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[TGR] The Grunge Run - RP Event - THE RACE BEGINS


My team named themselves “The American Legion” because of how their car smells inside. The car? Darren’s grandmother’s old Durendal Gladius:

It only looks slow on the outside…


Who needs subtlety?

Not Me.

There is sort of some lore but I cba to put it…

Touring entered a car themselves,

The I4-T Speedster.


Professional engineers go brrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttt


This is what my team, the Warlords, will be entering in the Grunge Run:

This MAD Gazelle 4.0 GTS-R has been modified with a high-performance turbo kit, but looks mostly stock.


sweet, be sure to fill out the team sheets also when you send it.



Oh no, team Hillbilly Rollers are unfortunately back in bussiness.

But wait, their car looks good now?

No it doesn’t. Somehow a 2008 IP Bolero ended up in a local pick-n-pull yard which lead to it donating lots of technology, like the rear diff, braking system, ECU and because of that also traction control and ABS. Somehow a IP 8VK crate engine, the TURBO version to make it even worse, got in their hands after playing poker very drunk. Gasmean Racing TS wheels with sticky rubber needed some work on the fenders to fit. A brush painted grey primer is covering the hodge-podge bodywork and as usual when it comes to our friends, the car is a mess. But it works. At least we hope so.


Team Loveboat - 1969 Quezon Laguna GT-M


detiails no one cares about

Driven by Pepe Bautista may or may not have heard of him, along with his step-sister Lily Kitakami also may or may not have heard of her. SWEET HOME ALABAMA

The car is an almost entirely custom 1969 Quezon Laguna GT-M built by Pepe’s grandfather. From its tubeframe chassis and aluminum bodywork, to its supercharged Quezon V8, one could almost call it an entirely new car.

Most parts were taken off of modern Quezons, notably the engine from a 2017 Quezon Custom Built GT, rear suspension from a 2011 Laguna, among others.

oh yeah the trunk is still welded shut

Colours Racing School - 2006 Quezon SR-2 WRC

because a highschool for racing/rallying totally makes sense amirite

moar detiails no one cares about

Colours Racing School Europe is a prestigious highschool somewhere in the Ardennes, being the only school in the world with “Motorsports” as one of its main courses. With an artificial rally stage, short track, and the nearby Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, this school is packed with facilities that helps kids get into a career in motorsports.

And here we have 3 idiots who got in trouble for trying to impress their smoking hot instructor by doing donuts around her with their rallycars and are now being sent to the Grunge Run to repent. If they don’t make it out of the race without getting caught by the police, they’re going to face expulsion.

They were told they were going to compete in the Grunge Run with “a car”, but little did they know they would have to make do with one of the 2006 WRC season’s most competitive rally cars, albeit slightly modified to fit these three all at once, oh and it’s street legal as well… cunning bastards registered it as a normal SR-2


LondonSpeed TV presents…

THE GOLDEN TAXI!!! (based on the 2015 Altus AC-R V10)

LondonSpeed TV is created on 2015 by known Youtuber Ali bin Ibrahim Al Riyyad, whose content is majorly composited of supercar vlogs and other related content.




and with that the submissions are now closed
I have checked and reviewed the submitted cars
here we have

for @aisha and @SoccerMaster640
if you are still wanting to participate I will allow you the weekend to finish your entries

So for now those who are validated feel free to RP your setup until the Race Start. The start for the Grunge Run will be https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/fight?iso=20201005T16&p0=137&msg=Grunge+Run+Start&font=serif&csz=1

Good Luck


You want some lore?

You’re getting the bare minimum!

Tea Time

I mean, what else would a Yorkshireman do while tinkering with an engine?

Big John (Yes that’s what I’m calling him): This beauty’s worth it’s weight in gold, t’Cossackworth lot has done a proper job, aye? 200 horse outta this tiny thing?
Macauley: It’s a lot for a 1960s car, where your mind’s stuck… think of the pushrods, it’ll bring you back up to date.
Big John: Nah, I’d rather think about t’brew am havin’.

