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Sudden high gpu use


first rig specs:
msi z87g55 motherboard
2x msi gtx760 gpu
16 gb ram
750 watt psu
250 gb samsung ssd + 1 tb wd hdd

i have enjoyed over 300 hours of this game but recently its become a nightmare on my gpu. Even the menu screen is loading the first card to 95% and producing temperatures over 100.
the second card sometimes jumps to about 12% for a second while the game first loads but then stays at 0% while the first card cooks. SLI seems to work fine for other games but i have no idea if automation even supports SLI. I used geforce experience to update my drivers.
Should i just be patient and hope this issue is patched out? Anybody else experience this? any fixes? i really don’t want to give up on this game. I’m not exactly sure when the issue started as i hadn’t been putting in a lot of time recently but when i attempted to play last weekend the card fan was screaming within the first 10 minutes, did not have this problem earlier


I can’t speak for why you’re having issues with SLI and you clearly are, but one thing I will say is this:

There is something VERY WRONG with your cooling if this is true.

Its also completely normal for games which you are even getting good frame rates on to push your GPU usage all the way to 100%. For instance, I get 60 FPS on Bendy and the Ink Machine but usage is often pegged – 100%. On the other hand temps are usually around 70C

So check your hardware. Maybe one of your cards has a dead fan? This happened to my own GTX970. The fan replacements ended up being an upgrade though because they are 50 CFM fans with hydraulic bearings – the card booth runs cooler and MUCH MUCH quieter now.


That first card has had a bit of an issue for a while now where when the card is cold with no load the fan comes to a complete stop, revs up to 2200ish, then falls back to a stop. As soon as any load was placed on the card the fan would run at about 1000rpm which is what the second card runs at idle at.
I checked the rpm on the menu and even as temperatures climbed over 85 degrees the fan only went as high as 1250rpm.
If I manually set the fan speed at revs up and stays where I put it just fine.
It’s also not very noisy.
I think I’ll order new fans and swap them out just to be on the safe side. Upgrading these 2 small cards to one large, modern one is probably something to also consider


The game doesn’t support SLI specifically, I thought that would be done by the drivers.

You expect 100% load unless you are limiting your framerate, so there is nothing wrong with the game, this is how asking for as many frames as possible works. :slight_smile: You can limit your framerate and lower resolution scale in the main menu settings, that will reduce load once you actually effectively are limiting your framerate. As kmBlaine points out, there is something really wrong with the cooling if you get those temps!