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Problems with Accounts/Keys/Logins?


Now that you guys mentioned it… I lost my key too.


Same here, it was working fine a couple of hours ago but now the key has gone walkies.


Everyone has the same problem actually, we’re working on it!


I can’t go on automation at all after the engine designer update!! it now requires an “active key” whether online or offline… I hav pre-ordered the game months before my account suggests which is a minor issue… please get this fixed :cry:

EDIT: browsing my old e-mails… I received an e-mail on the 31st of january 2012 from Caswal Parker that I “should now have my supporter rank and game key for Automation.” I have not received either, so I sent an E-mail on the issue to him, so I am now waiting for reply. :confused:

EDIT 2: I’ve both got my account key and a supporters rank! Cheers again Caswal! :smiley:


Hello. I bought preorder but can not log in, it says only that your username was not found? help please


You need to input “Kennethhagen” with a capitalized “K”.
Kennethhagen works, kennethhagen does not!


Not really, the full game has turbochargers, inline 6 and v8 engines



Not really, the full game has turbochargers, inline 6 and v8 engines[/quote]

Pretty sure it was when he posted that.




Not really, the full game has turbochargers, inline 6 and v8 engines

Pretty sure it was when he posted that.


I though it said 2013.
My bad


The same just happened to me please help it says Active Key not found


mines saying username not found? even tho im logged in here and im using the same username and password?


Hmm, weird! Are you sure you have capitalized the D in Dylanren99?


hi i have downloaded the automation however it asked me to allot of updates which i have done
i put in my login there after it says active key not found please advise!


If you have bought the game, you need to activate your key in your user control panel here on the forums.
If you want to play the demo, then you need to play the game via the “play demo” button.


ok thanks


Sorry for thread digging but I bought the supercharged edition last night and I can use the game but it seems to be missing some of the content that I was told I would get with the pre-order, v16s and different turbos and stuff. I have activated my key and do have single turbo and inline 4,6 and v8 engines. Just wondering if I have missed anything.


Those things are still in development, which is noted on the buy page.

You’ve got all the stuff that’s been released so far and will get your shiny awesome other stuff as it’s completed and released :slight_smile:


hello sorry for my english ahead … My problem is that I vien to buy jor but I can not activate my key on User Control Panel … :cry:


I have already sent an email but I thought I should add a post here with my problem as well

I have just ordered the supercharged edition (( today 1/25/2014 ))
and I have activated this account

when I go to log in it give me the error “Your password is incorrect”
however I can log in and out of the forums using the same password without issue

if I missed something let me know

I would like to keep my password as it took me awhile to come up with but I am not adverse to making a new one.

I had the launcher installed from beforehand because I was playing the demo however I did uninstall and re-install the launcher as well.


The issue has been resolved it appears certain custom character cause the game not to recognize your password even if the forum will take it.
EXAMPLES: - + " ’ _ = @ # $ %


The login has to be exactly what your username is (case-sensitive). So you have to use a capital G and K. Plus capital letters if your password has some.

If that is not helping, try making a new password. Does you current password contain any special characters which might cause problems in the launcher but not in the forums?