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Request a (real world) track here


So let me confirm then.

is the Willowbanks dragstrip, and then this is the Qld Raceway
<img src="//automationdiscourseuploads2.s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/original/4X/0/b/1/0b16047440a29cf4a9416f6c96f10b801e6ea479.png"
am I right?
@Darkshine5 thanks for the snappy response then, I’ll get down to it.
EDIT: @Darkshine5
Willowbanks Raceway v1
it’s done!


@TheTom I know it was a long time since you requested, but I have just finished Algarve. It still needs one more update, but I wanted to let you know.


@07CobaltGirl so…ummm… I realised what I did just now. When I first came here, I was new and had no idea what I was doing. Now I’m not so much. :joy::joy::joy: sorry for hijacking your thread, I hope you didn’t mind me taking over your job


Oh, not at all!! In fact, this thread was for the community. I started it with lots of time to get tracks done, and then things changed. I’m actually very glad somebody picked up the slack and fulfilled the track requests. Please, continue on!!


Then thank you for permitting me to pass!
@07CobaltGirl if there is one thing I would ask of you, could you update the main post with the list of all the tracks requested or somehow set it up so that I can, if that wouldn’t be too much to ask?


I can if you make a list here for me to update without going through all of the posts! I can’t give access to edit my posts to someone else. Only moderators can edit user posts they did not create.


I see. I’ll give that to you soon enough!


I know you requested two years ago

But I have made Meridian Speedway and there (I believe?) other ovals now.


Daytona NASCAR oval and road course are both done already.


Even better. (I’m a him :yum:)


So, @strop are you taking up the task of constructing the Isle of Man TT Circuit? It doesn’t have to be done by tomorrow or something, just wondering if you will take charge of that request. I shall give you a momento of the track, someone of extraordinary strength and bravery, to motivate you.


Yes, I’ll do it. But I estimate take about a month. And of course, I’ll use both a map with elevations marked, and Higgins’s latest onboard lap to guide. That’s how I get the specific line and camber info and benchmark times.


Of course, take you time, now we know for a fact the track won’t be dropped from the request list.


Just finished Eagles Canyon Raceway! @Salvaged1Gdsm @07CobaltGirl you can remove it from the list.


i wold say: slovakia ring


Im not sure if anyone has already requested this, but what about the new Grand Tour Track aka the Eboladrome. nvm thanks @ramthecowy :grinning:



id love to see great lakes drag way (1l/4 mile) or ESPICALLY road america/elkheart raceway since i live by there


One interesting idea would be to see someone try and recreate the Nurburgring track. If nothing else because it’s both ridiculously long and would be an interesting test to see how fast your cars can make it around the track.


Green Hell, download it