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Stallion Inc


Stallion is an American automobile company started in 1954, arising out of the merger of several smaller companies, at that time being the biggest corporate merger in history. The company never became a dominant market player but definitely played a role in shaping the direction of innovation in the industry, by being the one of the first to the muscle car idea, by defining the idea of a true runabout compact car, spawning some of the first crossovers and also weathering the storms of the oil crisis times despite limited resources. The company was known as “a small company deft enough to exploit special market segments left untended by the giants,” and was widely known for the design work of chief stylist, Richard League, who “had to make do with a much tighter budget than his counterparts at Detroit’s Big Three” but “had a knack for making the most of his employer’s investment.” Also notable was the early and pioneering use of CAD by the company, and in fact, it was even credited the creation of PLM.

Founded: 1954
Key individuals: Richard League, Ray Aberneth, George W. Romney, James P. Cotta (current CEO)
Headquarters: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
Areas served: Americas, Europe, China, Oceania
Subsidiaries: Stallion General (Morab, SMG) and Stallion Motors (Kelvirator)

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and yes, this is AMC. I claim AMC and Jeep. Back off thots For real: yes, Stallion is basically a "what if AMC didn't go wrong? What if they still held onto the companies they had to spin-off in their demise?"
  • Stallion Inc: the umbrella company holding all the subsidiaries underneath, headed from Kenosha, Wisconsin.
  • Stallion Motors: the civilian automaker, also owns Kelvirator, the appliance and refrigeration company.
  • Stallion General: overlooks Morab, a company headed from Toledo, Ohio with a product range consisting of SUVs, off-road vehicles, and also pickup trucks and SMG, a government contract manufacturer headed from South Bend, Indiana.


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This thread deserves to be in the Car Design sharing sub-forum, for ease of reference. That aside, I reckon you’re making a new thread about the equivalent of AMC. I can’t wait to see the lore you’ll be building up for Stallion!