Told you you’d get bare minimum.

Big John


I’m here, just to remind you that I wasn’t on the list posted. Thanks.


Due to some technical difficulties on my end. I may have to delay the race start until next week as I need to fix my computer software. Windows 10 doesn’t want to work for me so I’m trying a fresh reinstall and clearing everything. Apologies.


Team - Ryūko no Suisei (龍子の水星) [ Dragon's Mercury ]
(流星) Ryūsei family's Suisei Zeitaku Kotei G12 LXST

The group had gone through a major reform a decade ago and is planning on maintaining key holdings over in the US but this is a personal. (流星) Ryūsei family's foreign attache to the US, they are taking part in TGR mainly due to their own personal interest, especially from one individual. adventure. Akagi Izawa back from the days of 2012 during the infamous SSC...


Alright alright alright
Let us try this again
now that my computer is up and running again we will start this event
putting the time to race start


Team Blackbird

Character background

Aaron Jones

Aaron is a 6-foot 5 male who have a very extensive background in street racing. He started racing as early as 12 with go-karts and over time as he aquires new cars, he often modify them and race them on the street. In his life, he race mostly in LA and the bay area. In the late-2000s, he was part of a 2-man undeground street racing gang called The LA’s Blackbird, who were dominating both the city and highway street racing scene. During that time, he was known for driving the blacked-out fully-modified Tanaka 300X. However, one day his other teammate crashed while racing with another gang. Since then, he retired street racing, until an unknown caller called him about The Street Showdown Challenge. After that event was over, police were all looking for him and as a result, he escaped to Florida with one of his childhood friend, Emelia Parker.

Emelia Parker

Emelia is a 5 foot 9 female. She was one of Aaron’s childhood friends and also one of his racemates during his early days of street racing. But when Aaron joined The LA’s Blackbird, Emelia left the scene to pursue her dreams of being a mechanic. She opened up a shop in Florida. She only met him when he got a call from him stating that he need somewhere to stay for a while. However, she received a message from another unkown caller that there is a race called The Grunge Run. She knew from then on that the right person for the job is Aaron.

How they met...

29 October, 2012
The SSC event was over. Street racers who participated were now searched by the police. Those who have connections in the race have now parted ways. Aaron abandoned his black Tanaka 300X inside a warehouse, left to be abandoned. He drove all the way to Florida using his personal Tanaka C28X. He almost got caught.

2 November, 2012
Eventually, he arrived peacefully in Florida. He didn’t know where to stay, and it was raining at that time. He stayed in his car for a day in a parking lot. He suddenly remember that he has a friend that owns a shop here. She used to be his childhood friend, and they also used to be race-mates back in the day. He called her, and the rest is history…

Present, 1 October, 2020

enters garage

gets out car

Aaron: Woah what is this?! Is tha… is that a?..

Emelia: Yes, it’s a 2020 Tanaka Akuma.
Aaron: Wait how?! This just got released earlier this year…
Emelia: Yes I know.
Aaron: What did you buy this for?
Emelia: Listen, you and I need money. These times are tough and businesses are shutting down.
Aaron: Then how’d you get this then…

Emelia then hands her phone to Aaron with the message on the screen.

Aaron: A race? Listen, I’ve quite racing for some time now.
Emelia: Don’t you want to relive the past again?
Aaron: It’s dangerous…
Emelia: No. Listen, it’s going to be an experience. We never raced cross-country.
Aaron: With this?!
Emelia: Yes. Why?
Aaron: Do you know how much these things are?! It’s probably over $150k. Others will be using a modified car. How come we use a literally brand new bone stock supercar?!
Emelia: It’s a used one, and its slightly tuned as well. Anyways, if we win, we’ll have a 50/50 split on our reward.
Aaron: How much is the reward?
Emelia: Look at the message…
Aaron: $2.5 million?!?!!?!
Emelia: This could be our escape from our rough lives…

To be continued…


The Warlords - Prologue


A 2020 MAD Gazelle 4.0 GTS, specially modified for the race with much more power (715 horsepower) from its 4.0L twin-turbo V8, plus a custom luxury interior and infotainment suite, and all the handling and braking mods required to harness all that extra thrust. To cope with breakdowns more easily, a tool box full of spares (and the equipment required to install them) has been retrofitted; meanwhile, a police scanner should help keep the Warlords ahead of the long arm of the law.


