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Reduit Automotive



1969 was an important year for many.... man landed on the moon, Kobacrashi's dad was born... and probably some other stuff happened too. However, on some small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the government commissioned the creation of an automotive marque to operate out of the nation's many sheds.

What follows below is a collection of the many “creations” from the sheds in question. These “creations” will be listed in this post for no other reason me wanting to make a list… apparently each “creation” will have it’s own post in the thread too, but I guess you’ll have to wait for me to post those.



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1979 Reduit GSR14

So basically… this car is weird… and very awful…

The entire story behind this one is about as boring as the car (very if it wasn’t obvious). Reduit was contacted by a bloke from the Europes, who wanted to build a crap family car to sell to the masses… we said oui.

Engine: 1.7 litre SOHC 12v Inline 4 (stolen from Pravind’s Honda Accord)
Power: 79.5hp @ 5400rpm
Torque: 91lb-ft @ 2900rpm
Thiccness: 4.65 metres long, 2.77 metres wide
Choncc: 1029kg
Economy: 28.2 MPG (UK)
Speed: 102 MPH
0-62 MPH: Yes

Does it come in file form? CSR 105 - Kobacrashi - Reduit, GSR 14.car (61.6 KB)

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A car so weird it has a different name…

So this one has a weird story… basically, when Reduit tried to sell performance cars in french-speaking countries, they realised that having a name which meant “discount” probably wasn’t a good idea. The name AYO is a direct result of the traditional exclamation “ayoooo”, which was used by the CEO upon discovering this naming issue. Also, this car is a wagon so I understand this may make some of you “excited”, but please try to remain calm.

Engine: 2.8 litre DOHC 24v V6
Power: 235hp @ 6800rpm
Torque: 206lb-ft @ 4800rpm
Thiccness: 4.56 metres long and 2.67 metres wide
Choncc: 1501kg
Economy: 30.4 MPG (UK)
Speed: 148 MPH
0-62 MPH: 6.3 seconds

Does it come in file form? AYO - NR4.car (79.1 KB)

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Looks a bit Saab-ish, especially from behind, and not too heavy, at just 1.5 metric tons. The AYO is clearly one of your better efforts - it just makes me want to say “Ayo!” whenever I see it.


2018 AYO NR5
The Brucemobile

So the story of the Brucemobile is unique, just like the ute itself, of which only 5 were made. Commissioned by a wealthy businesswoman in Hong Kong, the Bruce offers all the comfort and schport of a coupe on the track, as well as the practicality of a utility vehicle when needed. This rare vehicle is also one of the most economic vehicles ever produced by Reduit Automotive Group.

Engine: 2.6 litre DOHC 30v Inline 6
Power: 223hp @ 6400rpm
Torque: 235 lb-ft @
Thiccness: 4.75 metres long and 2.81 metres wide
Choncc: 1615kg
Economy: 51.7 MPG (UK)
Speed: 139 MPH
0-62 MPH: 7.39 seconds

Does it come in file form? CSR 106 - Kobacrashi - AYO, NR5 The Brucemobile.car (72.9 KB)

More pictures


The cars look like a good Renault parody. Keep it up.


1984 AYO NR6
Mauritian performace saloons should be a thing…


So the less said about this one, the better… capeeesh…
Let’s just say this one’s for an exlcusive client for lack of a better term…

Engine: 5.3 litre SOHC 24v V8
Power: 257hp @ 5300rpm
Torque: 312 lb-ft @ 2500rpm
Thiccness: 4.39 metres long and 1.72 metres wide (seems thin ngl… maybe the game borked)
Choncc: 1459kg
Economy: Getting worse by the day.
Speed: 143 MPH
0-62 MPH: 7.03 seconds

Does it come in file form? Yes, but let’s not speak a word of this to anyone else… csr 107 - kobacrashi - AYO, NR6.car (82.5 KB)