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Some BeamNG Exporter Suggestions


1. Viewpoint Selection in the exporter setting menu
Currently we can only make Right Hand Drive car, is it possible to add a switch so that we can select Left Hand Drive viewpoint?

2. “semi-automatic transmission” toggle button in the exporter settings menu when equipping a Advance Automatic Gearbox
So this is related to one of the suggestion made by another user in youtube for adding manual gear change in adv automatic transmission. While Killrob (I think) disagree to the suggestion with the reason of 1985 adv automatic gearbox didn’t come with flappy pedals, how about adding a toggle button, so we can choose between old school automatic transmission gearbox or a DCT-ish semi-auto gearbox when exporting the car?

3. (potentially) a switch for us to choose helical gear sound and straight gear sound in the exporter settings menu
So currently the exporter won’t export car sound other than exhaust note. I don’t know if we can have a different car noise in hood cam (filtered sound to make it more like it is in the cabin), nor do I know if you will add gear sound or not, but if we did get gear sound in the future, would you consider to add a switch for us to choose helical gear sound (quiet gear sound) and straight cut gear sound (whining gears)?

4. All tyre compounds exported to beamNG along with the car (so we can choose tyre different compound in the BeamNG tuning section)
Currently we can only stick to one tyre compound when we export the car to beamNG, and if want to switch to another tyre compound, we need to do it in automation, and then export it again. Is it possible that we can bring all the tyre compounds along with the exported car, so that we can swap it in BeamNG?

5. Ability of the Suspension tuning parameters being adjusted in BeamNG
Similar to tyre compounds, once we exported the car, we cannot change the parameter in BeamNG. Is it possible to have the ability to tune the suspension directly in BeamNG in the future?


I really like all of these suggestions (especially the sounds one, I love the whine of a good straight cut gearbox.) They all seem pretty feasible, too.


I definitely agree with the suspension tuning and straight cut gears option. I feel like these would be great for any race cars that we build and decide to export.


If we are at it, why not mix 4 and 5 together, and be able to swap tyre compunds within beamng :stuck_out_tongue:

3 MAYBE doable via modding? And for the 2, I’ve been asking for modern ZF type of modern transmissions, with manual (and very fast) shifts while still being planetary gears (it won’t add anything to the campaign gameplay but it is a nice to have feature on the exporter)


One thing I’d LOVE to see: putting Beamng rims/tires on Automation cars

Gripall 335mm drag slicks meets 2500 HP 9.0L twin turbo V8? :smiling_imp: yes please


You can already enable manual shifting in adv. autos, just open the relevant jbeam file and add M to the options. It seems to shift just a touch slower than DCTs but definitely faster than manuals, so it pretty much makes sense.

It should also be possible to mod the camera position to be set on the left hand side.