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Test track location


Hi there, I recently changed my computer for a newer one. I had to download Automation again but unfortunately I lost all of the test tracks (except the TopGear and the Automation test track ofcourse).
My problem is: I can’t find the location where all the test tracks files are put in.
Thanks in advance!


IIRC when I added them, I created a new folder to put them in. I think just call it “Tracks” and put it with all the other folders


C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Automation\Tracks is where the folders go. Remember to uncompress the zips, and then copy those folders over.


Erm, slight problem: I can select the custom test track, but it doesn’t load the image and the test track itself.


just to double check: it does look like this, correct?


Yes, it does look like that.