its something that would be more appropriate to see in photomode, so you can easily adjust it depending on what you want to do with the picture.