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Pyrlix' 3D Department | Update at Page 11


The car will explode due the explosive car mix :smiley:


I found that Late 90s/Early 2000s Coupe/Convertible body has been released on Steam Workshop, but I found major morphing problems in a Convertible variant, as it morph very different from Coupe variant.


It is released now but yes, there are big morphing issue on the convertible that need to be investigated.
It must’ve happend when I remeshed the body due to fixture problems


Although this car body is good-looking, but I have some suggestions.

  1. Rear Convertible roof should be different from Coupe variant.
  2. Lower Trunk/Boot morphing, as I tried all of your cars, none of your 3-box cars are morph-able at lower trunk/boot.


Fixes or Updates to the coupe may come in future. The morphing zones are final as they are!

Right now i am working on a really clever car


So you’re suggesting there is “dumb” car out there? :confused:


Probably there are smart car… wait…


Smart thinking Mr.Vauxhall… very smart!

[size=10]Oh those puns. They hurt.[/size]


hey pyrilx, for the big bus (at viewtopic.php?p=62692#p62692) would you mind if i attempted to make a rear engined variant?


It might be very clever - but not complete yet



It might be very clever - but not complete yet[/quote]

Kool bro


Wow, I hope for release.


Only rear engined, or will it be front engined as well?
[size=85]Probably limited to I4 engines Transverse mounted.[/size]


You can’t explicitly limit what type or orientation of engine for a body, just front mid or rear positions. If you can fit a small I4 you probably could get a tiny v6 in, maybe even a v8


Kool bro[/quote]

you called?



steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f … =579104431

Its out!

Engine Placement possible in Front and Mid!


O kurwa, let’s fit duh 69hp engine!


Oh i just noticed the fuck up with the mirror :laughing:

Fixing it right away!


Nah, it’s cute xDDD


Sorry for double post, but thank you for this body Pyrlix. Finally I could create entry-level car for my croatian sub-company :smiley: