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Ridgewell-Jeong Motors (RJM)


The crest of Ridgewell-Jeong, showcasing the national animals of South Korea (Tiger) and England (Lion), colored blue, red, black, and white; a fusion of the South Korean and English flags.

Our current lineup

13R Sports Coupe (2016+)
35R Super Coupe (2014+)
35SC Sports Grand Tourer (2017+)
70SC Super Grand Tourer (2016+)


If there are any other companies with a dual nationality, please let us know. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the specs and designs for anything made by RJM!


That badge is a definite upgrade from Rennen’s.


Representing the pinnacle of technology. Ridgewell-Jeong Motors 13R.

Unveiled in 2016, the RJM 13R features the latest in RJM’s technological arsenal; sporting a diminutive 1297 cc turbocharged inline-4, the all-aluminium 13R weighs a relatively light 1174 kg (2588 lbs). Combined, however, with a heavily boosted engine (17.4 psi/1.2 bar) with ultra-high revving capabilities (9900 RPM redline), the minute 1.3 is able to produce an incredible 260 HP @9000 RPM and 172 lb-ft @7500 RPM. Mated to a 6-speed single-clutch sequential for lightness (a 6-speed manual is a free-of-charge option), the 13R is able to propel from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 MPH) in only 4.4 seconds, and is able to keep accelerating up to a top speed of 177 MPH (285 km/h). 4-wheel Double Wishbone suspension help keep the 13R intact on the winding roads, and standard magnetorheological dampers are able to sense and produce suspension changes every 1/500th of a second, making driving effortless, fun, and fast for the pilot. Along with RJM’s Super-Control Grip Regulator (S-CGR) advanced traction control system, the 13R has the ability to pull almost 1.2 lateral G’s in a closed environment. 4-wheel ventilated and grooved disc brakes help the lightweight 13R slow down from 100 km/h (62 MPH) in only 29 m (95 feet). With advanced mechanics, the RJM 13R is truly the next generation of RJM vehicles.

Design and Ergonomics
RJM had paid close attention to the major and minor details of the 13R, both aesthetically and practically. On the exterior of the car is a smart yet angry design, inspired by Komodo dragons and feline shapes. With angles and curves all along the 13R, cohesive design was a must. Thus, the 13R demonstrates elegant sportiness, with signature split headlights and a central exhaust with a noise-cancellation valve. Also along the rear is a rear diffuser helps generate downforce in the 13R, while the upper grilles release hot air from the engine bay. In the interior is a sporty and track-focused design, with over 300 possible color combinations available. A 6.5" infotainment screen with navigation is standard, while automatic climate control and an 11-speaker Burmester Sound System are optional. Overall, the 13R is an elegantly crafted sports car with an unmatched amount of soul and speed.

Features, Pricing, and Specifications

Vehicle Statistics
13R Sport model with Sports Exhaust and 18" 5-Spoke TwinDesign Wheels

Exterior Colors

Gloss colors: Charcoal Black, San Marino Grey, Nerine Red, Poseidon Blue.
Metallic colors: Obsidian Black, Scarlet Red, Citrus Orange, Miami Gold, Tahiti Yellow, Sage Green, British Racing Green, Sea Mist Blue, Atlantic Blue, Violet Iris, Galaxy Mauve, Espresso Brown.
Matte colors: Onyx Black, Gauntlet Grey, Iridium Silver, White

Main interior colors: Raven Black, Chili Red, Jet Grey, Cotton White, Dark Oak Brown, Venice Sand.
Inlay colors: Chili Red, Cotton White, Jet Gray.
Trim Accent colors: Carbon Fiber, Piano Black, trim accents painted in exterior color.


Love it. Looks sharp, goes like hell, nicely priced. Now the track day crowd will have to chose between this or augusta, the price is all but idental, and the build philosophy seemx to be aswell. I’d love to see a comparison test drive


So… It looks like a miniature McLaren, and makes 200 bhp/L… From a 1.3L turbo I4? That’s quite an amazing feat! But why doesn’t it come with a manual? Anyway, with so many exterior and interior color options available, it would take me hours to decide on my ideal combination. I would most likely order mine in Citrus Orange with Venice Sand/Jet Gray hides and carbon fiber accents. It’s so light, though, it returns excellent economy, and is surprisingly fast to boot. So by combining outstanding efficiency with high performance, enthusiasts can easily have their cake and eat it with the 13R.


Holy cow! Almost 40 mpg!


@squidhead what kind of markup was the Augusta running?


Iirc 100% over, could be more


100%?! Christ, the Seiryu is being undercut like fuck here…

More research needs to be done :thinking:


More like a contemporary Lotus Elise, with that performance.


I did build it to be cheap. There is no space tech there


Oops! I updated the post with optional extras including, yes, a manual :smiley:


You know what we need… a shootout between the 13R, Seiryu S and the Augusta! @DeusExMackia :wink:


110%. I’ve just checked. Also it does not mean that KHT would get all the sales. It doesn’t have a civil version for one, and doesn’t have even an optional in car entertainment. The styling of the thing is not for everybody, and the fact that even if it’s running a full production line, KHT can’t build those in really huge numbers.


Quite clearly then the only direct rival to the RJM 13R has to be the Baltazar Zepplin, which, being a 2011 car, is due a facelift soon.


If @ramthecowy, @grandea and @titleguy1 are interested, send me the cars and I’ll add it to the list of things Gavin needs to do :smiley:


The MSRP is a little-well, it’s in the ballpark of the real 370Z. Seems a little low for a car company that presumably can’t rely too much on economies of scale.


You see I thought so too, that as long as the car undercut and outperformed the 4C everything would be dandy, but the Automationsphere has other ideas


As the sports arm of a major car company that can spread the costs out? Definitely. As a small company that relies on them and them alone? Unless they’re unrealistically good to the point of nabbing the entire mid-level sports market by temselves, ain’t happening.