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Steam & Launcher Poll + Discussion


What do you think about completely converting to Steam, getting rid of the stand-alone launcher?

  • That’s fine, I would prefer Steam anyway.
  • That’s inconvenient, but okay when it helps development.
  • That’s not an option for me; I want/need a stand-alone launcher.

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[size=120]Hey Automationeers![/size]

As you probably know, game development is progressing nicely and it won’t be long until Automation is released within the Early Access program of Steam. This version will include the feature complete, yet not content complete versions of the engine and car designer. In case you wonder what more things will be in this version compared to the current public release, please refer to this YouTube video: http://youtu.be/_CcFAQ-FGSc

With us moving onto Steam, there is the question what to do with our own game launcher and the possibility to have the game completely independent of Steam. So far the plans have been to keep the launcher as a separate option, but that doesn’t come with advantages only. So here we get to the point: You as our customer, weighing in the advantages and disadvantages of the two options, what would you prefer?

[size=120]Option 1: Have the Steam version separately and retain the independent launcher.[/size]
[size=85]This option has the advantage that everyone gets what he or she wants. People who can’t be on Steam or do not want to be on Steam can use the standard game launcher. People who prefer or do not mind Steam get their game keys converted into Steam keys. The disadvantage of this is that we need to maintain the launcher and separate databases, while making sure that players still can play multiplayer and communicate, independent of what platform they use. This takes away development time that could be spent on getting out the game quicker or to higher quality.[/size]

[size=120]Option 2: Convert ALL keys to Steam and focus on that platform.[/size]
[size=85]This option has the advantage that we can focus our efforts more on the game and its Steam implementation, rather than compatibility and refurbishing of our old launcher. It probably saves time and gives the better end product, but only on Steam. The disadvantage is that this means some people will have to create yet another account to keep track of.[/size]

We gladly clarify any of these things and encourage you to discuss the topic in this thread. Again, nothing has been decided yet and we would value your feedback in the matter.


Replacing the Standalone version with a Gog version?

I would go so far as to say that most people on this forum have a steam account anyway. Some may have had the Steam account before they even heard of Automation. And i think it is overall the better solution to go Steam only because like you said, you don’t have to work on two game versions at the same time.
Let’s talk about how Automation reaches more new users. Currently, because we’re not on Steam yet, the only way is one person who already owns Automation telling another person how awesome the game is and that they should consider checking it out, whether on Facebook, or by talking to a friend personally, or through some other form of communication. But when the game is on Steam, people can still do that, in addition to Steam advertising the game. Steam has millions of users and a big part of those who like car-related games will enjoy Automation. On a side note, it would be awesome to have AutomationHub completed before the Steam release so that when the game comes out on Steam, people will have Steam to keep them updated about future patches/news etc., they will have the forums for additional communication and support if they have any questions, and they’ll have AutomationHub for sharing and discussing their car designs, sharing videos and so on.

I think Steam only is the best solution because, let’s be honest, it’s not a big effort to create a Steam account because it takes less than 5 minutes and it’s free.



steam all the way. Don’t waste time and resources on the few people who are so terribly worried about their privacy and what not. Just don’t save your creditcard information on steam :wink:


I like steam, I think it’s a great way to buy and manage your game library. It also makes rebuild that bit easier to stomach.
I like it allows for offline play, manages game updates and the workshop is a great way to get mods which will also update if subscribed.
It’s a good way to share and discover content too and I believe they have a sale on occasion.


I would say to go down the road of Steam if that means the game quality is going to be much better.

I was reserved about going over to Steam in the past. But once I accepted, I have to say I haven’t really experienced any problems with it to date.


Do steam. I cant wait for tycoon version. Just building gets boring over time…


Option 2: Convert ALL keys to Steam and focus on that platform.


Steam. It’s a great platform. It will greatly extend the market reach of the game too.

Keep up the fantastic work. Can’t wait for early access and the full release.


I don’t think a game launcher should be a priority for the team right now, so focusing completely on Steam is the best way forward.


To be dead honest, converting fully to steam would not be the most convenient option for myself. But, if it helps further the progress of the game, which it very well might, I have no problem with the devs doing that.


I’d also be interested to know for the people who are going to find Steam a problem, what it is about Steam that won’t work for them, and if its something we can work around.


all Steam for sure.
Option #2


Number 2 for mad profits


To reach bigger audience: STEAM and STANDALONE

Honestly I’m using but don’t like these kind of markets where I must to download a client to play (like Origin or Steam). Both has server issues many time, slowing down, unavailable…
And torrent guys cracking steam games in no time, and 1 day later it’s already available on torrent sites…

I’m not a game developer and I know nothing about it, but imho a kind of double authentication can be a solution. Just like at old games, like Battlefield 2 (before Origin) or Age of Empires . You could play single player and LAN multiplayer, but a (unified) multiplayer account needed to play online.

If Automation has double authentication with a single (Chamsaftsoftware) database, you can reach bigger audience (including some torrent guys who buys later your game).

Yes, I’m waiting the game really much, but if need more time to develop this kind of own database, you should consider to do it. Think on future possibilities… Maybe it is not planned but what if you want to make a version to different platform in future?


[quote=“kotysoft”]Honestly I’m using but don’t like these kind of markets where I must to download a client to play (like Origin or Steam). Both has server issues many time, slowing down, unavailable…

On that point, I’d suspect that our small and cheap server infrastructure will be FAR less reliable than Steam’s multi million dollar infrastructure.


option 2, focus on steam. Integrate everything including out account win our steam accounts.


[quote=“kotysoft”]To reach bigger audience: STEAM and STANDALONE

Honestly I’m using but don’t like these kind of markets where I must to download a client to play (like Origin or Steam). Both has server issues many time, slowing down, unavailable…

Where did you get that information?

I’m daily on Steam. For example over 700 hours of just playing Dota2… and i very rarely have an issue.

In my experience Steam is one of the most reliable clients available. Another plus is that it has a very fast download for games.


Only Steam is fine to me!


While I don’t mind using steam, as I use it for most of my games anyway, isn’t there a way so it can be still a still game, but in steam you call the launcher?. It’s not like there aren’t games in steam that work in that way, say, War Thunder, Crusader Kings II or Europa Universalis IV. They have a launcher, and you can even launch the game from the launcher directly, without steam running. I don’t know if it’s too complicated, but other games can do it.

Edit: I see what you mean now, it’s changing your small servers to a Steam server. If that’s the case, then, by all means, do it. As I said, I’m almost always running steam anyway.


Option 1
I’m expecting addons and whatnot with the community through Workshop. Very convenient.