Dave Reid - Launched the YouTube channel Seven Decades of Performance Cars 10 years ago. Got hooked on cross-country record attempts ever since he heard about the exploits of others as a teenager.

Ben Ward - Dave’s best friend, and a skilled navigator. Current host of Travel Channel’s Great Road Trips of the World, and wants to revisit the Grunge Run route in the future after this race has ended.

Jonathan “John” Stone - Took up circuit racing at an early age but ran out of funding after a few seasons. To reinvigorate his career, he switched to drifting and rallying, for which his aggressive driving style is far better suited.

Rick Jones - Master mechanic who rarely exceeds the speed limit, in contrast to his friends. He is the man who converted the team’s car into a race-ready configuration by adding a high-performance turbo kit, a tool box full of spares, and a police scanner.


It was a calm night in Miami, with hardly anything going on outside. Having just paid the entrance fee, Dave Reid and his ever-loyal cronies trundled slowly into a garage in his modified Gazelle, before getting out to discuss the details about their next adventure.

Dave: So here’s the deal. We’ll be racing flat-out across this country, from Miami to Seattle, in an outlaw road race called the Grunge Run, for a grand prize of $2.5 million - and I’ll be doing it this car of mine. We don’t care one bit about the prize; we’re just here to have fun along the way - and go as far as we can.

Ben: To say that the route for the race is long and challenging would be an understatement. Fortunately, I’m a skilled navigator, with plenty of experience in precision driving - which means we should have little trouble finding the fastest way to the next checkpoint.

Jonathan: So far so good. Is there anything about our set of wheels that makes it… Erm, a bit more special?

Rick: Big turbo kit, good for 715 horsepower at the crank, plus high-performance suspension, tires and brakes - all 100% 50-state street-legal. I even splashed some cash on a custom luxury interior and sound system for added comfort.

Dave: Anything else?

Rick: I thought about adding a radar jammer, but considering that some jurisdictions explicitly ban its use, I went for a police scanner instead, just so that we’ll more easily know what the cops are doing. And with so much power coming out of the engine, I played it safe and forewent a nitrous oxide system in favor of a toolbox.

Ben: That’s our ride pretty much sorted, then. It may look like just another luxury sedan on the outside, but it’s a monster on the inside - and nobody likes to fight a monster, right? Especially one that doesn’t look too threatening at first glance.

Jonathan: Many of our rivals have chosen to enter a similar type of car to our own. Not all of our opponents are running four-door sedans, though. Some of them are taking off-road trucks or SUVs while others have gone for high-performance sports cars, supercars or even hypercars. The former two vehicle types are supposedly better equipped to handle rough terrain, but are generally slower; the other three are more likely to attract the attention of the law, but tend to be fast and agile enough to get away more easily.

Ben: There’s also third option available to entrants - restomodded classic cars with modern performance upgrades, and even a fourth one in the form of rally cars, which are basically off-road sports cars. However, we’ve stuck with the sleeper approach for stealth’s sake.

Rick: I like that approach more than any other - and with luck, it should carry us to victory, or at least a place in the final leg.

Dave: So we’re all set, then?

(All four team members silently nod in agreement.)

Dave: I take that as a definite “yes”, then.

And so the four Warlords retreated to the bedroom upstairs to get some well-deserved rest before embarking on what would be the ride of their lives.



