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Private_Miros Competition Overview


Major Events

  • Corso di Fruinia (1952-1968)

A multi-day road endurance race through the roads of Fruinia.

1952 Edition: Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]



Position Overall Points Overall Time Manufacturer
1 Eagle 202 (Elektrycerz) Tannberg Gladius (Murokmakto) Wisconsin Motors (Obfuscious)
2 Eagle 802 (Elektrycerz) WM AeroMouse Panamerica Meyers V8 (Obfuscious) Eagle (Elektrycerz)
3 Znopresk Z849 (NormanVauxhall) Cisalpina Tipo 50 Spyder (Der_Bayer) Aeros (Echowaffle8)

Position Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
1 Znopresk Z849 (NormanVauxhall) Eagle 112E (Elektrycerz) Eagle 202 (Elektrycerz) Bricksley Chieftain (Madrias) Eagle 802 (Elektrycerz)
2 WM RatonAereo (Obfuscious) Suzume Shiso Hyu (VicVictory) Bogliq Mutineer Engage by Leeroy (HighOctaneLove) Aeros Jackrabbit (Echowaffle8) Aeros Badger 388 (Echowaffle8)
3 Aeros Shrew (Echowaffle8) Tannberg Gladius (Murokmakto) WM AeroMouse Panamerica Kohlberg Boxer (Obfuscious) Lutoza Prot. 02 (MartinPL) WM AeroMouse Panamerica Rocket (Obfuscious)

  • Rally di Fruinia (1969-…)

A road and dirt rally over a set number of sprint stages.

1973 Edition: 1973 Rally di Fruinia [FINISHED]



Class User Name Car
0 @RaduST Lastun D750
1 @HighOctaneLove Bogliq Fanatic 115AE
2 @VicVictory Keystone R1300 Savant Rally
3 @Nicking_HC Hugi Rioter Mk3 LT
4 @Elektrycerz Eagle 604 Rally
5 @Murokmakto TBA Arcus RS 3.0
6 @VG33E Fascia Corsa V12

  • The Great Archanian Trek (1966-…)

A baja/desert racing/jungle crawling endurance race throuout the wilderness of Archania.

1966 Edition: The 1966 Great Archanian Trek



Position Professional Amateur
1 KMC Avventurer (Nivracer) SOCAUT Pyrénées V8 (KamikazeF0X)
2 Caliban Thunder ‘Scafell’ (Mr.Computah) Franklin Rhino G&EHE1966 (Jaimz)
3 Sinistra Savage Concept (Madrias) FAAL Mesaia 152 (Knightophonix)

1991 Edition: 1991 Great Archanean Trek [FINAL RESULTS]

Currently ongoing.

  • The Gasmean Hillclimb Series (1962-…)

A qualifying event, followed by a climb against the clock to the top of the legendary Peke’s Pike for the top cars.

Not yet held.

Minor Events

A promotional event inviting manufacturers to adapt classic cars into dragster to test out the new drag facilities.

Future Events

Pending events:

The 1973 Rally di Fruinia is the '73 edition of the spiritual successor to the Corso di Fruinia, it features a number or road, dirt and mixed stages, for cars of different classes to tackle. The focus here is on light and nimble vehicles and technical restriction will be of that kind. A qualification stage is possible to filter out the slowest cars.

The 2020 Gasmean Hillclimb Series, 4 classes take on qualification to be allowed to climb the legendary Peke’s Pike and try to set the best time. The classes include two homologation race classes; one ultimate performance class; and one everything goes (but budget restricted) open class. Qualification will be circuit based, the final is of course the legendary 20 kilometre hillclimb.

The 1986 Great Archanian Trek is the 20-year anniversary version. Three classes take on this endurance rally: 1) Homolation Purpose Built Cars; 2) Everything Goes (except trucks, vans and jeeps); 3) Trucks, Vans and Jeeps. Here, again, a qualification stage is possible. Racing will be held through desert and on offroad stages.

  • 1973 - Rally di Fruinia
  • 1986 - Great Archanian Trek
  • 2020 - Gasmean Hillclimb Series

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Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]

If the Rally di Fruinia ends up as the most popular of the lot, what sort of displacement classes will you be using? I’m building (and have built) a couple cars suitable for the Rally, but if the displacement classes have changed between the Corso and the Rally (i.e. instead of the odd under-800, 800-1400, 1400-2200, 2200-3300 and 3300+ displacement increments, it would be more-orderly under-750, 750-1500, 1500-2500, 2500-3500, and 3500+ increments for the classes in the Rally), then that would be good to keep in mind.

Of course, I don’t mind if you keep the original classes (and even a mildly-changed ruleset) from the original Corso - after all, I believe that the post-1987 runnings of the Mille Miglia use the same displacement classes from the original, so it would somewhat tie the Rally to its not-so-distant Italian cousin in our universe. I still have a brilliant idea or ten in terms of a story that I could base around the '73 Rally - not least of which are based around a few worthless old jalopies from a movie about a toaster.


I’ve seen enough. The order of the next 3 events is clear.

Regulations and classes are still in the making, they will be based on more than just displacement. You’ll have ample time to built a car, once the thread goes up.


Thanks to @th3maldonado, a bit of backstory regarding the change from the Corso di Fruinia to the Rally di Fruinia: