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Some Automobile


Some Automobile was established in 1960 after a boy litterally made a sedan using a Trabant as a base. He kept on driving around Fruinian streets in it, and attracted a lot of attention from people. because of this, the boy decided to launch the car for the Fruinian market. The first 1.000 units were sold right after the launch. This is the car Some launched: The 1st Gen Stanza.

heres the front of the car

back of the car
Heres the spec
Engine: a 3 litre V6 with engine series VQX (VQX11-GA)
Suspension: (kinda worse) MacPherson strut at front and semi trailing arm at rear
Drivetrain: RWD Monoqocue
Thats it. i hope the car company can make more new cars.
uh making thread is new for me so iam really sorry if theres grammar erorr


Well, skipping to year 1992. 1992 Some Stanza Prototype

Chassis: Corrosion Res. Steel Monoqocue and Panels
Drivetrain: Front Longtudinal FWD
Gearbox: 5 Gear Manual
Suspension: MacPherson Strut in front and Semi Trailing Arm in rear
Power: 125.7 HP
Redline: 6.800 RPM
Engine: 2.0 Litres Inline 5 DOHC-25 with Multi Point EFI

This car specification can be changed without notice since this is a prototype


1976 Some Stanza (with taxi and police variant of course)

(from left) the police and taxi variant.


Some Automobile “Trooper” Edition

these edition are only for police fleets of Fruinia. It has upgraded i4 and i6 with turbos.

More fleets coming soon.


This Fruinian police livery of yours is your best effort yet. What about a set of taxi liveries and variants to complement them for the sedan and van?


well well im still confused what colour the taxi would be but it may be dual tones…


From behalf of Some Automobile including our best workers and car designers, were wishing you merry christmas and happy new year!


2012 Some LiteMate


2014 Some Consortio