“Greetings everyone, yours truly here! It’s been a few days but all 50 teams are set and ready for the start of this season’s Grunge Run. All of you are aware that a timer has appeared on your tablets counting down to the start. When the clock hits 0:00, it is go time. For now I will drop the first set of digits for you to coordinate your way to the start, once you cross you will receive 2 digits for the main checkpoint in Atlanta and the other is the bonus checkpoint. The first 3 to cross the bonus will be rewarded. Also don’t sight see too much or go to Disney World, because the last 5 to reach Atlanta will be eliminated. But to all the teams, Good luck to you and see you on the road. Chao Now!” luv



Good Day to you Miami. You’re listening to KRUZ radio, Miami’s number one station where we play what we want. Now here is the Weather and Traffic report brought to you by Falcon Tires. Falcon, Perform With Confidence.

“Good day Miami, this is Valerie with your updated traffic and weather report. Tonight traffic is moving steadily while beaches are filled with travelling tourists for spring break vacation, so expect some moderate to heavy traffic near the beaches. Remember to always drive safe out there.
Weather tonight, clear skies with winds up to 10mph and will continue through the night.
This is Valerie with your updated traffic and weather. Back to the studio, you’re listening to KRUZ fm, where we play what we want.”
[10:00 PM]
“Thank you Valerie, now for the next block of tunes we’re taking you back to Miami in the 1980s this song came from one of my favorites so we’ll play that now. You’re listening to KRUZ radio.”



9:30pm. The tablet rings with a notification

Aaron: Oooh look, a notification.

They looked at the coordinates. It displayed 25.954411,-80.238286.

Emelia: The Grunge Run is starting, I already packed the car with everything we need. That’s the starting line! Let’s go to there before its starts!

starts the car

opens garage door

drives out and speeds through the streets of Miami

10:00pm. They arrived at the starting the line and The Grunge Run begins…


Since a lot have happened in two years, I guess I have to introduce most of you to TEAM HILLBILLY ROLLERS again, the pride of Torne river valley…

Age: 30
Interests: Drinking moonshine, motorsports
Personal vehicles: 1990 Ardent Sentinel wagon, 1967 Everette Ellston folkrace car
Personal motto: “Just floor it, you can always check what you managed to hit in the rear view mirror!”

The skilled driver of the bunch. At least according to himself. And that’s probably not a lie. Sometimes he actually has managed to complete a race at the folkrace track with his Everette Ellston without the whole car breaking apart.

Age: 42
Interests: Drinking moonshine, making inventions that is completely useless out of scrap he finds in his backyard.
Personal vehicles: 1960 IP Royalist hearse, 1982 Datsun Bluebird diesel, 1985 Deer and hunt Fallow, and too many tractors, dirtbikes, mopeds, snowmobiles, lawnmowers and forklifts to even count.
Personal motto: “If it can’t be fixed with duct tape, it’s broken for real”.

The skilled mechanic of the bunch. He can repair anything you put in his hands. Just don’t be so sure about when you will get it back.

Age: 35
Interests: Drinking moonshine, drinking beer, drinking cheap wine, drinking aftershave, drinking washer fluid, drinking lots of other suspect stuff, tattoos, obscure erotic roleplays.
Personal vehicles: 1962 Dodge Dart, incredibly rusty 1997 Mercedes E300 Diesel
Personal motto: “Look at my boobs or I’ll kill you!”

The one with the eye for aesthetics. She can make anything look better with a brush in her hand. At least until she tries to eat the paint. And don’t disagree on that point, she will get a little bit…violent, then.


ANDREAS: So, how the f**k did we end up in the USA driving around in this piece of junk? I can’t understand anything.
MARIE: Yet another of Janne’s stupid ideas I guess, it is not exactly the first time we are fooled into some stupid race in a shitbox.
JANNE: Why do you call this a shitbox? It looks like a real car and not like a blob of plastic, yet it drives almost like a new Bolero, can it get any better? What’s the problem?
MARIE: The problem is that you f*king stick welded and duct taped this thing together, it will fall apart before we reach the start I guess.
ANDREAS: Yeah, and I am driving around here without knowing where the start is, we will probably end up in Mexico or something.
JANNE: I gave you the coordinates!
ANDREAS: What do I know about coordinates? It’s just some goddamned numbers no sane person can understand!

After lots of arguing, the grey Vagant somehow arrived at the start in one piece…