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Quezon Motors Corporation [OUTDATED]


I never expected Quezon to make vehicles like the Princesa :flushed:. But the delicate and beautifully put together designs leave for an incredible result, and I cannot get over those taillights. Not to mention the insane and incredible engineering of these beautiful and ferocious vehicles are very realistic and give the cars much more personality than they already do. Good job I’ve been left speechless multiple times by these vehicles.


Thank you very much!


No problem I always enjoy seeing your cars! And decided to finally share my thoughts.


The way all of your cars fit together perfectly is incredible! I love how original your cars are and how they are always recognizable as a Quezon. The Princesa has a wonderful design and so much detail on the website, hopefully I can reach such levels of proffessionalism. Cant wait to read about the next one!


Thanks a lot!


some side project of mine i guess

Quezon SR Vision Gran Turismo


Car Description

Developed to be the “mother of all Quezons”, the SR Vision Gran Turismo. A joint development from the Quezon design team and Gran Turismo.

This car takes the term “gran turismo” or “grand tourer” to a new level.

Its powertrain, the iconic 10-litre V10, has been carefully tweaked to provide smooth acceleration, yet still be able to achieve a nearly unimaginable 1,200 horsepower and 1,100lb-ft of torque that is purely naturally aspirated. Combined with a 7-speed dual clutch all-wheel-drive drivetrain, this allows for both great performance and ultimate ride smoothness.

The unique Quezon pentagrille design featured on every Quezon since the Cordova, has arrived on the SR VGT to make it true to the current design language. The lights are made to match each other front to back, and the large side vent to add to the car’s aggressiveness.

The interior is built to Philippine handicraft standards, with inspiration taken from past Quezon models and famous Philippine landmarks merged into the grand touring design philosophy. All merging together to create a beautiful, opulent and well-made cockpit for ultimate grand touring standards.

Its architecture and shaping sets the vehicle’s cockpit not too low, but not too high. Giving the perfect view for the accordant, scenic driving the vehicle was designed for.

The controls are laid out for utmost driveability and ease-of use. The steering wheel with variable weight adjustment and set to the perfect shape. The wraparound screen with the information laid out to the driver’s peripheral vision. The windshield featuring holograms to provide extra information on location, speed, and other such needs. Providing you with an experience no other grand tourer would be able to.
An experience, unmistakably Quezon.

The Quezon SR Vision Gran Turismo, designed to showcase Quezon’s true idea of the perfect grand tourer. Available to drive in Tran Gurismo Sport, players will quickly realize this car is more than what exactly meets the eye.

Automation Vision Gran Turismo [New and Improved]
The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 15]

Quezon’s legendary roadster returns with an electric twist.

Classic, yet modern styling.

A throwback to the Quezon Supercab and SR of yesteryear. Now with up-to-date styling with alluring curves in its lightweight fibreglass shell that'll turn heads hard enough to snap people's necks off.

Driver oriented, electrifying performance.

With little assists to interrupt you, the SR-3 and SR-e allow for ultimate connection and harmony between you, the car, and the road.
Available with either a turbocharged 1060cc petrol engine producing 197hp (SR-3), or 150kW and 200kW electric motor options (SR-e).

Quintessentially driver-focused.

Simple yet functional, the SR series' interiors feature just the right amount of needs for sports-oriented driving. No extras needed as everything you need is right here, within reach and peripheral vision.

New Electric Platform.

The SR-e is the first in a future line of Quezon electric vehicles to feature our new Future Electric Architecture.

Electrifyingly Colorful

Quezon Signature Colors

Top to bottom; Davies White, Manila Prestige, Supremo Red, Ultra Copper, Grande Silver.

SR Exclusives

Top to bottom; Roadster Red (SR-3), Roadster Orange (SR-3), Rizal Mica (SR-e), Lime Mica (SR-e).


Quezon SR-3 6MT - $39,000* MSRP

  • Power | 197hp / 298lb-ft
  • Transmission | 6-speed Manual
  • Acceleration (0-60) | 5.4s
  • Top Speed | 160 MPH
  • Gas Mileage | 21.3mpg Combined
  • Weight | 1970lb

Quezon SR-3 7AT - $40,000* MSRP

  • Power | 197hp / 298lb-ft
  • Transmission | Quezon Supershift 7-speed automatic
  • Acceleration (0-60) | 5.7s
  • Top Speed | 155 MPH
  • Mileage | 20.5mpg Combined
  • Weight | 1995lb

Quezon SR-e 150kW - $47,000* MSRP

  • Power | 201hp / 375lb-ft
  • Electric Range | 320mi / 515km
  • Acceleration (0-60) | 4.0s
  • Top Speed | 150 MPH
  • Weight | 2425lb

Quezon SR-e 200kW - $52,000* MSRP

  • Power | 268hp / 490lb-ft
  • Electric Range | 280mi / 450km
  • Acceleration (0-60) | 3.3s
  • Top Speed | 163 MPH
  • Weight | 2600lb

*Price and availability may vary depending on location.


