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Test Drive Suggestion



I think Automation could, using various scripts, make the car made be usable in another game, if only its data is readable in the other game. So, i am asking for someone, a dev would be best since to search a suitable candidate to be used as a test drive game so the player can actually drive the car instead of watching it go by itself in the test drive track the game already has. I am currently looking into TDU (Test Drive Unlimited) but i don’t have high hopes for the whole thing at all.
Just to be clear, i am not talking about making a new game for test driving the car, i am talking about exporting the car into a suitable format for another game to be able to play without (many) problems if possible.



I didn’t mean to come off as rude, but…



That fulfills my curiosity, thanks. And honestly, you were not rude, just straightforward. It was my fault and i deserved that.


There is a plan for an exporter. Not a priority btw.