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Sorry, everyone


Firstly, I have to tell you that I’m sorry on the incident on the auction. I was pretty naive, since this auction was actually the first time I have joined. I know I haven’t really that familiar with the system since I haven’t really did something like that before, but yeah, I just rushed out, thinking I could literally do anything I want and thus did something stupid like this. In the end I have met some criticism on my issue, and thus I was been kicked out from the auction as a result. All of this is my own fault.

I’m glad that @MrChips treated this situation well, and I’m thankful for getting a fair punishment instead of letting me ruining the situation more.

So, as for this situation, there’s nothing better than to apologize to everyone here. I’m sorry everyone, I have let you all down. I singlehandedly ruined the auction thanks to my idiocy. I And I just wish everyone will forgive me about it.

And of course, have a nice day.

PS: Check my Ursula AG thread for a small apology gift for you all.

PS(2): Also for those who is on the Automation Discord server can you help me to send this message to them? Thanks.

Ursula AG - Passion for Perfection

Taking this at face value, I won’t speak for the whole community but it’s good of you to apologise. I imagine since we’re all strangers on the internet some will remain skeptical and for them the proof of your sincerity will lie in your future conduct.

For everyone’s edification, a long held unspoken but also increasingly forgotten rule of the internet is as follows:

when in doubt, lurk more

what this means is for every chatroom or forum, if you’re not sure how things work, it’s better to observe for longer or even ask than it is to dive right in and risk being disruptive. This is really quite similar to how things work in real life… if people bother socialising in real life anymore all this virtual reality is getting a bit disjointed and abstract for this old fart right here


For the issue, hell, no. I won’t worry about that either. A single, sincere response is much more valuable than loads of pointless responses. I know this wouldn’t really reflect to the community itself but I do appreciate you anyway.

And for the Internet rule, yeah, I should try to lurk more. I think I have too much to respond to, and it’s a bit unnecessary honestly. Probably because I’m more a massive troll in other places online (try not to cringe on anything under my Discord, Reddit, Steam or Twitter profiles challenge…jk, lol) and I’m not somebody who is really serious while doing things.


Update: I might need to take a break from this place for a while.
So, anyway, see ya, guys. You can still see me on other places (shown below) but I will not return to this fourms for a long time.

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/REDLINE_ThatDAMNGuy/
Twitter: @CT_F12_OM
Discord: BannedByAndroid#8899
Xbox: bxDroid
PSN: BannedByAndroid (not really used since I don’t even have a PS4)
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/user/cndc-kmvj/RJBJQJKB/


If you haven’t abandoned the forums yet, would you care to say what exactly happened or what exactly you did wrong? I can’t tell from the auction thread unless I’m just being a dope. From what I could see, it looked like a typical bidding war. I can tell the Corus was getting mighty expensive, and I apologize in advance if this comes off as rude, but isn’t the point of the auction to bid on cars? Maybe the Corus was in high demand because… people liked it?


Well, it’s just me being an idiot, trying to bid things I wouldn’t even want without realizing it. And this has made some bidders mad about my actions. But then I wasn’t really know how things should work on the auctions (since this is really my first time), so I honestly don’t know why I’m doing this.


A bidding war is one thing, placing a stupid high bid when not intending to make a purchase is another.

Challenges and activities on the forum always do need to take into account that people will approach things in a different way, especially here since the number of people on this forum who actually handle their own budget, let alone see money on the scale being bandied about in a prestige auction is not that high.

The difference between someone bidding stupid high because they don’t know the value of money, and someone bidding stupid high when they don’t even want the item is that the latter is quite contrary to the spirit of an auction, and if you do that in real life and you try to taksies backsies, you 1) can’t 2) get fined rather large amounts of money or get sued.


Ah, that’s what I suspected from Android’s earlier post but I still wasn’t sure. Thanks guys (and good on Android for apologizing)