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Stars in Sub 10k Cars Challenge


The cars are being bought relatively used, hence the lower price in the title. But it is not like you are going to get under ten kay unless the car you are buying costs twenty when new.


2003 Hakaru Liason 1.6
It’s an A to B situation.


It should be light blue :wink:


Didn’t want to copy too much lol


MAHG Tau Montagnard Luxe 00’

Moar Info

Powered by our latest 1.4 TurboEarth 4cyl engine, the redesigned Tau for 00’ is available today

With 140+ NM of torque this little 4x4 is perfect to climb over sidewalks,pedestrians and cyclists!!

And if you are afraid of speed bumps, this little toy’s got 4wheel drive plus locking diffs!

For added style, new front and rear bumper have been fitted with roof bars and a sun roof!

On the road, this beauty can be pretty playful if you do some lift-off action and get 4.9L/100km

This road rammer can be yours for 15 900 $!!


Searching for a cheap, used car? Iramitsu/K-Motors Official Dealership Network have you covered!

Our range of available used cars goes from beaten-up K-Motors Polises to pristine Montegis, all of them with Iramitsu/K-Motors “Quality Service Guarantee” certificate, giving your used Iramitsu or K-Motor car or light commercial van 3 more years of warranty

Our sweetest deal currently includes a 2001 Iramitsu Hako 1.2 BL with just 20000 miles, for less than the price of a new K-Motors Polis!

2001 Iramitsu Hako 1.2 BL ABS TC IVTC

For sale: 2001 Iramitsu Hako 1.2 BL. 19857 original miles, always serviced to Iramitsu’s Official Dealerships. Powered by a very reliable E-Series inline-4, will get you for hundreds of thousands of miles worry-free. Since it’s the “BL” trim option., it features:
-Air conditioning
-Body matching bumpers and safety guards
-CD stereo
-Hydraulic power steering
-Traction Control
-14-inches steel rims with 4 original hubcaps
-Iramitsu Valve Timing Control “IVTC”
-Driver and Passenger airbag

Visit now your local Iramitsu/K-Motors dealership to find the deal of your life!

Iramitsu Jidōsha, Building The Future, One Step At A Time


The Koso Kart of 1999.

A front end for when you want a front end.

headlights for when you want to see. Indicators for when you want to show other people your intention to turn about.

A rear end to put the brake lights on.

Rear lights for when other people who happen to be behind you need to know that you are about to do a thing


2002 FWM Pulse ES Turbo

125hp turbocharged 2.0L engine
5 Speed Manual FWD
Decent Spec for $20k.


SJG Cha DX Plus 1.8

Now with 1.8L engine and 2 wipers


2.0 turbo
125 hp

Say what? That some diesel?


Its like a lexus IS200 im assuming, a 2L inline 6 that makes 153hp


Well, that was N/A, and even then it got whole 28 hp more (for that era that’s about the border between N/A and turbo territories).


That 2 liter engine is still making about 50% more power than the 1.6 liter turbo engine I made, and it might be a lighter car as well… Looking back I suppose my car could have used a bit more engine but ehh.


Well, my brother has a Volvo 940 with the 2.3 litre “Low pressure turbo” engine and it has 135 hp, less than some N/A redblocks cranked out…


Ok, ok, now I’ll get all the examples in the world of low powered turbo engines. I know they existed. All I wanted to say is that’s power low enough to raise an eyebrow regarding the engineering of this thing.


Basically a low PSI turbo

Engine Dyno Stats

Because WTF?!?!

2002 Baltazar Quark 1.7 SL

In 2002, Baltazar launched a new generation of one of the most-successful small cars, which has topped comparisons and sales charts since its introduction in 1974. For this new generation, the car has received alterations targeting better space for passengers, better safety and more comfort for passengers.

The engine has only received minor alterations, but it still is a very modern unit, with all-alloy construction and 16-valves. In this 1.7 16 valve configuration, the engine has 110 hp, enough to get the car from 0-62 in 10 seconds.


We up in here with a RWD shitbox!

2003 Kazuki Kita.

12-valve 1.8L n/a SOHC inline-4.
119 hp
0-62 in 11 seconds.


2003 GMD MR 180 Type G

This car is the lower mid range model of the MR-Series, it has 1.8 Litre 4cyl Engine with 127 BHP / 6000 RPM instead of 2.0 Litre Turbo, FWD Drivetrain instead of AWD, a bit more basic interior, and 0-100 km/h in 10.0 sec, which is good enough for going from A to B in a family saloon, and lastly a suspension tuned to try and match the liveliness of the 2.0 Litre AWD Engine and lessen understeer feels.

interested? this particular model cost $ 19.400 MSRP, with lower demand than the full chat 2.0 Litre AWD version, this model offers 100.000km / 5 Years Warranty, 0% interest Financing Options, and 30% off insurance quote from us.

Details of the offered model

difference from the base E model including color coded side mirror, grille and door handle, projector headlamps, front fog lights, disc brakes all round, and 16" Five spoke alloy wheels.


well, i don’t think we can use the Dunsfold Test Track as a base though, since its a car show ( its based on Top Gear, i’m guessing ) and the car is bought with the same condition with other cars on the road, we should use regulations allowed fuel right? i bet for the prep before its trashed around the track is only bucket seats and rollcage anyway