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Racing Showdown Advanced [RSA]


Spreadsheet is now up.

Refer to it to check up on available spots, and all the data that will come useful to know


@ST1Letho Sorry in advance for the dumb question but is this challenge also going to include beam tests or only automation stats?


@ST1Letho I have an entry for street kings, I’ll have it to you in about 8 hours or so, just got to go to college lectures first. I believe I posted my character info in discord tho, so you can start the speadsheet with that if you need.


@Traviq_125 this challenge does not involve beam.


in a matter of twists, somebody made a character from fucking north korea to the challenge

Name: Park Soong-jin (not his real name as his real name is still classified)
Nickname: The Great Escaper, The Bullet, “Traitor” (by the North Korean government), “Wanted Criminal” (by the North Korean government)
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Nationality: (:north_korea:/:flag_de:) North Korean/German


Park was born in Pyongyang to a family of elite politicians. On his childhood days, he was treated well by his family and of course, the government. He was graduated in a prestigious university in China, and he found himself having excellent driving skills while he was working as a driver. He later followed to his famliy’s footsteps and become a politician. In the 90s, he became a major officer of the government, and he joined several racing events under the governments name. However, in 1994, a scandal that he didn’t do changed his life forever. He was unfortunately involved in the scandal, and because of that he was subsequently admitted into a re-education camp for life and his freedoms lost.

Somewhere between 1996 and 1998, with the help of a certain cellmate known as Lee, he managed to escape from the camp and searching for freedom. During the jailbreak, Lee was killed by the officials in a fire exchange and it resulted that he was the only survivor during the event. He managed to take a cargo ship to escape, which made him ending up seeking asylum in Germany. Originally he works as a mechanic in southern Bremen, but he started racing in 2004, and becoming an amateur touring car racer in 2007. In 2013, he quit racing and started to create his dream track car of his own, which was based from his own Ursula F3 DTM racer.

Of course, the North Korean regime has issued a warning after his jailbreak and he is now treated as a defector and an escaped criminal by the government. The regime have sent spies to everywhere just to find him, but to no avail.

He is a middle-aged man with a small, muscular and taut body with a bald head and a scar on his face. Normally he wears a red cap, T-shirt and jeans. He knows English, Chinese and German, but his skills of both languages are slightly weak compared to his Korean. He is a quiet, chill person at most of his time. Normally he was often seen in his home, modifying his racing vehicle, doing odd jobs for cash, or maybe he went to the nearby bar to have a drink.


[Driving]: Aggressive - He was known to drive like a hooligan. According to one his friends, “He drives like fucking Ken Block on meth.”
[Cornering]: Corner-Cutter - He is just a good corner cutting master.
[Focus]: Focus on the Track - He is as focused as a assassin while driving against other drivers.
[Experience]: Natural Talent - He found his talent when he was working in North Korea.
[Nature]: Cool as Ice - He is calm, cold and precise while on the road. No talks, just drives.

So, the Ursula F3 RS-R DTM XR, the driver’s main vehicle. A 670-horsepower turbo V8 slotted into a 1.3 ton carbon fiber vehicle. Excellent 0-100 acceleration of 2.4 seconds is attainable here due to a unique gearing setup. And it’s handling characteristics are enough to push the car to dangerous speeds while cornering. No driving assists are included in the car, for sake of driving feel.


And now for a Hot-Iron.


Name: Justin White Jr.
Known Aliases: The Courier, Reaper’s Courier, “Oi cunt, what ya pulling me over for? I only drank 2 beers!” "PLEASE BLOW INTO THE BREATHALISER."
Age: 28
Nationality: Australian :australia:

Justin’s been around the block… well Australia once or twice since the urh… ‘Event’, Needless to say, Some Legal clearances occurred, and Justin is following in Senior’s Footsteps. and man… he shows his colours whether behind the wheel of his Ute, his Police car and occasionally, Dad’s Interceptor. Justin can certainly handle a heavy Front engined RWD Vehicle. Some of the Police training has affected Justin’s Driving style, he’s a bit more observant of the road, and is now always looking for ways to use the road with a bit of Australian flair or just looking for People speeding or swerving like drunk. He’s still got that Bowie Knife, that served him damn well at the last Major Racing Justin did, where the ‘Event’ occurred, Plenty of usage from that thing. Lawful Neutral effectively. Outside of the driver’s seat, one would have never guessed Justin was a cop, well, unless he’s donning his Police Attire, and even then, he’s quite casual, though Justin is generally a First Responder to a situation, whether it be with a Fire Extinguisher he pulled from the back of the Ute, His Bowie Knife whenever there’s a big enough fight, or his display of Australian Police causal diplomacy. He’s still only in his early days of Policing, but gee, the stuff he learned from his Dad still applies.

The Start of the adventure

4 years since the incident that got Justin the tray
3 years since his cleared Record
2 years since He got into the Police Force
1 Year since Justin Senior’s Death.
And now, There was another Markman TB Sabre in the Driveway,
Justin was driving home from his Morning Shift.

Justin, upon parking his JS-B Sabre Ute in the Garage of the Ranch in after a morning shift at the force, spotted the Blown Injected Beauty and inspected the car, and received the pre-recorded message, Though also spotting a sticky note stating that his car was delivered early to help with sending the car back to where APEX was located, via shipping with a Bypass to Japan, to help with cutting costs down with a Hub collection and transport, This gave plenty of time for Justin to unleash the racket under the hood and test the mysterious New Sabre.

The APEX Sabre was a beast of its own, but it lacked any of the Charm or Memories of the Sabre Interceptor that Justin’s Sr owned and passed onto Justin Jr.

Justin liked the power, as he usually does, but the car wasn’t giving him anything to work with, Front grip was lacking. Justin called his mate Dave to help inspect the car. Upon inspection:

  • The Engine Block was a Fresh Aluminum Marksman 500ci Spec Drag Racing Block which was Debored to 488ci.
  • The Engine Heads were Fresh Aluminium Markman 548 Cammer with the rare stacked lobes to make 4-Cammer.
  • The ‘Blower’ was running minimal boost, most of the Power was all motor.
  • The Gearbox was a unit found in the V8 Supercars beefed up to handle of the immense power of the APEX Marksman 488, Dave reckoned it could have handled an extra bit of power.
  • The Front tyres were abysmal in size compared to rear tyres, the Original suspension geometry of the TB was unchanged, meaning they couldn’t shove on a wider tyre.
  • The Fibreglass Shell was great on the Drag Strip, however, with constant cornering and contact expected with possibly other rowdy drivers, Justin wasn’t willing to risk damaging rigidity in contact.
  • The Fenderflares and Front-end Concord Front end were similar to the ones seen on older Photos and the stories of the White Family’s Interceptor, which were reverted back some time ago.

Justin wanted to see how the Interceptor would look with the extra aero kit, just to relive how his dad would have done it back in the old days.
Dave wanted the shell as a backup for his TA Sabre 10.5W Outlaw car.
Justin saw the engine and promptly said “Ya know… I think I’l shove another engine into the Ute…”
Dave responded, rather disgruntledly, “First the Widebody, then the 5.8 to 428 Double-Double Cammer Swap, nutterering the car 4 years ago at SSC, Getting a new paint job in Japan, Changing from the ruined Style-side Bed to a Tray, then the Comet-Bar Bushman Bar… and now… swapping to a 500-4 Cammer engine.”
“I think we can get some of the undertray from APEX car to fabricate and fix up the original undertray from the Widebody,”
“You know you are going to need to ask for your extended holiday period now if you are to get yourself to the States, AGAIN, it’s not like 4 years ago when you weren’t bound to this police job, you need some clearances.”
“I’ll do that as you swap the engine into the Ute… and maybe do some tuning”
“And how are you going to… great… you are grabbing the Interceptor to get back to the Police station.”
“Well we have 4 days until we need to get the car into the shipping yard”


  • [Driving] - [C] Aggressive. Being that Justin has opted for a big burly beast… he’s manhandling the thing, Tyre squeal part of the whole equation.
  • [Cornering] - [C] A Little slide never hurt anybody. Having the fact Justin’s rather used to a light rear end and also having driven relatively large engined RWD most of his life in bulldust, Justin tends to have his cars sideways in tight corners and loose surfaces.
  • [Focus] - [C] Focus on the Track. Justin studies the road quite a bit, it’s part of his job, has to look for delinquents, and try to anticipate movements, Justin also generally looks for light obstacles that might key as a way to gain an advantage, as he knows his Comet-Bar was built tough.
  • [Experience] - [A] Natural Talent. Justin’s picked up plenty from his time learning from father, and some of his racing idols including Dave’s Dad, still rather rough round the edges, but he’s a Chip off the Old Block.
  • [Nature] - [B] Neutral. He’s a nice fella, keeps it together well, considering how he’s enjoying being in the force… but don’t knock him around, he’s still got that Bowie Knife in his Jacket, not that you would know.
    Behind the wheel, all as expected… but if you’ve managed to piss off Justin or a good mate Justin’s befriended, the last thing your car might see is a large slab of Chrome-plated Steel.

The Car…?

After a few days of some considerable parts swapping and tuning, Justin’s on the way to Japan to meet up with the rest of the overseas chosen APEX drivers.
The car in question being sent:
A Heavily modified 2011 Marksman JS-B Sabre Utility Reaper Phase II.

Big V8, Check
Big Blower, Check
Enough power to smoke out a small parking lot, Check
Cool Birb Decal, Check
A Comet-Bar Bushman Bar, Check
A seemingly Magic Pandora’s Box Toolbox, Check
Loads of Cargo space, Check
A rear winch, Check
Emergency Supplies, Big’ol Check. 9 KG ABE Fire extinguisher, Snow-chains, MAXTRAXs, Snatch straps, Air-Compressor and 4 slabs of Beer.
Common Sense, no not really…

Considering I sent a Ute…
you are allowed to send basically any body-type… just as long as it somehow manages to fit one of the teams’ aesthetics and rule set and keep up to our Performance cut off point.

Happy Building, Shuriken-cop Out

Comet-Bar Off-road Accessories


Name: Takashi Nakata
Nickname: Blade
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese
Team: Street Kings

Driving: C : Aggressive
Cornering: C : A Little slide never hurt anybody
Focus: B : I will pass you.
Experience: A : Natural Talent
Nature: C : Fire in the Veins

Blade had a passion for cars from he knew himself. During his high school years he used to sneak away during the night time to watch the touge racers on Iroha-zaka Winding Roads in Tochigi. His dream was to always be a street racer and take on the touge himself, and become a touge legend. He had one problem though, his temper. It became clear early on that he was a good driver, somehow watching pros for so many years instilled some racing principles into him, which he began to utilize as he started driving himself. He drives very aggressive, throws his car into corners and kicking the back end out if he needs to. He often attacks hard if he’s behind someone forcing them to make mistakes, or end up making mistakes on his own by being too aggressive sometimes. That aggression means he drives very hard though, and that makes him hard to beat under the right circumstances.

Mt. Mikamo, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan June 2015… 1am

The susurration of leaves gives life to an otherwise dead quiet night. suddenly in the distance, this peace was disturbed as the screaming sound of an inline 6 bouncing off the limiter echoes through the mountains with demon like roars. Blade shifts into 4th gear, and slams the accelerator into the floor. The GT-R responds with the bellowing of the exhaust and loud bang that sounded like the burst from a 50 caliber rifle! He approaches a a tight left corner going down the mountain… He rev matches and finds 3rd, as the car tries to understeer. He kicks the clutch and bounces the rev limiter again, kicking the tail out and counter steers in a subtle powerslide, cutting the corner with laser like precision. Mid-corner… Blade looks as a single stray pup looks him dead in the eye. “Fuck.” he says to himself as he rips the e-brake and counter steers to go around the pup. He barely misses the dog’s head by a few centimeters but the drift threw him at a very bad angle at a very bad place. The rear swings off the road and both tyres catch gravel, he’s surely fucked now. “no no no NO NO!” he screams as the car slids off the road over the mountain side…

6 Months Later…

With the help of some seriously skilled doctors he recovers relatively quickly, even with a few broken bones. He hasn’t driven since his accident, as a matter of fact he was afraid to, but later got a job as a delivery driver for a Tofu joint in Tochigi City.

Present day…

He reaches home one night and notices something in his driveway beside his still totalled GT-R… Another Vatina GT-R… He turns around and starts running… He stops. Turns around… Looks around the place and thinks to himself, “WTF. I wonder if it’s Nasaki playing tricks on me. I’m going to rip his fucking face off when I see him.”

He approaches the car and suddenly the engine turns on. He tries to hide behind his trashcan but hits his foot on it and they both fell over. “ARRGGHH FUCK!” He gets up and brushes himself off as he hears a message playing from the stereo…

…you have been chosen to take part in what we call the Grand Race…
…The car in front of you has been built and tweaked based on your previous driving records, unique driving style, and your preferences…

“Grand race huh, what’s this load of bullshit?”

He gets into the car and notices the seating position is perfect, the shifter knob was the same as his old car steering weighted the same. He was amazed and suddenly a sudden burst of life came into his body. He revs the engine and notices it sounds very similar to his old car. He grins, looks at the GPS and says to himself, “fuck yea”.

The Car
The white car is Blade’s old car that got totalled. The yellow is supplied by APEX. Special thanks to @Xepy for the livery. He truly is a beast at this stuff.


I would like to mention that it might not be the best option to post your character and car ahead of your car being checked. It might result in some embarassing situations.


Alright, let’s fill up those Street King Spots.

Some time at night.
A pub near the outskirts of London…

Rain drizzled down like on this night, like it has for many other nights. The streets themselves were sparse with traffic, much of which had dissipated as the light has ended. It was still lit though, as the streetlamps and buildings emitted their soft, yellow-amber glow. And within one of those buildings, was our heroine of the day. Eleanora “Nora” McNamara.

gulp gulp gulp


“Oy, Joe, get me another one will ya?” Nora called out, shaking the empty glass mug in on the counter.

“Its going to be another one of those nights huh…” Joe the bartender muttered, taking the mug and filling it up. “One more and you ain driving home, Nora.”

“Ehhh, what are ya my fooking mum? Why do you care?” Nora took the glass off him, and started to drink once again.

“Don’t need that shite on my concious.”

“Hm, whatever.” Nora continued to down her drink, glancing at the telly for a moment. Just another football match running. She sighed, putting her phone on the counter. “I’ll take another one, I’ll get an Uber.”

Joe nodded, looking at her newly finished glass for a moment. It wasn’t too long ago that Nora became a regular around these parts, and while he appreciated the business from her…

That girl has problems.

He gave her another mug anyways. At the very least she was responsible enough to not drink and drive.

Nora took the new glass, taking it in as well. She glanced at her phone once again, watching the little car icon approach its destination. God she hated waiting for things. The alcohol at least helped pass the time faster. As the icon closed in to the block, Nora downed her last drink.

“Be seeing ya Joe.” Nora stood up, stumbling slightly as she walked out.

“Mmmhmm, be seeing you Nora.”

Nora entered into the Uber’s compact car, not replying to the driver’s greeting. It was a quiet ride. A slow one. A boring one. Putting on her earbuds, Nora turned up some music to at least help quell the feeling. It was something she always had to deal with, since she was a kid. This urge to go fast, a feeling she had to busy herself. To do something. Undoubtedly it had caused problems in the past, but for now, she had it under control.

Soon enough, her ride led her back to her apartment. As Nora was walking over to the door however, she noticed something… out of place. Rather, something was where it did not belong. She rubbed her eyes, and confirmed her suspicions. Someone had parked in her spot.Her blood boiled abit as she approached, identifying the car as a widebodied, winged compact sedan. Something she would drive honestly. When she got close, it suddenly started up, lights turning on. Nora looked around, not seeing anyone around.

“The fuck…”

Its built in infotainment system then started playing a message:

“Greetings, Nora McNamara”

Nora jumped a little, not exppecting the car to greet her. Especially not while drunk.

“Your extraordinary driving skills brought you to our attention, and we chose you as one of the finest drivers in the world.
Along with other racers of similar qualities, you have been chosen to take part in what we call the Grand Race.

The car in front of you has been built and tweaked based on your previous driving records, unique driving style, and your preferences.

We are looking for the best driver in the world, so if you really are as good as the records say, follow the map on the GPS.”

Nora looked around again.

“This some kind of fooking prank?” She asked rhetorically. Pulling at the door handle, surprisingly, the door opened. With the keys within. Maybe it was the alcohol, but basically none of the message had really gone into her brain yet at this point.

“Eh, fook it, I’m too tired for this shite. Deal wit it tomorrow…” Nora muttered, turning off the car and taking out the key, she locked the car and went back to her apartment.

With a good night’s sleep in, Nora awoke feeling groggy with a bit of hangover. Not immediately remembering last night, she took a quick breakfast of a bit of toast and a cup of tea. Then spotting the keys on her counter.

“Ah right… that thing last night.”

Heading outside, she finally set her eyes on the blue modified Kuma BC4 sitting on her parking slot. It certainly looked well built, from afar. And even close up, as Nora knocked on the panel. It wasn’t metal. Entering into the car, she found a note she had completely missed last night. A date and shipping instructions to America.

“America eh… Fook it, why not.” She then turned it on again, replaying the message from before. Being sobered up and only slightly hungover, this time she actually heard the message. It was certainly built to her preferences, but if she was going to America in this thing, she was going to have to spice out the car up a bit with her own finishing touches. She reckon there was enough time for a wrap at least. Maybe some personal touches as well.

“Lookin’ for the best driver in the world… well, whoever ya are, you fookin chose the right gal.”

Driver Profile and vehicle


Name: Eleanora “Nora” Kathleen McNamara
Nicknames: Nora, The Gal, Fookin Bitch
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Nationality: Irish
Team: Street Kings

A young, hotheaded driver originating from Ireland, Nora was a successful young and coming amatuer Rally/ Rallycross driver and street racer. Her family was once wealthy (and thus was able to get her into rallying as soon as she could drive), though had fallen on some hard times 3 years ago, with major disagreements causing her to cut ties three years ago. Due to those circumstances and her impulsive nature, despite her talent, she had failed to secure a long lasting enough sponsor to keep legally racing. Since then, she has worked for a slightly shady autobody shop that made use of not only her artistic abilities, but also her driving ones. For a young driver, she has a ridiculous amount of racing experience, both in a legal and illegal setting. Still, she is known to be a highly impatient, fiercely competitive and aggressive driver on the roads, always pushing to be the fastest, not to mention, the pole sitter on the track. Her preferred vehicle type is lightweight AWD with high traction, a carry over from her initial rally days. Though it is definitely the more “easy” drive type to use, she pushes cars to their limits enough that the extra predictability is a huge boon to her. Out of the track she tries to act cool and collected but the facade is easily broken as she is easily irritable and highly emotive.

Oh and Nora may have a bit of a drinking problem that she insists is definitely not a problem. But I guess the post might be telling enough.

Nora with the Kuma BC4-R “ReFactura”:


A lightened, widebody AWD sport compact sedan from the early 2000s… but turned up to 11. This Kuma BC4-R had been given a full street racer’s dream treatment: All of the performance goodies of a racecar, just enough creature comforts to live with. The heart of all this is a 2.8L flat six engine, turbocharged to 660 horses. Its thick tires and downforce heavy aero setup provides unparalleled levels of grip.

The exterior is something of Nora’s own design, something to stand out from the crowd.


Marcus O’Rourke storyline part uno.

bingo bongo


Ummm, i reccomend two things.

  1. First sending a car… Or at least a bio
  2. Checking up on if your lore is right, because it is not.


Just saying…
also… that is not standard car giving Protocall
Marcus will be given some form of another Super-rod. Perhaps with a Carbon-Fibre Body-shell.

Also… you shouldn’t refer to any of the other members… These people are meant to be chosen unbeknown to the Character, they will all meet at APEX, or a collective at the Hub collection points.


Name: Amaya Yuzuki-Scott
Nickname: Night Rain
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese :flag_jp: /American :flag_us:

Character Biography

Amaya is a young driver who has been racing for about a while now. Born in Japan where her mother is Japanese and her Father an American business man. She was in to cars as a teenager when she and her friends came across a street racing venue just outside Tokyo. Secretly she bought magazines and DVDs and is up to date with car culture and popular drivers from around the world. After graduating her high school, her parents sent her to college overseas to America. She bought and modded a FWM Kiana and took to many track days over the weekends as well as doing touges in the canyons. She met her good friend Walker when she beat him at a touge. Impressed he had her join his crew and they hang out ever since. Though Walker bit off more than he can chew when he discovered Amaya’s… personality. Amaya’s personality is, a firecracker… really, a firecracker. She has a playful aura when she is off the track. Teasing and flustering others just because she gets a kick out of it. She’s not afraid to put herself out there and is very sexual. Granted she’ll leave you hanging out to dry when you’re at the point of losing it. On the course she’s a lot more competitive. Which I shall put her traits right here.

Driving: Precise - She’s been competing in track days and touge. She has a competive nature behind the wheel and she love’s to drive her heart out.

Cornering: A Little Slide Won’t Hurt Anyone - While she knows it’s not the fastest around the track, she will slide a little around tighter and flowing corners. She’ll hit some apex’s but she likes to drift too from time to time.

Focus: I Will Pass You - If she can’t reach the front, then by God she will pay attention to those around her.

Experience: Professional Driver - She’s been racing for a few years on and off the track. So despite her appearance and personality. She learned how to race competitively.

Nature: Fire in the Veins - Oh dear, where to start with this one… :fire: … Just straight up… :fire: … Her playful, mischievous nature on and off the track will bring trouble to those who are in a 50m proximity of her surroundings. Doing burnouts and donuts on roads or getting really too close to comfort to your liking. Yup… That’s Amaya…

The Car

The 2016 FWM Amalia S.Spec
Twin Turbo 3.6L V6
635HP @ 8300RPM / 493 Lb-ft @ 5400 RPM
Front Engine - All Wheel Drive

Amaya Prologue Story

Year: 2016
Location: Willow Springs, USA
It was a cool, windy morning, out in a small desert community stands a garage that’s about to open shop. A few cars from around the country are here to be turned into high performance street machines. In the distance is a road course that cars started taking to the track for the open weekend sessions that were taking place. The garage door to the shop opens up to reveal a tall bearded blonde man, inside was a beat up FWM Vinette that seen some unwanted attention from a previous event. The man walks up to a coffee maker to pour him his morning cup of black coffee. He looks at the beat up Vinette and sighs while the roar of engines pierce the skies in the distance. He gazes at his watch to see the time, it was just about 8:30 in the morning.
“How long is that girl going to sleep in?” He asked himself. He looks out in the lot towards a parked trailer. “Guess I’ll go get her.”
He puts on his jean jacket and walks to the trailer, opens the door and walks in. He sees a character laying in bed covered in blankets and pillows surrounding it. He grabs one of the pillows and throws it at her.
“Ughhh… five more minutes…” the girl groans.
He sighed and shook his head, “Wake up, it’s 8:30 already.”
“Ughhh… what are you my mother? I don’t need to go to school…” she said then snored back away.
A vein started to burst on the man.
“Come on now, rise and shine, sunshine!” he shouted as he pulled the covers off the girl. She was small, petite pale skin with black hair to her shoulders, also to his dismay… she was fully nude.
“Why am I not surprised?” he sighed as he turns to the closet to get some clothes. The girl groans as she sits up and wipes her eyes.
“Why do I have to get up this early?” she complained.
“Because if you’re going to stay here to lay low, you’re going to have to work.” he said as he threw a large t-shirt and pants at the girl. “Why are you naked anyways?”
“Because I was so hot last night.” she says as she looked toward the blonde bearded man. She then smugged. “Why, it’s not the first time you seen me naked right? Hentai, Ecchi, Golden Boy!”
“Just put on some damn clothes already you woman.” He said as he turned around. “I have some parts for your Vinette so at least help me fix your damn car.” just as he said that, the girl jumped out of bed and wrapped herself around his back.
“Amaya!” He shouted as the young naked girl squeezed him.
“How about today we can stay in bed. Don’t you want to play with me? Don’t you want to pet me” as she poked his cheek with her finger and licked the back of his neck with her tongue. She moved against his back as the man started to fluster up.
“Whoa, whoa WHOA!!!” He shouted.
“Ahahahaha!” She started to laugh as she let herself off of his back. “You’re such a golden boy dear Walker.” She smugged. “It’s a great way for me to wake up and start the day.”
“God damn you vile woman.” He said to himself. "Just get dressed and we’ll get to getting your Vinette back up.
“Hai Hai…” she smiled while slipping on the shirt and a pair of pants. Walker steps out and closes the trailer behind him.
“How long is this going to last?” He sighed to himself. “That woman is going to kill me.”
Within a couple of minutes, the girl came out with a greased stained jean jacket and a ball cap on her head. She put her hands over her eyes as the sun blinded her.
“Ugh… it’s so bright out this early.”
“It’s not that early.” He said to her.
“Hmm… you’re such a meanie.” she teased him. “There’s still time in the day to, you know, relax and play together. Don’t you want to? You have a cute girl here that is asking you to play with her.” She then reached up on her jacket to zip it down. For some odd reason, she wasn’t wearing the shirt he gave her. Infact, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it at all.
“Whoa… Whoa… WHOA!!! We are outside!”
“Hahaha!” she laughs. “I’m just teasing you dear Walker.”
“Just how much longer until you’re not teasing me anymore?” He said to himself.
“Ehh…” The girl looked over at the lot of cars. “When did you get that one?”
“What do you mean?” as he looked over her. Parked in front of the garage was a brand new FWM Amalia S.Spec with a bright orange color. It was built up and covered in vinyl and decals, the turbos were sticking out from atop the hood, big wheels. It look like it was just rolled off the line ready to hit the track.
“That is the new S.Spec that FWM have just announced. Why is there one now before their global launch? Also it looks heavily modified already.” She said.
“You’re right…” He said. “I don’t recall anyone either about working on this car either. Where is the owner?” as they both approached the car.
Just then, the car started with the sound of a loud V6 and the turboes began to slowly spool. Then through the speakers it said.

“Greetings, Amaya Yuzuki-Scott.
Your extraordinary driving skills brought you to our attention, and we chose you as one of the finest drivers in the world.
Along with other racers of similar qualities, you have been chosen to take part in what we call the Grand Race.
The car in front of you has been built and tweaked based on your previous driving records, unique driving style, and your preferences.
We are looking for the best driver in the world, so if you really are as good as the records say, follow the map on the GPS.”

“…” They both looked in disbelief.
“Eh… why me?” she shouted. “Could this be because of SSC a couple of years ago?”
“We barely gotten out of that fiasco in one piece from all the cops that swarmed us.”
“Eto…” she paused in thought. She then looks over at the damaged Vinette. “You think what happened last time will happen again?”
“I dunno… It sounds almost similar to the SSC event, but nothing about beating a mysterious Showdown King.”
“So there’s probably something. But it said that the best drivers from around the world will be there, and they think I’m one of them.”
“What are you thinking?” He asked.
The girl took a moment and then she looked back to Walker with a big happy grin on her face.
“If they invited me to this race saying I’m one of the best in the world competing against others for the same title. Then I better prove it.”
Walker looked back and smiled at her. “You’ve shown me how good you are, I can agree you’re pretty good. Shall we close shop today and find out where this route takes us?” He started to take a sip of his coffee.
“We better! Hurry and get the truck and trailer ready.” she reached up to grab Walker’s coffee to take a drink.
“Wait, that’s still hot!!!”
“Bleeeehhhhh… ETTT ETTT ETTT ETTT. Hot hot hot!” she jumped dropping the coffee on the ground.
“God damn it, that was the last pour and I’m out of grounds.”
“My tongue hurts…” she cried.
“Sigh… you owe me coffee…”
“Ehh… why do I owe you coffee? If anything you should get coffee for me.”
“Well I’m out of grounds and you just wasted my last cup of coffee.”
“Bleh!” as she stuck her tongue out. “And I was going to reward you too.”
“Reward me with what? Don’t get ahead of yourself.” he replied. “Anyways lets check out this Amalia.”
“Hai!” she smiled as she hopped in the car. “Ooh… this is really nice, the seat is like tailored made to fit me.” she gave a few blips of the accelerator to rev the engine. The engine was shouty with the sound of the turboes spooling, the loud release from the blowoff valves and pops from the exhaust pipe. “Whoa… no way they’re giving me this car.”
“Well don’t drive it like you stole it.” He said to her as he grabbed the keys to the pit truck.
“Hai Hai!” she shouted.
“I guess we’re going to do this again. Who’s going to show up this time?” Walker said to himself. “Amaya is a hard dedicated driver and strives for fun and competition. So lets see.”
“The GPS is telling us to meet here. Let’s go already you slow poke.”
“Right right… I’m right behind you.” he hops in the old pit truck as Amaya peels the car in a burnout and speeds off onto the road.
“So it Begins!”


It seems i’m large retard, will fix.
I’m sending my car this weekend because I’ve got PC parts being delivered then.



You now Must join the discord in order to participate, we will be using discord bots and other functions to perform calculations and have real-time feed.


Hmmm. Torn. This is extremely my jam but I’m not actually sure I can keep up with another Discord server.


23:34 - Sunday - X3/0X/2016

A Sunday midnight, in a small town on the outskirts of Kansas City.
Most people would be asleep by now, but here she is; The daughter of a NASCAR driver, Alisa Smith, wasting away playing some kind of Japanese hack-and-slash game in front of her TV in the middle of a warm Missouri night.

click click

tap tap

tap tap tap tap-

intense button mashing

“You Died. Continue?”

The words flashed on the screen as her character succumbed to his death. Enraged, she throws her controller halfway across the room onto her bed. A loud thud was heard as the controller bounced off her bed and onto the carpeted floor.

“Goddamn it! No matter what I do, there’s simply no way to beat this part, huh?”

She laid her back on the floor and reached over next to her, reaching into her bag of chips, only to find out she’s ate them all in the middle of such an intensive gaming session.
Alisa had not only run out of chips, but she when got up and looked into her mini-fridge, a shocking discovery had been made.

“I’ve ran out of fucking soda already?! Gah!”

She slammed the mini-fridge shut and went over to her closet and mirror. She was only wearing a hoodie and some underwear.

“Can’t go out looking like this, can’t I?”

She said as she began looking for pants to put on.
The door slammed open, and her mom stepped into her room.

“No, you bloody can’t! It’s 12:00 AM you tosser! Why’re you only wearing pants anyway?”

“Oh sod off, mum! It’s damn hot in here! The A/C vent in here broke last week and you haven’t even bothered trying to fix the damn thing!”

“It only gets hotter in here because of your video games! You’re 23 years old and yet you’re still living with me!”

“But you practically begged me to live with you inst-”

A pang of realisation suddenly hit Mrs. Smith, and she quickly switched gears.

“Oh! A-Anyway my dear Ali, if you are going outside to buy stuff, do you mind buying me some wine?”

“You trying to get yourself pissed again?”

Alisa’s words hit like a spear.

“S-shut up. Just be home before 1.”

And with that, Alisa’s mom shut her door flustered and left her to do what she wants to do. Alisa then put on some American pants and headed downstairs into the pitch-black garage.
She flicked the light switch on but the lights didn’t go on. Desperate to get some snacks, she fumbled around until she felt the silhouette of her car and started to get a feel for the area. Despite that, she still tumbled over and landed on what seemed to be a hood of a car.
Suddenly, the sound of a loud starting V8 and the subtle lights from the car filled the room, and Alisa landed on the hood of the other car behind her.


Before she could react, a screen turned on in the dashboard of the car and a voice spoke through the car’s speakers.

