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Stars in Sub 10k Cars Challenge


So, my car was best of those that got instabinned?


Round 2 : The Happening.

@Executive : Hakaru Liason 1.6

totallynotSuzukiLianaatall The overall outside looks of the car really looks decent and really digging the grille pattern. Some nice little details here and there and you get a typical econobox looking car here. But here’s a bad side, the engine.

The engine has power cut which is a bad idea and could’ve produced more power from it. Aside from the power cut issue, the engine itself is pretty nice and pretty powerful for 1.6 4-pot which again it can produce more.

Moving on from the engine stuff, the overall performance of this car is just lacking. Thought the car is fast since it got 82hp from 1.6 4-cylinder in it but the acceleration itself is just oof. Thus, this car didn’t made it into 3rd round.

@Vena.Sera423 FWM Pulse ES

This is a quite looker car. It looks like a premium European car although it’s just a normal econobox with sporty flairs on it which is nice. Oh, didn’t expect this racer boi has an aggresive looking diffuser on it and a vertex on the roof too? This is full on sport mode which is not a bad thing.

Moving on to the performance stuff, the 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder is pretty nice and powerful that can produce up to 125hp, quite a lot for a racer boi like this.

But 125hp and got no ABS? Hold on to your horses, satan but at least we’re expecting some sort of driver aid in this car especially the celebs that can’t drive or not a good driver but it got some nice safety features on it so that’s a plus. The acceleration is pretty good and got really good cornering abilities too. This car got qualified to get to the next round.

@BannedByAndroid Gujarat Vista 1.6 SXi (Export)

A bright blue boi and quite funky headlights setup in there. The overall looks of this car looks decent and a diffuser on this normal city car? Wannabe racer boi or what? Anyways, the rims are just a tad bit too modern for it’s time and was expecting a bit less… how do we say it, less spokes? Just a little nitpick there.

And another bad case of power cut in the engine but pretty dang powerful for 1.6L 4-cylinder which got 102hp. Could’ve produce more like we said in Hakaru Liason. The engine itself is pretty good and got decent throttle response.

On to the performance stuff, well it got TC and ABS which is a plus for the celebs who’s not a good driver. It got decent acceleration and handling too but this car feels underperformed from us, this car didn’t get to the 3rd round.

@Leonardo9613 Baltazar Quark 1.7 SL

First impression on this car’s appearance, this is a good and handsome looking car. I like the front-end, really flows well and nicely designed. The rear lights looks a bit janky and kinda awkward positioned but it’s well put together.

Moving to engine department, quite an odd choice for engine displacement which is 1.7L 4-cylinder but it’s quirky atleast? I don’t know. But still, 1.7 and 109hp? Pretty powerful boi here. Overall, the engine itself is pretty good and could’ve use a bit more power if i’m being a nitpick here.

Performance wise, well it got ESC which is more helpful than having TC and ABS in it. It got okay-ish acceleration and decent cornering abilties. Overall, this car is a good candidate for this show and got a ticket to the 3rd round.

Notes : Sorry for really late reviews since my work ain’t done yet and of course, procastination. Also sorry for rushed reviews, my brain while writing the review is just full of work and stress. More rounds to come!


GJ everyone who made into 3rd round!


Not binned… boo…
Surprised I’m moving on, lets go see how far my machine will take me.


Is there more cars to look at? Since mine wasn’t in there


Yes there will be more, managed to review 4 cars for now but the other round will be taken care of by Letho as i’m still busy with the work and will be not so rushed reviews like mine.


By recent decision, i will not be supplying you the reviews, as i can see how it is with me and the community.
Thus, it is on hold till tronny has time.

Sorry @HybridTronny


Wait, you didn’t talk this through with your co-host, before having him have to take the burden fully onto himself? Christ, I understand that you’re disappointed in the way parts of this community view you, but having your co-host find out about you quitting the same way everyone else is going to see it is a full-out dick move and isn’t going to win you any favors or any more fans, which is exactly what you think you’re missing right now.


mans really ran away from his own responsibilities


Looking from the middle of things, that is honestly quite the dick move. Tronny has IRL things and ends up having to hold off on things at the moment. Which he then said that you will be doing the next set. I don’t know if he sent you his reviews or you are taking your words over his.
Look, put your pride, ego and personal feelings aside and continue mission. Regardless of what people say to you and about you. Everyone here is waiting in anticipation of their results and the days go by with not much update.


Is it dead?


dunno, i do hope not though, well lets just wait and see, tronny is busy IRL after all


Hello yes, updates after a long time of quietness!

Since you guys were wondering why this challenge is being quiet all of sudden? Firstly, my IRL work is done so i’ve got alot of free times buut since the work is over, i’m just not in the mood in writing reviews at the moment due to i’m just not inspired as in right now.

But that doesn’t mean the challenge is over, it is still going but it’s just i’m not on on the writer’s block bandwagon at the moment. You guys can lay out some steam on me and such but hoping you guys understand.

I’m out or idk lol.


No problem, completely understandable as there are times I’ll be exhausted from work. Infact I have a good rant that I’m about to have on my discord server.


no worries mate


Any news here?