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Supercharged Batch lost


Hey there, i was a long time off - now the forum’s new design - quit nice :), - i converted to steam befor i went off - i once bought the supercharged version, but it does not show the batch to me in my settings - i already wrote an email to the support. Is there anything i missed to do when converting to steam - or do i have to login with steam in the forum and got the batch?

Supercharged title didn't carry over to the new forums

In Preferences (user icon in the upper right and the cog icon, Settings) there should be a setting “Title” that you can edit and you should be able to select Supercharged from there. Lower down there’s also a “User Card Badge” that you should be able to edit and set to Supercharged. If there is just the option for “none”, after clicking on the edit button, then I don’t know.


Yep there’s only none as option. I guess it’s cause i converted to steam and my forum account is not through steam. I don’t know if i can make a new account on the forum with same email adress i use as KillaGT or if the supercharged batch can be drawn to this already existing account.


When you converted your account to the new forum, did you make a new account or did you update the old one? If you made a new one then nothing should carry over, while just logging into the new one with your old account should have brought over everything.

Edit: When you log into the “Archived Forums”, does it have your Supercharged badge?


I do not have my supercharger option on this new forum either and I’m still using the same account.


and me too - i’m on my old account - i just created one Forum Account with this email adress when i bought the game.

All i had to do after long time off was resett my password, cause i thought i forgot about it - i could easily reset with my email adress i registered back these days and login the new forum design :slight_smile: - but the batch is lost - i also got my automation gamecode as screenshot at home (now i’m at the office) - it should proof that i once bought supercharged version?

and yes when i enter the archived forum i got the batch with the same nick - but on the old forum i had a different pw, my old pw that i thought i forgot - it worked and still works on the archived forum.

was there any process i missed convertig from the old forum to the new?

Here a screen i made out of the archived forum a few minutes ago:


I lost my Title when we came over to the new forums, also. On the old forums, mine was changed, and it did not transfer over, so I lost two titles. I lost Turbocharged, and Queen of Track Making. hahahaha


i know you guys been busy, but is there any interest in a fix somehow? i may remember that this batch has been promoted especially for the supercharged version it was one of the reasons to buy.


Well, almost all the badges carried over to the forum, but not for the users :s I’ve granted you your supercharged / turbocharged badges manually. I guess that is something I can do for anyone who really wants it and they provide evidence of having had that, unfortunately it takes too much time otherwise.
See if you can select your badge now.


yes i could select it :slight_smile: many thanks.


Yes, mine also has been restored. Thanks, Killrob!


I still don’t have it ;-;