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Szafirowy01's derpy attempts at modding


I have a lot of time now, and I’ll have it for about a month yet, and I want to start modding eventually - then why not now? The question is, how possible is this right now? I’ve heard that 2013 3DS Max doesn’t work well with Windows 10, and that’s the only Windows available for my use. And the availability of the old 3DS Max might be some problem… So, how possible is this? And should I move this question to another forum part?


I’ve never been working with 3DS Max or any similar software, but why not set up a VM with Windows 7?

@thecarlover, we’re talking about vmware, not dual-boot


Because I forgot about that :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, if it wouldn’t work on W10, then that would be a good option.


Nooo, not with Windows 10. Windows 8 onward has a different storage format than Windows 7 and earlier, and so you cannot install an older version of Windows without formatting your drive to change the format and such. Believe me, I’ve been through that to get 3DS Max 2013 to run on a dual-boot of Windows 7 in my Windows 10 laptop.

With UE4, mods will be able to be made with any version of 3DS Max, so I recommend getting 2016 or 2017 and using that. To get anything into the current version of the game, you might be able to find someone with 3DS Max 2013 willing to do the export for you (newer versions allow saving as a 2013 file).


Ah, that way. So it doesn’t sound that terrible, as long as someone will be able to help with that exporting :slight_smile:


Yeah, the reason for 2013 32-bit and earlier is that currently models need to be exported with Kajira, and that’s only on 3DS 2010-2013 (and 32-bit). UE4 won’t use that.


How do I set the blueprint image for background?


Here’s the video I found when I had that question:


Oh god please make a reverse cowl hood scoop


Sorry, not going to do fixtures…




Trying to set the background I’ve got this:

The image itself is cut properly of course, and previously I had another (worse quality) image set there and it was correctly positioned. Help please?


I’ve been trying to do that but having troubles with UV mapping for fixtures like that… anyway.

Uh, I’m not sure what’s going on in your blueprints matex sorry :laughing:


I guess… :slight_smile:


Dude holy shit you’re learning fast, I didn’t even get this far myself! :open_mouth:


Second try, and enough for today :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I think that some blob might have been simpler than this Swedish box (Volvo 850).


I can clearly see polygons here.


I’m sure we all can hun


It’s better to start angular and smooth out what needs to be smooth. Do not, I repeat, do not, use turbosmooth. It will give you a blobby excuse for a car with way too many polys. Only a 90s jellybean design might have some use for that.