"Greetings, Ms. Alisa Smith."

The car doors then unlocked themselves and the V8 idled slightly quieter.

"Your extraordinary driving skills brought you to our attention, and we chose you as one of the finest drivers in the world.
Along with other racers of similar qualities, you have been chosen to take part in what we call the Grand Race.
The car in front of you has been built and tweaked based on your previous driving records, unique driving style, and your preferences.
We are looking for the best driver in the world, so if you really are as good as the records say, follow the map on the GPS."

The center screen switched to a map displaying a route to a destination just a little over a thousand miles away, somewhere nearby the Mojave desert.

“What the actual-?”

The lights in the garage then switched on and her mother went it.

“Quit making a bloody ruckus-…! What the hell is that?”

“Hell if I know, mum. The light switch didn’t work so I was fumbling around and suddenly this thing started up!”

Alisa got up and observed the car a bit more. A dark red 2009 Quezon Laguna, heavily modified with American Racing 5-spokes and a widebody kit. An eagle decal was placed on both rear quarter panels of the vehicle. The interior was mostly stripped out and featured a lot of racing parts. The seats and harnesses were branded with an “APEX” logo, and the centre screen had the same logo on the bottom as well.

“Hold on a second, darling. Isn’t that…?”

“The same model of car dad drove during his time in NASCAR. You can’t mistake the grille for anything else. except maybe an AcuraHowever…”

She observed the car a bit more, when she looked in the interior, it was clear it had been heavily modified. The key fob seemed different and also had the “APEX” logo on it.

“…APEX? Grand Race? ‘built and tweaked based on your previous driving records, unique driving style, and your preferences’? I have no idea what any of this means!”

“Couldn’t you silence that thing a bit? It’s really deafening in here with that big V8 in a closed environment.”

Eerily enough, the car itself responded by silencing its exhaust note slightly more, seemingly autonomously. The car was still quite loud, but both Alisa and her mom were quite shocked by its autonomy.

Alisa then opened the driver’s side door and sat in. She looked at the centre screen closer and saw the name of the destination;

“…APEX Artificial Racing Complex-1?”

After looking around the car a bit, she shut the car off and got out of the car, taking the key fob with her. Curiosity engulfed her and she wanted to know what all of this was about. Alisa had made a decision.

“I’ll be gone for a few days, mum. I’ll have my phone with me so you can call me any time.”

Alisa walked past her mom out of the garage.

“Where are you going?”

“The Mojave.”

Character Profile

Name: Alisa Smith
Nicknames: Ali, Crimson
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Nationality: British/American
Team: Hot Iron

Despite her looks, racing history, and family line, Alisa isn’t exactly what you would expect from the daughter of a NASCAR driver. She’s quite the shy and secretive type, yet she can be playful and friendly when you get to know her.
Her career started when her dad took her karting as a young girl, and she instantly fell in love with it. Every week, her dad would take her out to their local karting track and she would’ve had her skills constantly honed on them. When she first got her driver’s license at the age of 17, she began a very short street racing career, where she would race other drivers she’d encounter with the family’s 1995 Chevy Impala.
However, following multiple accidents with her and the family Impala as well as tragic NASCAR accident involving her father’s death, she would stop her racing career, and for a time she’d loathe racing and cars in general. Nowadays, she doesn’t hate racing, nor does she like it. She would always seem to avoid it at any chance however, hiding the true potential within her.

Driving: A - Precise
Cornering: B - Corner-Cutter
Focus: C - Focus on the Track
Experience: C - Professional Racer
Nature: B - Neutral

The Vehicle

The car, a 2009 Quezon Laguna codenamed “Big William” by APEX higher-ups. This car is based on the same car William B. Smith drove during the final years of his NASCAR career with the Cobra Racing Team.
It’s engine is a Quezon 7.5L V8 originally in the Laguna’s 7.5 GT trim, heavily modified to make over 950HP.
The car is outfitted with a widebody kit to fit its massive racing semi-slicks.
Almost everything except the body, engine and chassis has been replaced with high performance racing parts.
Despite its muscle car nature, it somehow is able to corner with some precision, but it does require a lot of skill to keep the car from spinning out or understeering.
The car is outfitted with an experimental AI chip with special voice recognition and touch sensing that is able to follow commands within the car’s ability, such as silencing the exhaust and opening the doors. The AI does not seem to have the ability to drive, or possibly, it has been disabled by APEX higher-ups.


The Hot Iron are Full now
One spot remaining in Street Kings and Track Devils.
Entries close soon.


Due to lack of people, and some unforseen circumstances, RSA will have its deadline extended by another three days.
So, yeah…


A car for TD is coming soon!