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Radster's Assorted Cars


So basically, open source cars, a thread long forgotten :smile:


And we start with something classic and spicy.

More images and shots

Downloads (.car files):

1972 Rivera Mondello cabrio:

Rivera Mondello - Cabrio.car (32.6 KB)

1972 Rivera Mondello coupe:

Rivera Mondello - Coupe.car (32.9 KB)

1972 Rivera Mondello sedan:

Rivera Mondello - Sedan.car (33.0 KB)

Automation x BeamNG Car Repository




How many lawsuits in my way? :cry:


More images and shots

Downloads (.car files):

2018 Arashi Sidekick EL:

Sidekick - EL.car (32.8 KB)

2018 Arashi Sidekick Sport:

Sidekick - Sport.car (36.7 KB)

Arashi Sidekick RX S1600:

Sidekick - RX Super 1600.car (44.0 KB)


A car with lore here? The new Baroc won’t be a car you’ll be able to download. Instead, only a handful of users will have access to the Baroc. They are free to share it, but they’ll be the only owners lore wise. How to become the owner of a Baroc? It’ll be offered as the price to certain competitions or will sometimes be bidded or given away. Good luck and hope to see you enjoying yours soon!

List of certified owners (with respective car number):

1.) @VG33E
2.) @Mikonp7
3.) @strop

Tokyo Auto Salon 2019
TreadKillers Tuning House

Okay bro which kidney you want


How many limbs do you want!?


"Breaking News!
Local guy sells his ears on Ebay for buying a hypercar"

“look mom! i’m on TV!”


Baroc unit number 1 giveaway!

To take part in it, reply “bragging rights” to this message, one time only. Everyone replying will be entered in a random name picker, so good luck everybody!

Deadline: 28th October 23:59 CET


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Buick Roadmaster