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Porsche Confirms Le Mans Prototype Exit and Factory Formula E Team for 2019


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for LMP1:

In addition to setting up shop in Formula E for 2019, Porsche will put all of its eggs in the GTE basket as far as the WEC is concerned after this season, but will continue to compete in LMP1 until then. So what does this mean for the category?

Toyota planned to commit to LMP1 for as long as Porsche continues to contest it, but the 19-time outright winners’ impending withdrawal makes it even less likely. Thus, next season will likely lead to one of two scenarios:

If Toyota does not withdraw, and wins the race next year, it will be a hollow victory for them, even though they have waited decades for their first triumph by then. On the other hand, if Toyota follows Porsche and Audi out the door, saving millions of dollars’ worth of annual expenditure in the process, LMP1 will be the preserve of privateer teams. In that case, considering that they too have difficulties coping with the high costs of running an LMP1 car, it would actually make more sense for the FIA to axe the entire category for good, and make LMP2 the flagship category for the series.

A more detailed opinion on the fallout from this announcement can be found here:

If any of you also have anything to say on this matter, please let me know.



F-E is f*ucking the motorsport.

Is a downgrade xD.


it may seem that way, but Formula E is good racing. tight tracks, talented drivers, and an ever expanding field. electric may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Formula E is on the Up-and-Up


You may have a point. In the second article quoted on the OP, Andrew Frankel believes that not only is Formula E not exciting enough for his tastes, but suffers from a disconnect between the aims of manufacturers and race teams - the former are meant to sell cars while the latter serve just to compete in whatever series they participate in, and it’s hard for me to disagree with him on that one.


Big shame to hear that. They’ll be back though, this is Porsche after all. Le Mans defines them. There are benefits to this though.

For one, Fomula E is going to be very exciting, now that so many big brands are investing and competing in it. And secondly, it means that LMP2 is about to become the premier Endurance class. It’s gonna be a new era for privateer teams, bit like the early 2000s.


Yeah. But only using Gibson engines… This is boring.


well, the Hybrid era, to me, ruined LMP-1. it didn’t shatter the VAG monopoly, it priced private entries out of the competition, and the cars are a lot less reliable.


True, though the technology behind it was brilliant. A lot of innovation.


Toyota still won’t win Le Mans, let’s be honest here. I’m tempted at this point to see if Paddy Power will give me odds on the (assumed) lead Toyota being abducted by aliens next year.

I dunno, I think this is crap news. I agree the hybrids have ended up knacking the class up to an extent, but is it just me that finds Formula E quite naff? Nothing to do with the cars being electric particularly, it’s not just my sort of thing I guess. Don’t find it anywhere near as exciting as the WEC for example but hopefully as said the investment of bigger manufacturers pumping money in will help it rather than hinder it.


I quite enjoy watching formula e now as is but I feel the main problem is that the tracks they race on are simply to tight. Having narrow streets be your track isn’t a problem but having 1/2 of the corners be chicanes makes overtaking very difficult


Imagine Rebellion LMP2 winning ahead of Toyota. The Japs would never live that one down.


Well, from one side: it’s sad. From other side: it’s great.

Formula E grows and grows with mentioned exciting tracks, great drivers and advanced cars. It’s basicly Formula 1, but better and definitely better to ears.

Also, nice to see that Porsche goes partially back to it’s Formula roots.


In fairness their luck was almost as bad this year. It’s not really something you’d have to imagine happening. :joy: