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Rebel Ranks - an Engineering Challenge


Rebel Ranks

You are an engineer and you are not happy with your employer. You know you are the best man on the team and you have always been loyal to the company, sometimes working your butt off to meet some ridiculous requirements, meeting draconian deadlines. And yet, your last pay raise happened six years ago, with your renewed request having been casually shrugged off. Working conditions aren’t improving either. When you were tasked with your next project, you make a decision. You will build the engine, but you’ll just work to rule and deliver the bare minimum that’s required to pass QC without being any better at anything than it absolutely needs to be.

This challenge is a simple one: Choose any of the Automation Engineering Challenges that have you build an engine from scratch (i.e. Tutorial “D”-Section onwards). A score of 1001 will award you a Rebel Rank, depending on how many scored stats the Scenario entails:

Scenarios with 3 scored stats grant the Sandstone Rank:
Scenarios with 4 scored stats grant the Solid Stone Rank:
Scenarios with 5 scored stats grant the Brickwall Rank:

A score of exactly 1000 will award you the corresponding rank cum laude, adorned with laurels.

The difficulty rating of the scenario is not taken into account, since hitting the exact 1000-1001 target should be roughly equally hard for any difficulty.

Submit your entry simply by posting a screenshot showing the score with a complete rundown of how it was achieved, including bore*stroke, Quality sliders etc, so that I can rebuild the engine and others can marvel at how creative you were in building the worst acceptable design possible. You may do that using screenies of the tabs as I did in the example entry below, by simply listing down the parameters or in whatever way you like, it just needs to be complete.

Please state in your post which scenario you played, as the game screen doesn’t show this in the title.

It is recommended to notify me via PM upon submitting so I actually notice that a submission has been made for me to check and grant you your just reward.

A rank can be awarded multiple times for the same scenario as long as the approach is sufficiently different from prior entries.

  • An approach will be deemed sufficiently different if it deviates from any previously submitted designs in at least 3 design options (i.e. I6 vs 60°V6 vs 90°V6; SPI vs MPI; Single vs Dual Exhaust etc.). Slider settings are NOT considered design options.
  • Different cylinder count and Turbo vs NA are in themselves enough to be considered a different approach.

Both UE4 and KEE submissions are permitted, with the different approaches rule applying across the game engines, i.e. for scenarios which are identical for KEE and UE4, the same design made on another game engine will not be awarded a rank.

Do feel free to ask me if you are unsure about the rules or to make suggestions if you feel something in the ruleset doesn’t make sense/could be improved.

Have fun!

To start it off: My go at Tutorial D4: Archetype Performance:


Sounded like a good bit of fun, and as a result, I decided to give the Kee Engine scenarios a good proper send-off. Picked my favorite of them, the iEngine, and managed a 1001. This was, as expected, sufficiently difficult.

Kee Engine - General - iEngine scenario

It was one heck of a fight, and I wish anyone trying this challenge a lot of luck, it’s harder than it looks.


I am happy to announce the first candidate to win a brickwall rank!

Congratulations, @Madrias!

Interesting to see how you did this barely touching the quality sliders at all.


Damn, this is actually difficult as F

but here is mine


And another Brickwall rank goes to @Luilakkie !


And yes, lining up five stats for the bare minimum is not a trivial task at all - I’m still wondering if 1000 is actually possible…

Oh, and btw, for future submissions it would be good if you stated which scenario you played (I’ll edit that into the challenge description) - the main screen just says “Scenario - Scenario” for some reason. I assume this is a bug.


1000 points do EXIST!

Scenario : Blow job


Whoa - NICE! Thanks for proving this to me. I’m happy to be able to award the first cum laude rank: Solid Stone!