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Race Car Showcase





What about this, The Volvo S60 Polestar V8 Supercar.

(and supposedly, this was rumoured for this season, before Volvo pulled out)


I quite liked that Volvo was back on the touring car scene in Australia. You can tell just how dynamically balanced the whole setup is judging by the amount of camber between the front and the rear wheels :joy:

Also, Wilson Security’s making a big PR drive and diversifying… I wonder if they’ve finally gotten around to pulling out of providing security for our offshore refugee (non)processing venues…



Here’s a Volvo, the 1994 BTTC TWR 850 Estate (you call them Wagons for some, inexplicable, reason!) :laughing:


We call it a wagon, because it’s a fucking wagon :joy: Even the American Heritage Dictionary states as such :stuck_out_tongue:


How about this beast? :smiley:


I know this really should be in Rally Car Showcase, but it is a race car so why not

This makes me wish that the not golf body had a mid engine race variant



VRRR-R-R-R-R-R spack! sput VRRR-BRRR-R-RT SPACK :joy:


actually, the LB did well in japan, and was the best of the rest in the DRM during it’s tenure.


Oh, the history behind that thing is just one of a GENIOUS engineer. Mr. Norbert Singer was a legend.


The turbo lag just makes the whole thing epically dramatic. Then the exhaust drops a cherry on top lol


@JohnWaldock Must have been reading my info from a dodgy source then!


it was super unreliable, but when it did finish, it finished well. problem being, the 935’s were just out and out dominant.

it won a few times back in japan, but again, lacked reliability.


Super GT has two interesting things to say the least.

That Prius has a V8…

Hungry lotus on the mother chassis…


I almost forgot the bloody Hatsune Miku :stuck_out_tongue:


How has anyone not mentioned the Holden Monaro 427C, built by Garry Rogers Motorsport? It was the only car ever to win the Bathurst 24 Hour, which was only held twice - in 2002 and 2003 - before the immense cost of hosting such an event caused it to be axed. And now, with the imminent end of local production, it stands as a reminder of what Holden - and the Australian car industry in general - was once capable of accomplishing: taking on the best production-based endurance racers in the world and beating them at their own game.


This thread needs more Rover


@Microwave YES! Yes it does, Group A Rover SD1 appreciation time! :hugging:

It ran with quite a number of teams and in quite a few excellent liveries, including the excellent not-Mclaren Marlboro one seen above. It was very successful in its class throughout the early 80s, especially when the A, B and C classes were introduced properly in 1983 (it was in the top end A class alongside the likes of the BMW 6 Series, Ford Capri, the early Toyota Celica Supra, oh and the Erin Nasaro Grp. A).

Its reign would only be toppled by the mighty Ford Sierra in 1985 at the hands of Andy Rouse, who dominated that season. Still, it was one of the few things British Leyland could call a ‘success’ in the first half of the 1980s, so there is that… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a bunch of cool ass racecars here

Young Tiff Needell!!


That’s just a GT3 car though. Nothing special :stuck_out_tongue: