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Steam Open Beta B160308+ Bugs & Feedback


Please use the export function, the file you posted only includes the model, and not the trim nor the engine


Oops, sorry. Here is the exported file: InitialD91 - Model 1.zip (91.7 KB)


I just got that same issue. Game randomly crashed when I went back to edit a fixture, with a message box with the options “Retry” or “Cancel” where retry brought up the same box again and again, and cancel closed the game. Reload the model and that happened.

Get this error when opening the model:


I was actually just getting that same error when trying to recreate the bug I mentioned above. If it helps, I uninstalled Automation and deleted the Automation folder in Documents and then reinstalled the game and it seems to have fixed the problem, though it might be a good idea to look into what’s causing it as it seems to be happening to multiple people.


Did other people also notice a huge drop in game performance after the latest updates? Especially the visual presentation of the car and engine seem to have performance issues now.


Lua Error:

tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–client\functional\TrimDesignerWindowDemogra…”]:1437: attempt to index field ‘PinnedDemographics’ (a nil value)

You can CTRL+C on this to report it.

When I finished the car and when back to trim tab the game crashed and closed and now when I reload a car this came up and some fixtures are missing


my FR car suddenly turned into a center-longitudinally-transverse engined rear wheel drive

dunno what happened. (this is in stable release, not on open beta)

good news is, it seems like it’s only a visual glitch.
Rubik’s ball - Road Trip.zip (97.1 KB)


I’m getting this error that takes me back to the launch screen, preventing me from using the factory tabs:


That might require you to find and delete the responsible factory and production save file and delete it. Have a look around in the respective Documents\My Games\Automation folders and find the correct ones by looking at the change dates. Alternatively you could nuke those folders, but that may not be in your interest.


That was it, I had an old file left in the production folder. Thanks!


Selection menu on the top of car making site is corrupted. You can choose engine variant, but clone/delete buttons modify some other, not chosen variant.


I’m getting this error from yesterday night (TPUHandle1_UVMesh)…, and I’ve not put my hands on the handlers :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not sure if this has been posted before, but I have the feeling that I’ve seen it before (the searche engine didn’t show anything).


I’d try to either verify game cache if you are on Steam or repair install if you use the standalone version :slight_smile:


I already checked the game cache and didn’t work :frowning:


And when you deactivate mods in your launcher? Does it work then?


I guess it has to be a mod. I’ll try when go back home. Thx Killrob.


TPUHandle does indeed look like a mod by TrackpadUser :wink:


IIRC it is vanilla content.

But he might have the old version on the workshop that I have hidden.


Yep, there’re vanilla handlers with that TPU and then, a mod in Gamedata directory (‘467170697_TPU_DoorHandle’) that always is reinstalled.
I’ve deleted all my cars, engines, brands, etc and till now everything works flawless.


Heeey I found the place to place my bug :slight_smile: and what do I find… that I already had same report 2 months ago…

Lua Error:

tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–client\functional\TrimDesignerWindowDemogra…”]:1437: attempt to index field ‘PinnedDemographics’ (a nil value)

I’m not sure if stuff like this is still relevant to you guys (devs) so if it’s not just let me know