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Squidheads car and other stuff...art? I guess


Noice :thumbsup:


And now I got a rough idea on what exactly I want my car to look like


Is it so wrong to want something outside of stock?


Huh? I didn’t say it is rice, I said it should be more rice:P

just… nvm it :joy:


Function > fashion. All of these mods serve functions :stuck_out_tongue: except probably canards, since I dont believe they’ll do much good.


'Twas all a joke. Forget me, I was never here :wink:


Been on a roll lately I guess


So… there’s going to be a banner made by me on my buddies’ workshop. Complete with his drift car drawing, although without the livery yet, but that one is still in early stages of planning. Anyways, I’m quite thrilled.

Also I’ve been working on a drift livery design for one of the new guys on the team. It’s still a WIP, but I think I can show you the early sketches

What is cool is that these works brought in paying customers. Turns out Automation (and Live For Speed before that, if somebody is old school enough to remember who Squidhead is there, I salute you and sorry for partyrocking :smiley: ) has set me on a course of graphical design and made it possible to earn money doing something I like.


Dang, that’s high quality work. Not sure I can add much or critique your work, my creative abilities don’t even touch 1% of this.


You’ll get there. It involves a ton of practice though.


Yet again, more drift design requests…


Well, that’s my 150 euros for the day. Client accepted the final version


Sir, how?

These are great! If I ever need a paintjob I know who to design it. Keep it up!


Well mostly trial and error, really. Eventually I managed to learn photoshop and later inkscape (this one is a free software that allows you to make vectors, which is what you need to print out proper liveries). And… more trial and error. It’s a useful thing, and brings in funds for my own soon to be official drift carreer (I’m getting licensed for 2018 Latvian championship in street class). The challenge is “I only use money I made by selling designs”.

Also, you can learn it too, it’s not that hard, and make liveries for yourself without a problem. I don’t know about your local buisnesses, but here you can get a printout and a guy who’ll apply it professionally in under 4 hours and for some 150 eur.


Well… it’s sunday, the first training sessions for the drift seasons have started, and here I am at home making a livery for the late entries, without the chance to go see my work for real. :frowning:

Kind of sad, really… on the other hand

This is progressing quite nicely

Oh, and I’ve finally went for it and created a facebook page for my stuff. Even got a rough idea for a logo
You can find me here


Self explanatory, I hope, since this is a forum for old farts like me.

I’m fairly certain you know this too

Purely a money making thing. Not too proud of this

A logo for the workshop / garage I’m a part of.

Logo for a chiptuner company “RS Diagnostics”

Fake parts and joke logos (Shrothunters is pretty much “scrapheap hunters”, and Svalka means “scrapyard” in russian)

Also custom order, had to draw these from scratch eventually, so the printer could make these without quality loss


“Svalken” is hilarious. Good thinking.


So… Im still alive and working on these…Just a few updates

Note that the liveries are photoshopped since they’re just preliminary designs. They are made with the intention of quick and easy vectoring

Ofcourse I had to. Don’t mnd the white square. Wrong file, but really painful to upload the correct one with speeds like I got here

One for a girl that enters the series this year. She’s still iffy on the whole “spending on a livery” thing, but we’ll see if she decides or changes her mind.

Another request by friends at the drift darbnica team. This year they’re running an e46 as their lead car.

This one is a team livery for LKKC garage. I’m a part of that, so probably will run something similar, but yeah, these liveries are just “preliminaries” so they will be updated and upgraded with more detail. Also all the sponsors are not the ones that will be on the cars, since everybody has their own sponsors. Apart from the e46 which has sponsorship deals already figured out.


Some more stuff, and I had to seriously compress these so I can only upload them, so the quality is lacking badly. Sorry.

Some practice work, checking out if new ideas work and slightly improving the technique. Mind the spelling :smiley:

E46 for the next project that MIGHT come up, but Im not sure yet. I’ll probably design a livery to get the guy hooked on the idea.

Could always need more wheels

The one on top is what I call “graffiti camo”, since it blends the two styles. The one on the bottom is just more practice and experimentation.


And I now have an instagram for this. You can find me @formfactoryriga there if you’re interested… the quality is better there.


I think I’m improving