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Stars in Sub 10k Cars Challenge



For features, style and fun, Adeza is definitely more than you might expect in a car its size. Its contemporary styling will have you driving more, just because you’ll want to be seen in it. Adeza EX offers power windows, locks and mirrors. You can also choose the optional SX package to further sharpen your image. Special sport wheels, seats and a tastefully styled rear spoiler Spice up its appearance. Adeza manages to combine driving enjoyment with practicality and function.

Adeza comes standard with Second Generation Depowered airbags for driver and passenger protection. Safety cell construction and protective side door intrusion beams provide extra structural integrity. Standard anti-lock brakes and traction control provide greater steering control while braking under most adverse conditions, even on wet or slippery surfaces.


Since there’s people was confused about the deadline due to timezone, here’s a timer for you guys.


Ignore the date below it, my timezone is ahead of most of these people


2000 Miku Cosmo Nintendo Edition


The details

Price - £10,800
Engine - 1.8 Ecotronic Petrol with a 5 speed manual
Mileage - 56,409
Service history - Full

This was originally released in 1998 as part of the Nintendo Collection. You had the Mario Edition hot hatch, which is extremely rare nowadays and the more conventional Nintendo Edition which sold millions and was a hit for Miku. This trim level has an exclusive paint colour (Nintendo Red) and also had a Nintendo styled interior. It also came with a Nintendo 64 in the trunk with Mario 64 and Zelda.

This particular example was fitted with the 1.8 Ecotronic engine which is proven to be exceptionally fuel efficient. This car can easily do over 50 MPG, even exceeding some diesels.

The car has been religiously serviced with a full history in the service book. Literally every receipt has been saved even the fuel receipts. It runs just like it left the factory even with 50k miles.

We offer a 3 year warranty, part exchange and 0% interest financing options and even insurance for 1 year on every car you buy from MikuNet.

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(UK Model Shown in Sterling Silver Metallic, 1.6 VVTi)

The New Makina Corus is Cheap, Stylish and Affordable transportation for everyone.

Features include:

  • Durable Partial Aluminum body w/ Galvanized Steel chassis.
  • Independent Multilink rear suspension, delivering a comfortable ride.
  • A Powerful, Economical 1.6 liter 4-Cylinder engine, making 100hp.
  • 42 UK MPG (15 km/l) Fuel Economy
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • 185/65R15 Goodstone EconoMAXX tires
  • Vented Front Disc Brakes
  • AM/FM Radio w/ CD Player
  • Hydraulic Power Steering
  • ABS
  • Front Driver & Passenger Airbags
  • Progressive Springs, Improving Load Capacity.

More pictures coming soon…



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