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[TGR] The Grunge Run - RP Event - THE RACE BEGINS



3:24 PM

Adam and Carrie looked around as Darren pulled the old Durendal into the parking lot of a rather decrepit building.

Carrie: “Darren, is this really the building your Uncle Johnny rented for us?”

Adam: “14851 Northwest 27th Avenue, Opa Locka Florida… yeah this is the place alright.”

Darren: “Shut up… at least it’s somewhere to get ready.”

Adam: “I didn’t say anything…”

Carrie: “…You guys aren’t going to leave me here alone, are you?”

Darren: “What?! You’re the one who’s gonna be scaring the crackheads away from us!”

Adam: “Jesus, Darren…”

As Darren erupted into laughter over his own joke, Adam shook his head in disappointment. He then turned to the back seat to offer Carrie an apologetic glance.

Carrie responded with a dismissive shoulder shrug. She had heard worse, but she was surprised at how nice it felt that someone was actually concerned with her feelings. After about five seconds, both Adam and Carrie realized that they were still looking at each other and turned away.

9:30 PM

All three were resting before the race started. Carrie was in the back seat of the car, while Darren and Adam found spots in the warehouse to rest. Darren jumped up when his tablet buzzed with an SMS notice.

Darren: “It’s her!”

Adam and Carrie sat up, chuckling.

Adam: “Calm down, buddy. I’m sure she winks at everyone like that.”

Darren: “Dude, shut up. The race is starting!”

Carrie: “Uh huh…”

As Adam let out another chuckle, Darren looked at the tablet.

Darren: “What the hell? It’s just a bunch of numbers!”

Adam: “Hang on, let me take a look… oh, it’s coordinates.”

Adam took out his phone, and in a couple seconds came up with an address.

Adam: “Oh, dude it’s only ten minutes away. We ready?”

Carrie: “We got plenty of snacks and stuff. The car’s all gassed up, right?”

Darren: “Let’s do this… where are we going, Mr. Navigator?”

Adam: “We’re just taking the 817 all the way up to Honey Hill Drive, turning left and just past the Rec Center. Ten minutes tops.”

Carrie: “Sounds easy enough…”


@Police Scanner
“Officer’s be advised, we just received a call of possible street racers heading Northeast in Medley. Units be on the lookout, suspect is driving a orange RCN.”


It was definitely a sight to see a fully-fleged rally car drive through the streets of Miami, no less sitting on the distinct white and yellow British licence plates. The low rumble of the 1.6L turbo inline 4 engine from a modern WRC rally car echoing off the buldings surround them.

“Left here… Take this next junction…” Came calls over the in-car radio, a lovely brunette directing her red-head driver towards the start location. Appearing on their left was the Hard Rock Stadium, and a large Walmart superstore close by.

Flicking on the right indicator, the driver signalled to exit the highway, taking the exit down onto the road in front of the stadium.

“I suppose we wait for our first set of co-ordinates?” The driver spoke to her navigator.
“Yeah. They should be appearing on my tablet any second now…” The brunette studiously had her head looking down at her lap, eyes focused on the tablet as she waited for the co-ordiantes to come in.

A ping soon sounded form the tablet.
“Got them!” The brunette starts inputting the co-ordinates into the phone she had suction cupped to the dashboard. “Main checkpoint looks to be the Atlanta Mercedes Stadium. Not sure about the bonus.”

“Lets get that bonus first.” The driver smirked and pulled away, the brunette setting a route for the bonus checkpoint.


Midnight, on the FL-91 near Exit 54

It was a quiet night on this particular stretch of highway. The warm and humid Florida weather settling about as few cars waved by on the highway.

Up ahead in the distance however, two dazzling lights were ablaze, going through at high speeds.
It was before the everyone else had gotten prepared, and these early birds were going at it before any proper police interference would start bogging the race down.

The car in the lead for now, a cherry red 1969 Quezon Laguna GT-M, and following closely behind it is a black 2020 Tanaka Akuma. Both cars blazing through the freeway at over 170 miles per.
The Laguna’s driver looks towards the planned exit, and still keeping his foot hard on the pedal sees the opening and guns it. The Tanaka’s Twin Turbo V8 revs to almost 8,000 as the driver follows along.

A 2020 Kaizen SC57s awaits at a constant 70 mph on the I-595, they’ve just entered the Interstate from the same exit as the two earlier. The driver spots the pair of twin headlights as they get closer and closer.

“Could this by any chance be two competitors?”
One of the passengers asks.
“That sounds like a massive V8.”

And as they speak the Laguna whizzes past at over 8,500 RPM, nearing its Redline with the driver ready to upshift, following it is the black Akuma. Both cars blazing at 190 miles per hour.
The driver of the red Kaizen determines the road and the car’s condition and seeing there’s no traffic, he pins his foot to the floor as the prototype sedan begins climbing towards its 203-mph top speed.
The driver of the Laguna, noticing the red sedan starting to approach, lets his foot deeper into the pedal, edging towards its top speed even more as the supercharged V8 lets out a deathly growl and whine. Its rear occasionally jerking about as the rear tyres struggle for grip.

Both the Laguna and the Akuma slowly start widening the gap between the Kaizen, but in a burst of energy, the twin turbos on the black Hypercar start spooling up and the car boosts itself to almost 220. The driver of the red Laguna, unable to keep up due to the car’s shaky nature, backs down and slows to below 200.

“Looks like the Japanese won.”
The driver of the Kaizen observes the Akuma as it passes the red pony.
“I don’t know how a 60 year old car can go over 200 mph.”

Units be advised, we're getting reports about possible street racers on 595, available units please investigate.

With that, the red Kaizen slows down to 70 mph.
“Well that was the fastest I’ve ever gone.”
The driver says as he changes lanes.

TGR - First Race

Featuring @66mazda & @Aaron.W

*Not the actual representation of what happened during the RP session, this was cleaned up and some more flavour text was added to spice up the writing and to make it less painful to read.



12:00 PM, 3rd day

Interstate 64 W near interchange with Interstate 270, St. Louis, Missouri

A few minutes prior, Shell, St. Louis, Missouri


The Tanaka, Kaizen USA Official Engineering, and the Love Boat teams were parked at the Shell gas station close to Busch Stadium.

The three receive the coordinates for the next set of destinations:

35.463047, -97.507494
39.175964, -94.492400

The Tanaka team @Aaron.W

Emelia is inside the car, and then a notification from the device pops up. Emelia calls out Aaron, who is exiting the store.
Emelia: Aaron!!! The next coordinates, they’re here!

The Kaizen Engineering team @66mazda

Jude receives the ping for the next coordinates, relaying them to the team.
Michael promptly enters them in the navigation system, and a quite iconic attraction pops up.
Lorelei: Hey! I went there last year. It’s a great place. Maybe we could go for like half a day.
The rest of the team quickly approves the plan.
Michael confirms navigation, then shifts into drive as the engine subtly rumbles away at 25 mph. They pass the city justice center and the IRS office, and proceed to enter I64 west at a constant 75 mph.

The Love Boat team @variationofvariables

Pitstop over, snacks bought from the convenience store and the big guzzling V8’s fuel tanks filled. The tablet rings with its next coordinates, and Lily inspects it and inputs it into the car’s GPS.
“Kansas, huh? I knew someone from Kansas…”
“Let’s head out.”
The Loveboat skidded out of the gas station, and took a right on Jefferson Ave before hopping onto the I-64. This is captured by a security camera at the gas station. Once on the I-64, they look out for any police to determine their cruising speed.
Seeing no police in the area for a while, Pepe downshifts the 7-speed, and lets the Laguna glide to about 5mph over the limit.

An undisclosed location, St. Louis, Missouri

The Kazuki Performance Racing team @TheTechnoVampire

With the new coordinates received, the rallygirls quickly switch drivers for the next leg to Kansas. Hopefully they can get the bonus checkpoint as well. The Kita also takes I64 out of St. Louis.
The Kita sits at a steady 81mph, keeping with traffic flow.

The RE: APEX team ST1Letho

Is basically tagging along with the Kaizen team for now.

On a normal working day during “lunch rush hour”…the day was sunny, the weather was clear if a bit warm, and the roads were dry and in reasonably good condition.

I64 W, near I270, St. Louis, Missouri


Emelia: Decisions decisions… save one hour and drive straight to the 3rd checkpoint or get the bonus checkpoint…
Aaron: Well, we really need it, and one hour is not much. We can make up time.
Emelia: Alright then let’s get a move on.
The Tanaka is on Interstate 64, going 10mph over the speed limit.
Emelia: Aaron, slow down, we’re not in a rush.
Aaron: Well fine.
Aaron reduces speed to 5mph over speed limit

Michael, seeing that traffic is going quite a bit faster than 75 mph, decides to push it to 79 mph, which makes them in flow with traffic, as he signals and passes a semi-truck going 70. The Kaizen is in the middle lane.
A Ford F250 flies on the left lane at 85 mph.

Tailgating the F250 is a gray FWM Rikka. @Vena.Sera423
On the side were stickers, with a name and an American and Japanese flag
The name, was Yuzuki-Scott
It is gray with various aero enhancements.

The Kita is not travelling in that group, currently driving separately, pushing the speed to 85.
Michael signals to the rightmost lane to allow the Kazuki to pass to their left.
With the slight increase in speed on the Kita’s part, the little hatchback rally car starts pulling ahead of the rest of the cars, having completed the overtake.

The current order of the cars in the highway from first to last: Kazuki, Kaizen, Tanaka, Quezon, Kurokama

The Kaizen is pulling away slightly from the 3 in the rear (the Tanaka, Quezon, and Kurokama), then slows to 77 mph.
The Laguna speeds up slightly to pass the Tanaka, just getting ahead and maintaining speed.

“We got trouble” Madoka looking into the rear view mirror, as the driver of the FWM Rikka flashes the high beams at the Kurokama.
“I will step on it”
Madoka dropped a gear, deciding to show some of her masterwork in action, and as the exhausts open, the Bicorn makes its true howling sound, showing off its insane acceleration.
The little Rikka didn’t hesitate to keep up. The twin turbocharged V6 has no issues pushing a little lightweight coupe.
Michael sees the F250 speed up ahead of the Kaizen and move over.
The Kurokama and FWM have passed the Tanaka, and are quickly approaching the Quezon.

Lily peeks through the side view mirror, seeing the grey sportscar approach.
“Someone else is coming up, it seems.”
She looks in the mirror again to see a black wagon and a grey coupe rapidly approaching. She gets a hunch that something might be off.

Michael signals to the leftmost lane to pass the F250, which has slowed down to 75. He proceeds to go at 78, and signals back to the center lane after putting some distance ahead of the pickup truck.
He hears a Lamborghini-esque V10 sound.
“That’s a sound I hear all the time racing back home”
Michael peers in the side mirror to see the shape of a black Japanese wagon get bigger every second, it’s V10 raging at full tilt.
“How fast is it going?”
Michael also hears a distinctive GTR like sound
“That sounds a lot like my GTR I race all the time”
“What was that?” Lorelei exclaims as both the Kurokama and FWM fly by.
Jack advises him to not get involved, and Michael duly complies. There is too much traffic, the highway is not all that straight, and the team just really never felt like racing on public roads.

Alexi shakes her head as she sees two cars fly by. “Don’t follow them. They’ll likely be picked up by Police. I saw more cruisers than usual in St. Louis.”
“Right.” Kayla nods in agreement, sticking to the steady 85.

Emelia: Aaron don’t do it. Besides, you can’t reach the Akuma’s full potential in this traffic.
Aaron: Got it.
Emelia: Once we get out of St. Louis, we finna put our foot flat to the floor to over 200mph. Less cops, less traffic, less cameras, its a win-win for us.
Aaron: Alright alright, going over 200mph will allow us to catch up with them.

Michael signals to the left to pass a Chevrolet Cruze going 75.

The Kurokama and FWM are blazing at 140 mph, their engines at roaring at full throttle.
“Camera ahead, fry her out”
“Affirmative,” Madoka nods, suddenly braking and sliding right, taking back to the right lane and capoing eighty, knowing that the Rikka will burn herself with a ticket.

Alexi and Kayla share a chuckle, shaking their heads as they watched the Kurokama brake suddenly to avoid the camera and the little coupe fly right through, triggering the flash.

Michael sees the black Kurokama begin to move over, and watches in horror as the Kurokama brakes suddenly right before the camera, as a commuter in a gray Toyota Corolla is caught off guard and is forced to emergency brake

“What the hell are those idiots doing ahead?” Lily exclaims as she watches the events unfold in the distance.

As the Corolla slows down suddenly and moves over to the right thanks to ABS, it is rear ended by a Honda Accord going 75 mph in the right lane. Chaos ensues in the rearview mirror of the Kaizen as a pileup begins to occur.
The Corolla is forced to the left in the way of the F250, which hits the Corolla in the rear at 80 mph.
A Subaru legacy rear ends the F250 at around 80 mph.
The screech of tires is quite deafening.
Many other cars are forced to emergency brake and swerve.

Michael is forced to increase speed to get away from the danger, his speed is now 83 mph as he signals to the center lane.

The Laguna moves aside to avoid the accident.
“Jesus Christ. That’s disturbingly similar to what happened in Atlanta…”

The little Kita sits happily in the leftmost lane, still keeping at its steady 85mph.

Aaron was going just 5mph over the speed limit as the accident unfolded.
Emelia: What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…
Aaron: Shi, shi, shit!
Aaron swerves the black Tanaka around the crash, almost getting sideswiped by a Taluvec Gran Callahan swerving around the traffic.
Sweat comes out from both of them
Aaron: Phew. Jeez who did that?
Emelia: It looks like the Kurokama did that while racing the other Laguna. Maybe the Kaizen was involved as well since it was in front of us but i dont think so. I saw that FWM Rikka triggering them to race. They all passed us.
Aaron sees the speed camera.
Aaron: Well no wonder.
Emelia: The cops will be investigating this, crap!



After receiving several 911 calls, Officers Breen and Snyder are dispatched to the accident scene on I64 W, near Westwood,
10 cars are involved, and they are forced to close down westbound I64 traffic for the time being.

NOTE: This was written to be as faithful to the original rp as possible. A more “fun to read” version should be coming soon.


The Warlords - Status Report 1

The Warlords waited for the countdown timer to reach zero. As the seconds ticked away, there was only one thing on their mind: finding a way to get to the first checkpoint in Atlanta without being eliminated. Finally, after hours of anxious waiting, it came - and the Warlords floored it away from the starting line.

Right from the start, Dave was making rapid progress; he could feel the effects of all the modifications Rick had made to his car. As he accelerated further into the night, he maintained his vigilance, knowing that a single mistake could be fatal. Some time later, heading north on a mostly deserted freeway, his police scanner picked up a transmission from the local police:

“Be advised, reports of street racing in the area, all available units please investigate.”

Immediately Dave reduced his speed to just barely above the legal limit, to reduce suspicion. “Seems like my suggestion of fitting a police scanner was right after all!” Ben told Dave. To which he answered: “Exactly. This could be a potential life-saver if the cops grow suspicious of us.” With that, he carried on driving deep into the night, with Ben serving as his co-pilot, while his teammates nodded off in the back seat.

Meanwhile, some of the Warlords’ rivals were engaged in a heated battle at similarly high speeds. There was plenty of maneuvering during this exchange of positions, until one of them built up a sizable lead and blasted away into the distance. Realizing the futility of keeping up with the car ahead of them, one of the crews slowed down, mindful of the possibility of being ticketed for speeding. This was an intense way to begin the Grunge Run - but there was still plenty of driving to be done over the next few days.

A few days and hundreds of miles of intense racing later…

The Warlords had made it to the Midwest against all odds. Having managed to avoid elimination by any known means, they could not believe that they were still in the race. By the time they got to the bonus checkpoint at the World of Fun in Kansas, they were in an optimistic mood. It was then that the following conversation occurred:

Dave: So far so good, but our task is only half-finished.

Ben: Which means I have to keep one eye on the road and another on an electronic map until this thing is over.

Dave: That’s your job, and you’re doing it very well right now.

John: Especially with that police scanner of yours keeping us aware of what local law enforcement is doing.

Rick: And with our car in good working order, we should not have too much trouble on the way to the next checkpoint.

And so the Warlords resumed their journey to the next checkpoint, confident in their car’s abilities, but still as wary as they had ever been of the possibility of impending disaster.