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Popular Automobile, now on video! [automation + beamng reviews]]


Popular Automobile

After +3 years Popular Automobile is back! This time I decided to do it in a video format instead of written, 'cause I feel is a bit easier for me. The format will be 1 or 2 videos per month, and the videos will be a match between different cars completing some tematic challanges (which was sort of my idea in the second incarnation of popular automobile) or a review of a car I like in the forum. This video is kinda of the idea of the matchup reviews, however the execution was very rough and poorly haha, but I took note and they videos will get a bit better.

How to submit cars?

I’ll make an announcement of the next tematic review and when I do that, you can check the requirements and send a car, preferably a .car file, unless the review requieres modded beamng files (like superchargers, flames, etc…). For the individual reviews I will be lurking on the car sharing subforum and when I see a car that I like I will ask to review it :slight_smile:

Episode 1: Reviewing Mastin trucks

Yes… for the first episode I chose to review my on trucks, because a) to give more visibility to my company and b) 'cause I’ve already have’em in beamng :wink:
The video was recorded very late at night and I recored both the audio from the game and my microphone in the same track, so I couldn’t adjust individual volume levels, next time I will record the voice audio independently. Anyway, let me know what you think of the idea, the video and so on…
PS. I did record a part where I’m driving giving my overall opinion and conclusion, but I couldn’t be heard over the sound of the engines…

Mastin Trucks: Mastin - 1989 Rottweiler, full range of trucks!