Automation Vision Gran Turismo [New and Improved]

The Vision Gran Turismo project started with a single question from Gran Turismo founder Kazunori Yamauchi: “Would you design your rendition of the ideal GT for us?” GT stands for Gran Turismo or Grand Tourer (where the game got its name from), which describes a sporty performance coupe.

Many manufacturers accepted our offer, and now there are many “ideal” Grand Touring cars represented in the game. Vision Gran Turismo, which began as project to celebrate the game’s 15th anniversary, continues to bring together the automotive passions of you, the user, and the car companies. The cars have been introduced one at a time throughout the Gran Turismo series, and the project will only increase in popularity as more and more people sample these unique machines.

Seeing that people are going to re-unveil some of their Vision Gran Turismo concepts that they've created, I've decided to make this thread over again as it hadn't been properly updated for a good two years. This is not a challenge, so don't feel pressured to either create a car or make one that is "superior" to others. Just have fun with whatever it is you're making.

Please do not omit the release date for the car. Feel free to make a post of your car even if it is an “older” vehicle in this thread, but do create a fake release date if such.



2019 Ursula RS-R 50 Vision Gran Turismo

Actual release date: 4th March 2019
Thread post release date: 24th May 2020



Kimura KR/R Vision Gran Turismo
Originally released in Gran Turismo Sport on October 8th, 2017


Car Description

The Kimura KR/R Vision Gran Turismo was born from a collaboration between the Honda design team and Gran Turismo, developed exclusively for the “Vision Gran Turismo” project. From its inception in 1949 to the present day, Kimura’s dedication to creating an emotional connection to the driver is of top priority, even behind a controller.

KR/R is Kimura’s world renowned in-house performance sub brand, participating in a wide range of motorsports from WRC to Formula 1. This all-new concept embodies a landmark in time for Kimura as they shift towards a new generation of performance and design. A twin-turbocharged 3.8 liter V8 is a window into an all-new high-tech supercar that will be unveiled in the future. The engine note is one of the most important aspects of the construction of the engine, as players want a memorable engine note as they race along the digital landscape; the shrieking side-mounted exhausts have a classic Formula 1 tambre to them, smoothly and quickly revving to the 9000 rpm redline with drama and style. in conjunction with a compact electric motor, the KR/R Vision Gran Turismo packs an impressive 715 horsepower to the rear wheels, matching the most high-brow supercars on the market today. This power is then efficiently transferred to the road through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The advanced carbon-fibre design maintains a weight below 1400 kgs.

Developed in conjunction between Kimura’s Sapporo Design Studio and KPA Pasadena, the long, low body of the KR/R Vision Gran Turismo cheats the wind with a low drag coefficient and high downforce values. Retaining the essence of Kimura’s “Dynamic Diamond” design language, the vehicle takes major inspiration from successful Kimura sports cars such as the Helruna, K-2400, and TKR-C coupe. A flowing design from the front to the rear with OLED light technology provides intricate details to the organic and simplistic molding.

The “Kimura KR/R Vision Gran Turismo” is a car that exemplifies what we at Kimura stand for and we invite everyone to enjoy our design.


Velocità Prosperare NS | Vision Gran Turismo

Car Description

Engineered by the greatest Velocitàs design and engineering team, the Prosperare NS is the pinnacle Velocitàs Grand Touring sports cars.

Aerodynamic design made for optimal engine cooling and downforce control, the Prosperare makes an incredible time of 1:20.34 on the Automation Airfield. For a 493hp RWD masterpiece of engineering, that’s a pretty impressive time.

With the new official Velocità design trend, the Prosperare features taillights and a front bumper design resembling the Celestiale, with some design differences to separate the two from fast luxury GT and faster luxury GT.

Made to compete with the incredible Mercedes Benz AMG C63S, the Prosperare has the Velocità standard hand made leather interior with full HUD and panoramic Infotainment system spanning across the majority dashboard. Velocità ensures the maximum balance between performance and comfort, creating the ultimate GT car.

As the Prosperare is Velocitàs idea of the perfect Grand Touring vehicle, available in Tran Gurismo Sport, players will understand what Velocità believes is the ultimate Grand Tourer.

Actual release date: 27th May 2020
Thread post release date: 27th May 2020

Atera Automotives Presents...

2020 Atera ZR/6 Vision GT

This 2020 Atera ZR/6 Vision Gran Turismo was created and designed from in-house Atera Automotive design house with collaboration with Italian company, Quaglia and of course, Vision GT team.

As a nod to GT’s 15th Anniversary, it was created solely for Gran Turismo series for exclusivity of the car. This concept car is Atera’s latest halo car as this is the car where newer production Atera line-up design language will be based on.

Powered by a mid engined 4.0L turbocharged V6, capable producing up 883hp and 889nm of torque powering the rear wheel, it can go up to 415km/h with 3.2s 0-60mph, all thanks to carbon fibre panels and chassis and sporty interior making it lightweight.

But with being a lightweight car, the car can be tricky to drive at high speed without any aerodynamics on it so the team equipped a high tech spoiler, shark fin and big side vents to help the car be more stabilized during high speed while cooling the engine bay and such.

2020 Atera ZR/6 Vision Gran Turismo is the most advanced car from Atera Automotives that will ever produced and it is a car that exemplifies about excitement and hardcore track day car.