Exterior Extras

Jet Black Flag Poles - $1,000*
Stainless Steel Flag Poles - $1,500*
Titanium Flag Poles - $2,000*
Carbon Fibre Flag Poles - $3,500*

Nichelim SuperTrack-500 GT-SR Tyres - $5,000*

*Price and availability may vary depending on location.

Velocità Automotive

Same incredible consistency and effort, with every new Quezon you always know who made it! Great work as always.


Is this new Quezon SR built on a transverse-engined platform like its predecessor? If so, it would be among the best front-drivers you could buy right now in non-hybrid form.


The SR-3 is, yes. The SR-e meanwhile is built on an all-new electric platform stolen from Tesla designed definitely in house. :wink:


These cars are…amazing! They are really giving my the inspiration needed to reshuffle Chevalier’s line-up for the better!

One question (probably a stupid one): are they downloadable? 'Cause I couldn’t find links anywhere. I’d love to drive them on BeanNG.


Unfortunately not as of now, but I do plan on having download links available for certain models whenever I sort them out in the near future.


Updated the Cordova so go ahead check it out thanks bye

I’ll be updating some older Quezons on the thread as well, mostly those I don’t really think are “up to my standards” (notably the 81’ and 66’ Laguna). So uh yeah expect more in the future I guess?


The remade '06 Cordova is a vast improvement aesthetically on the original design - the new body you chose for it (which is currently open beta only, by the way) is a much better choice than the small XF body, considering the shape of the fixtures you used for the remake.


An all-new type of Quezon.

Big, bold and ready for anything.

With its tall, striking fascia and big, dominating bodywork, the styling of the Sierra Madre shows that it's not like just any other car on the road.

Powerful on and off-road.

Quick acceleration, sporty handling, and variable AWD are just the tip of the iceberg of the Sierra Madre's features for your on or off-road needs.
Available with either a turbocharged 2.4-litre inline four with 270hp or a twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 with a whole 420hp.

Absolutely pure and sweet bliss.

Ride along through the toughest conditions while still being cocooned in your own empirical off-road capable opulent carriage.

Line-up (2021)

Quezon Sierra Madre 2.4 2WD - $56,000* MSRP

  • Power | 299hp@6100RPM / 306lb-ft@4400RPM
  • Transmission | ZF 9HP48 9-speed automatic
  • Acceleration (0-60) | 6.9s
  • Top Speed | 150 MPH
  • Gas Mileage | 23.8mpg Combined

Quezon Sierra Madre 2.4 4WD - $57,000* MSRP

  • Power | 299hp@6100RPM / 306lb-ft@4400RPM
  • Transmission | ZF 9HP48 9-speed automatic
  • Acceleration (0-60) | 6.7s
  • Top Speed | 145 MPH
  • Gas Mileage | 23.0mpg Combined

Quezon Sierra Madre 3.5 2WD - $TBA* MSRP

  • Power | 420hp@7300RPM / 413lb-ft@3400RPM
  • Transmission | ZF 9HP48 9-speed automatic
  • Acceleration (0-60) | 5.8s
  • Top Speed | 175 MPH
  • Gas Mileage | 21.9mpg Combined

Quezon Sierra Madre 3.5 4WD - $TBA* MSRP

  • Power | 420hp@7300RPM / 413lb-ft@3400RPM
  • Transmission | ZF 9HP48 9-speed automatic
  • Acceleration (0-60) | 5.2s
  • Top Speed | 145 MPH
  • Gas Mileage | 21.0mpg Combined

*Vehicle to be available for purchase 2021, price is not final and will likely be subject to change. To be updated on when the Sierra Madre officially arrives, contact your local Quezon dealer or subscribe to our newsletter.


I can never get enough of Quezons out of the ordinary cars. From super luxurious to an off-road sedan Quezon never ceases to amaze me with unique vehicle ideas.


By the way, how many Quezon cars does Apo Marcos have?


That’s to be a well-kept secret :wink:


When in 2021 does the Sierra Madre come onto sale?


…but If you’re asking for a specific month, I’d say late September (International market) or mid October (Philippine market)